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Record Store Day Residuals

  • Wire 'PF456 DELUXE' Vinyl 10

    Pink Flag

    Wire 'PF456 DELUXE' Vinyl 10" x 2 / 7"x 1 / Hard-bound Book


    Following their 1990's hiatus Wire reformed in 1999 and after setting up their own pinkflag imprint,  between 2001 - 2003 released five distinct Wire items: Twelve Times You (vpf3; 7in vinyl). Read & Burn 01 (pf4; CD EP) / Read & Burn 02 (pf5; CD EP) / Send (pf6; CD album) / PF456 Redux (pf456 redux; 12in vinyl album.

    Following the 2 Read & Burn CD Eps Wire released the full length album Send, combining some tracks from both Read & Burn EPs and four unreleased pieces.

    Since none of the tracks had previously been issued on vinyl, a creative solution was sought to include all of the tracks from Send and the two Read & Burn EPs. This was achieved by some quite brutal edits! Thus the title PF456 Redux is both catalogue number and descriptor of the process. 

    However, none of the tracks on pf4, pf5 and pf6 were ever put out on vinyl at full length - hence PF456 Deluxe, which includes everything from those three releases and Twelve Times You, for good measure. As in many things with Wire, form follows function.

    This limited edition version for Record Store Day 2021 comes with a hard -bound book containing text about these recordings and photos from the period.

    10 inch 1:
    Side 1
    1. In The Art Of stopping
    2.I Don't Understand
    3. Comet
    4 .Germ Ship
    5. 1st Fast

    Side 2
    1. Raft Ants
    2.The Agfers Of Kodack
    3. You Can't Leave Now
    4. Spent

    10 inch 2:
    1. Read And Burn
    3. Half Eaten
    4.Nice Streets Above

    Side 4
    1. Mr Marx's table
    2.Being Watched
    3. 99.9

    Track list 7 inch:
    Side A
    Twelve Times You X

    Side B
    Twelve Times You Y
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  • The Lemonheads 'Can't Forget / Wild Child' Vinyl 7

    Fire Records

    The Lemonheads 'Can't Forget / Wild Child' Vinyl 7"


    LTD pressing of AA 7" single. 1000 pressed.

    'No strangers to a cover, The Lemonheads perfect the art' NME

    Limited edition pressing of AA 7' single, Can't Forget'is the lead single, and Yo La Tengo cover, from the new Lemonheads album. AA-side is unreleased cover of Lou Reed's Wild Child'this is an exclusive and not on the album.

    Produced by Matthew Cullen and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Beastie Boys, Nirvana, The Ramones).

    It's nearly ten years since The Lemonheads strummed to a halt on their ninth studio album, a perky well received set of covers that brought together many unlikely bedfellows (Gibby Haynes produced, Kate Moss did a cameo vocal).

    The band's follow up repeats the formula with Evan way out upfront, his emotive slow maturing vocal making sense of another wide-beam playlist. He really has become one of the great expressive singers.

    'Heartfelt songs and a honey voice with which to sing them' GQ

    'Boppy, overcast alt-rock delivered at a fast clip and sung in a whiskey tenor' Pitchfork

    A. Can't Forget
    AA. Wild Child
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  • The Bevis Frond 'Vavona Burr' Viny 2xLP - White

    Fire Records

    The Bevis Frond 'Vavona Burr' Viny 2xLP - White


    1000 only. 20th anniversary 2LP edition on white vinyl and with new artwork.

    'Another collection of self-recorded, plays-every-instrument-pop/psych-rock' All Music.

    A special 20th anniversary reissue out on double LP limited edition white vinyl that comes with new artwork. It's end of the millennium music, an album from 1999 when we were all convinced that Y2K was going to take out the whole planet at midnight on December 31.

    It's The Bevis Frond's 17th studio album, filled with half recalled dreams and acquaintances - there's Don Lang (a 1950s trombonist who died earlier in the decade), there's Jesus (an omnipresent head who danced barefoot at all those Roundhouse gigs in the 70s), there's Wilson, Kepple And Betty doing the One Leg Sand Dance', Che Guevara, John And Yoko, Joe The Dealer, there's the girl in In Your Eyes'who couldn't make breaking up any harder.

    This is introspection at its best, a lo-fi mighty personal verse with a huge aching chorus.

    Side A:
    1 The Frond Cheer
    2 Leave A Light On
    3 Virus
    4 Caught In The Headlights
    5 National Drag

    Side B:
    6. To The Lighthouse
    7. Couldn't Care Less
    8. Don Lang
    9. You Just Don't Feel That Way About Me

    Side C:
    10. Let It Ride
    11. One Leg Sand Dance
    12. Bulldozer
    13. Coming Down On You
    14. Temple Falls

    Side D:
    15. Almost Like Being Alive
    16. Looks Like Rain
    17. In Her Eyes
    18. Begging Bowl

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  • Ginger Wildheart 'I Wanna Be Yours / No Regrets' Vinyl 7

    Round Records

    Ginger Wildheart 'I Wanna Be Yours / No Regrets' Vinyl 7" - Shaped Picture Disc


    Exclusive shaped picture disc limited to 1000 copies - Two brand new exclusive tracks from The Wildhearts frontman Ginger Wildheart.

    Recorded as part of The Pessimist's Companion'album sessions - to be commercially released later in 2019 - and produced by long-time collaborator Dave Draper (The Wildhearts, Ginger Wildheart, Ryan Hamilton, Terrorvision). I Wanna Be Yours - originally performed by John Cooper Clarke and No Regrets - originally performed by The Walker Brothers.

    Side A:
    I Wanna Be Yours

    Side B:
    No Regrets
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  • Carina Round 'Things You Should Know' Vinyl - Picture Disc

    Do Yourself In

    Carina Round 'Things You Should Know' Vinyl - Picture Disc


    1000 only on Picture Disc.

    British singer/songwriter Carina Round makes her fourth consecutive Record Store Day release with the 10th Anniversary vinyl debut of her 'Things You Should Know' MLP.

    Opening with the anthemic fan-favourite Backseat'and includes the tracks 'Do You' and 'For Everything A Reason' both of which were featured in the TV series American Horror Story: Murder House'. Round has established an immensely loyal and passionate fan base, who have long championed for this release, since of her 2001 debut album 'The First Blood Mystery', proving herself as one of UK's most enigmatic songstresses.

    Carina has garnished further recognition as a member of the LA and Jerome AZ based band - Puscifer, with whom she is more recently a member, alongside fellow band mates including Maynard James Keenan, also of the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle.

    Round's music has won her fans and collaborators amongst highly regarded musicians such as: Billy Corgan, Dave Stewart and Brian Eno amongst many others.

    Side A:
    1. Backseat
    2. Please Don't Stop
    3. Thief In The Sky

    Side B:
    4. Do You
    5. For Everything A Reason

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  • Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres 'Who

    Strap Originals

    Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres 'Who"s Been Having You Over/Paradise Is Under Your Nose' Vinyl 7"


    2000 only worldwide on pink vinyl.

    Who's Been Having You Over is the first single from Peter Doherty, The Libertines and Babyshambles new band, The Puta Madres.

    Paradise Is Under Your Nose will be the second single. This special RSD release brings both digital only singles together. These mixes are exclusive to this RSD release and wont be on vinyl again.

    Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres release their eponymously titled debut album on Friday 26th April though Strap Originals. Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres'was recorded live to beautifully capture the essence and spirit of the Puta Madres at a family home overlooking  a fishing village in ðtretat Normandy, over 4 days last summer and mixed at Urchin Studios (East London).

    The album is engineered by Dan Cox (Laura Marling, Thurston Moore, Florence & The Machine)and produced by Jai Stanley (long time friend and manager).

    Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres'is a devastatingly intimate portrait of love, loss, being lost, happiness, tragedy, addiction and the power of the human soul to transcend its darker levels.

    All the songs from the album were road tested over the last 18 months across Europe at Festivals and headline shows.
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  • Bardo Pond 'Big Laughing Jym' Vinyl LP - Purple

    Fire Records

    Bardo Pond 'Big Laughing Jym' Vinyl LP - Purple


    1000 only. Purple vinyl edition. First time on vinyl since initial press in 1995.

    Big Laughing Jym'follows 1994's Bufo Alvarius'and between 1996's Amanita', inducing tenebral states with their sludgy yet beguiling psychedelic rock.
    On '"Dispersion" and "Clearhead" whirlpools of bass, feedback-clogged flute, and John and Michael Gibbons' high-dosage, irradiated guitars, are definitive Pond.' (AllMusic).

    The record also includes Hummingbird Mountain II (A Return Trip') and Dragonfly'.

    'Playing fuzzed out stuff of stoner dreams since the mid 90s.' Pitchfork

    'Today they stand as an elder statesman at the epicentre of an international underground of psychedelic extremists' Sunday Times

    'They're still making jaw-droppingly visceral spine-tingling music' Shindig

    1. Dispersion
    2. Respite
    3. Clearhead
    4. Champ
    5. Soaked
    6. Hummingbird Mountain II
    7. BLJ
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  • Superchunk 'What a Time to Be Alive (Acoustic) / Erasure (Acoustic)' US RSD Vinyl 7

    Merge Records

    Superchunk 'What a Time to Be Alive (Acoustic) / Erasure (Acoustic)' US RSD Vinyl 7" - Clear


    Final copies of the US RSD 7' This was limited to 1,500. Singles are pressed at Precision to clear vinyl.

    Cover art by Emma Kohlmann.

    "Erasure (Acoustic)" features guest vocals by Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee)
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  • Blabbermouth 'Deep State/Tohoku Manga'


    Blabbermouth 'Deep State/Tohoku Manga'


    We are immensely proud to offer the debut release from Blabbermouth, for RSD 2018.

    Blabbermouth are the brainchild of Lu Edmonds - (Pil, Mekons, The Damned) & Mark Roberts (The Godfathers, Massive Attack etc) and a host of others in a star-studded line up.

    The record is limited to just 500 copies, with a full length release on Dirter to follow later in 2018.
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  • Rowland S. Howard 'Autoluminescent/The Ocean' Vinyl 7

    Easy Action

    Rowland S. Howard 'Autoluminescent/The Ocean' Vinyl 7" - Blue


    Rowland Stuart Howard was best known for his work with the post-punk group The Birthday Party and his subsequent solo career.

    Howard also collaborated with Lydia Lunch, Nikki Sudden, ex-Barracudas singer Jeremy Gluck, guitarist Gavin Poolman, French electro group KaS Product, Barry Adamson, Einstürzende Neubauten, guitarist Chris Haskett, The Gun Club singer and songwriter Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Fad Gadget, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Henry Rollins, and A.C. Marias.
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  • Pictish Trail 'Future Echoes' Vinyl 2xLP - Cosmic Coloured + Download Card

    Fire Records

    Pictish Trail 'Future Echoes' Vinyl 2xLP - Cosmic Coloured + Download Card


    Future Echoes'is the latest album from Pictish Trail, AKA Scottish singer-songwriter Johnny Lynch.

    These spectral songs are filtered through a sun-warped pop lens, where heart-pumping guitar shriek-outs collide with sampled gurgles and fractured lyrics figure-skate over sine-waves of glacial synth.

    Future Echoes'represents the most confident, cohesive and pop-savvy collection of music Pictish Trail has written to date.

    Limited edition cosmic'coloured double 12' LP with disc of extras.

    1000 copies.

    Side A:
    1. Far Gone (Don't Leave)
    2. Lionhead
    3. Dead Connection
    4. Rhombus 
    5. Half-Life

    Side B:
    6. Easy With Either 
    7. Who's Comin' In?
    8. Until Now 
    9. Strange Sun
    10. After-Life

    Side C:
    1. After Life (Winter Rewind Acid Reflux)
    2. Lionhead (Winter Rewind Acid Reflux) 
    3. Dead Connection (Winter Rewind Acid Reflux)
    4. Until Now (White Poppy remix)

    Side D:
    5. Half Life (live)
    6. Far Gone (Don't Leave) (live)
    7. Strange Sun (live)
    8. Browbeaten (Live at BBC Radio Scotland)
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  • Sonics Rendezvous Band 'April 4th 1978' Vinyl LP - Clear Blue

    Easy Action

    Sonics Rendezvous Band 'April 4th 1978' Vinyl LP - Clear Blue


    • Limited edition pressing of 500 copies on transparent Blue vinyl taken from the hugely successful Sonic's Rendezvous Band Box set
          - ¢ Re mastered audio for vinyl release - ¢ Almost exactly 40 years on from the date of the concert by a band that only ever released one 7' single with the same track on both sides in their existence
          - ¢ Band made up of members of legendary Detroit bands such as MC5, Rationals, Stooges, The Up

    Side A:

    1. Dangerous (S.Morgan)
    2. Getting There (S.Morgan) 
    3. Do It Again (F.Smith)
    4. Hearts (F.Smith)
    5. Love And Learn (S.Morgan)  
    6. Heart Of Stone (Jagger / Richards)

    Side B:
    1. Sweet Nothin'(F.Smith)
    2. Asteroid B-612 (S.Morgan)
    3. Song L (F.Smith) 
    4. City Slang (F.Smith)
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  • The Fuzztones 'Brain Drops' Vinyl LP - Coloured + 7

    Easy Action

    The Fuzztones 'Brain Drops' Vinyl LP - Coloured + 7"


    Originally issued in 1991 this was the bands 3rd album and has been out of print for over 20 years.

    It features covers of some of the most influential rare & psych tracks from the 60's including tracks from LOVE and THE DOORS alongside self-penned tracks such as the live favourites Romilar D', Rise'and Skeleton Farm'.

    Features 3 bonus tracks on the LP - ¢ Re mastered and features a bonus 7' single.

    LP is issued on Coloured vinyl.

    1. Third Time's The Charm
    2. Skeleton Farm
    3. Romilar D
    4. Fear
    5. Rise
    6. Ghost Clinic Side Two
    8. Look For The Question Mark
    9. I Looked At You
    10. The People In Me (The Music Machine Cover) * features Sean Bonniwell
    11. All The Kings Horses * features Sean Bonniwell
    12. Blackout
    13. Try It

    Bonus Track:
    14. My Little Red Book - Bonus track
    15. Be A Caveman -

    Bonus Track 7':
    1. 7 and 7 Is (Arthur Lee/Love Cover)
    2. Rari
    3. Shape of Things To Come
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  • Television Personalities 'Privilege' Vinyl LP - White Marbled

    Fire Records

    Television Personalities 'Privilege' Vinyl LP - White Marbled


    1989: It's nine years since John Lennon died, and five years since The Television Personalities have had an album released.

    Fire Records sign the latest incarnation of the TVPs and let them loose in a proper studio.

    Dan Treacy's muse is overcome by the versatility of Swatch watches and Back To The Future II, he doesn't allow the songs on Privilege'to bend to temptation.

    The world is still wrong; it's still unreal; as evidenced by the guest list at Salvador Dali's Garden Party'. Elsewhere there's a hint of 60s soap operas, from Cathy Come Home to The Wicker Man.

    Remastered on limited edition black and white marbled vinyl. 1500 copies.

    1. Paradise Is For The Blessed
    2. A Good And Faithful Servant
    3. Conscience Tells Me No
    4. My Hedonistic Tendencies
    5. All My Dreams Are Dead
    6. Salvador Dali's Garden Party
    7. The Man Who Paints The Rainbows
    8. What If It's Raining?
    9. Sad Mona Lisa
    10. The Engine Driver Song
    11. Sometimes I Think You Know Me Better Than I Know Myself
    12. Privilege
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  • Television Personalities 'Closer To God' Vinyl 2xLP - Black and White Marbled

    Fire Records

    Television Personalities 'Closer To God' Vinyl 2xLP - Black and White Marbled


    Closer To God', as with all TVP albums, is mightily personal. Dan Treacy provides the antidote to the opening of the ill-fated Disneyland Paris and the first McDonald's in China - it's a white knuckle ride through his innermost hopes and fears with off stage giggling, half heard dialogue and feedback that sounds like an opera is expiring in an adjoining L-shaped room.

    Closer To God'is a spiritual rollercoaster that sounds as poignant and pressing as ever.

    Remastered double LP on limited edition on marbled black and white vinyl.

    1500 copies.

    LP 1:
    1. You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
    2. Hard Luck Story Number 39
    3. Little Works Of Art
    4. Razorblades & Lemonade
    5. Coming Home Soon
    6. Me And My Big Ideas
    7. Honey For The Bears
    8. I See Myself In You
    9. Goodnight Mr. Spaceman

    LP 2:
    1. My Very First Nervous Breakdown
    2. We Will Be Your Gurus
    3. You Are Special And You Always Will Be
    4. Not For The Likes Of Us
    5. You're Younger Than You Know
    6. Very Dark Today
    7. I Hope You Have A Nice Day
    8. This Heart's Not Made Of Stone
    9. Baby, You're Only As Good As You Should Be
    10. Closer To God
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  • White Hills / GNOD 'Aquarian Downer' Vinyl LP - Deep Space Swirl Coloured

    Rocket Recordings

    White Hills / GNOD 'Aquarian Downer' Vinyl LP - Deep Space Swirl Coloured


    Aquarian Downer'is a five track collaboration with New York's purveyor of pummelling Post-Motorik Fuzz White Hills'and Manchester's Psychedelic-Punk human anatomy assault GNOD'. Initially released as a limited tour CDR in 2008, Rocket Recordings are delighted to announce that for Record Store Day 2018, it will be available for the first time on deep space'blue swirl vinyl.

    In 2007, GNOD booked WHITE HILLS to play at one of their Attention All Shipping'nights in Manchester. After the gig they spoke about doing a collaboration together. As their inevitably synchronous desire to create music around the outer limits prevailed, the bands were drawn onto the same trajectory, their first meeting of minds.

    Over the years the two bands have gone on to build a formidable reputation for releasing many outstanding records, including their second collaboration after Aquarian Downer; the stunning GNOD Drop-out with White Hills II'released on Rocket Recordings back in 2010. Both bands'music have consistently pushed at the boundaries of what psychedelic music is. Aquarian Downer is no exception, feasibly this is the point that they both crossed into the Event Horizon of their prismatic paths.

    An album submerged in minimally restrained serene chilling drones, tailed by the pulses of GNOD's heads-down astral power, Dave W (White Hills) has masterfully conjured an album who's boundary passes events that cannot ever be observed. You think you've found perception's doors.... they open to a lie, but these two bands'output go some way to help guide you through the narrow chinks of refuge.

    1. Belonging
    2. Hard Butter Reality
    3. Resolve
    4. Aquarian Downer
    5. When You Are Old
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  • Bert Jansch 'Santa Barbara Honeymoon' Vinyl LP - Purple + CD

    Earth Recordings

    Bert Jansch 'Santa Barbara Honeymoon' Vinyl LP - Purple + CD


    The second of two albums that Bert wrote in America in the mid 70s, Santa Barbara Honeymoon'foregrounds some of Bert's most charming and addictive melodies.

    Album highlights include Baby Blue', Lost and Gone'and a reworking of Jackson C. Frank's Blues Run The Game'.

    Includes 6 additional non-album tracks as a CD extra.

    Limited edition purple vinyl. 1000 copies worldwide.

    1. Love Anew
    2. Mary And Joseph
    3. Be My Friend
    4. Baby Blue
    5. Dance Lady Dance
    6. You Are My Sunshine
    7. Lost And Gone
    8. Blues Run The Game
    9. Build Another Band
    10. When The Teardrops Fell
    11. Dynamite
    12. Buckrabbit.

    CD bonus tracklisting:
    1. Build Another Band (Alternate Version)
    2. When The Teardrops Fell - Live from Montreux, Switzerland / 1975
    3. Lady Nothing - Live At Montreux, Switzerland, 1975
    4. Dance Lady Dance - Live At Montreux, Switzerland, 1975
    5. Angie - Live At Montreux, Switzerland, 1975
    6. One For Jo - Live At Montreux, Switzerland, 1975
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  • Girls Names 'Primitive Desire' Vinyl LP - Cargo Records UK

    Tough Love Records

    Girls Names 'Primitive Desire' Vinyl LP Green



    Tough Love Records

    Girls Names 'Primitive Desire' Vinyl LP Green


    Primitive Desire is an 11-track collection of the first ever studio sessions by Girls Names, recorded in 2009 in Belfast.

    It compiles their debut EP originally released on Captured Tracks, the eight songs that originally featured on the long-out-of print You Should Know By Now mini-EP released on Tough Love, and a hereto-unreleased bonus track.

    Primitive Desire is exactly as labeled and provides fans with a document of the band's early years as a two-piece, fuelled by a distinct nervous energy and nascent dark edge that would manifest itself much more obviously on subsequent albums.

    Side A:
    1. Blood River
    2.Tear Me Down
    3. Blood Well
    4. Graveyard
    5. I Guess
    6. Warm Hands, Cold Heart

    Side B:
    7. Running Scared
    8. If I...
    9. Oh, Girl!
    10. Don't Let Me In
    11. Don't Let Me Drown
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