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Recently Added Vinyl

  • Royal Trux 'Twin Infinitives' Vinyl 2xLP - Silver PRE-ORDER

    Fire Records

    Royal Trux 'Twin Infinitives' Vinyl 2xLP - Silver PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 14/06/2024

    Originally released in 1990, Royal Trux’s ‘Twin Infinitives’ is being re-issued in all its (yet to be translated) alien glory, by Fire Records. A dismantled overture that sprawls out over two records, an avant-garde masterpiece that was the spark for Drag City Records and generations of new sound seeking musicians.

    Hailed in the same immortal breath as Beefheart’s ‘Trout Mask Replica’, the Velvets’ at their frenzied peak and Ornette Coleman at his most avant-garde, the duo of Pussy Galore’s Neil "Michael" Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema recorded ‘Twin Infinitives’ while imbibing all kinds of mind-altering substances to create an inadvertent blueprint for what the duo was building with moog’s, guitars and melodicas to name a few ingredients.

    It is the legendary second album from the masters of the genre mashup - long before “genre mashups” even existed. Arguably, the term “mashup” was coined to describe what Trux, as they subconsciously scrolled through the radio stations of their lives.

    The album’s chaotic sound and offbeat construction laid the foundations for a string of Royal Trux albums that spiralled between genres, tunings, and noise. Through the 90s they would re-invent the rock ‘n’ roll ethic, straddle alien surf music, re-align boogie rock, not to mention 80s hair metal, and confound critics by their wildly meandering and courageous rites of passage.

    Remastered as part of a career spanning catalogue deal with Fire Records. The infamous and influential duo of Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty will be delving into the archive with a comprehensive reissue series, unearthing the vaults and revisiting what made them such a compelling benchmark for their contemporaries and imitators. Reawakening their prolific output within a new monochrome vinyl series covering 1988-1993, they begin with their seminal deconstructed rock masterpiece Twin Infinitives.

    “Sounding like a subway ride inside a television inside an earthquake inside the end of the world and a pounding death rhythm of apocalyptic now.”

    - Pitchfork

    Disc One
    A1. Solid Gold Tooth
    A2. Ice Cream
    A3. Jet Pet
    A4. RTX-USA
    A5. Kool Down Wheels
    B1. Chances Are The Comets In Our Future
    B2. Yin Jim Versus The Vomit Creature
    B3. Osiris

    Disc Two
    C1. (Edge Of The) Ape Oven
    D1. Florida Avenue Theme
    D2. Lick My Boots
    D3. Glitterbust
    D4. Funky Son
    D5. Ratcreeps
    D6. New York Avenue Bridge
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  • Heavee 'Unleash' PRE-ORDER


    Heavee 'Unleash' PRE-ORDER




    Heavee 'Unleash' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 15/03/2024

    Heavee is a Queer Chicagoan DJ & producer with a long history in footwork. His 2022 'Audio Assault' EP on Hyperdub showcased synth-driven, melodic footwork, but ‘Unleash’ goes much further into audio world-building, with a fresh, spongy and citrus-y sound palette and rich, bright chord sequences.

    It's minimal, airy, balancing light and dark, sometimes breezy and sometimes clinical. Heavee works simultaneously outside and inside the box, rebuilding footwork's framework and vibe to his own unique specification. Rhythmically, it's dance floor ready, using footwork's 160 template as a springboard for building new drum sounds to express these rhythms, and draws from R&B, rap, jazz and grime, with a sprinkling of bitter-sweet vintage Detroit techno.

    ‘Unleash’ takes footwork’s “eats all” approach to music and leads it in a fresh direction with a freedom of spirit. It's a strong addition to the footwork cannon and shows that experiments in dance music can be fun.

    Side A
    1. StarSeeker
    2. Unlock
    3. SearchN 4 ft Babii
    4. Bang Bang
    5. Can U Feel It
    6. Bounce Dat ft PayPal & DanTOG

    Side B
    7. Unleash
    8. See the Sun
    9. Whiplash
    10. Sumthin Different
    11. Heart Fragments
    12. Work Me
    13. Make it Work
    14. Smoke Break ft Homesiick & Takuya Nakamura
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  • Astrel K 'The Foreign Department' PRE-ORDER

    Tough Love Records

    Astrel K 'The Foreign Department' PRE-ORDER



    Tough Love Records

    Astrel K 'The Foreign Department' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 08/03/2024

    “But into my miserable brain, always concerned with looking for noon at two o’clock"

    - Charles Baudelaire (1869)

    The Foreign Department is the second album by Astrel K, the solo project helmed by Stockholm-based British ex-pat, Rhys Edwards. Those already familiar with Edwards’ work will likely know him for fronting the cultishly great Ulrika Spacek, and given he operates as the principal songwriter in both projects, much of the same hallmarks of his cathartic, elliptical songwriting are present in Astrel K. Nonetheless, The Foreign Department feels like a rubicon moment of sorts, and the album that Edwards has unconsciously been working towards his entire creative life.

    As a title, The Foreign Department offers an instructive guide for the listener, framing a life-in-transition/artist-in-exile document that maps two impromptu moves in twelve months for its songwriter: the first from London in pursuit of a relationship, the second between homes in Stockholm as that decade long relationship then suddenly dissolved.

    Indeed, diffusion, dissolution and reconstitution feel like appropriate touchstones for its recurring themes. Written amidst the flux of two states, at once isolated from home and then any established emotional anchor, the resulting eleven tracks came to represent a precognitive search for shifting identity and with it forming an unwittingly biographical record. It's commendable and somewhat telling that during this shake up, Edwards somehow landed upon his most realised and original work.

    With a former life stripped away, there emerged an opportunity to reinvent a sense of self through art, now not just as a writer, but a composer also. Developing the confidence to arrange songs in ways he'd previously considered off-limits, while also taking cues from the opulent string and brass arrangements of records like Mercury Rev's Deserters' Songs and Death of A Ladies Man by Leonard Cohen, Edwards enlisted a range of performers to bring to life the mini-symphonies forming in his head. Perhaps it's inevitable that an album written while facing the consequences of being alone would eventually ossify around the process of bringing people together.

    For all its troubled origins, The Foreign Department is a remarkably warm sounding collection. Edwards' lyrics are typically knotty and neurotic, dancing around the poetry of quarter-life anxiety, but the music itself is often joyous and even uplifting, the combination expressing that neat duality of melancholic euphoria.

    Edwards sings variously of crises, "torrid pieces of art", of "houses on fire" and not "having the guts for it", yet these troubling sentiments are framed by seemingly incongruous swelling strings, chirping horns or motorik percussion, creating that sense of pushing forward or floating above, of wrapping your troubles in dreams, a salve for the moments when you get a bit too much for yourself.

    Lead single, 'Darkness At Noon', likely captures this all best. Named for the French idiom "midi a quatorze heures", the maddening idea of attempting the impossible for the sake of some greater possibly pointless cause, it directly grapples with the opposing notions of wanting and not wanting, of being here and being there at the same time. The conflicting and impossible self. It’s something Edwards addresses in the song at perhaps his most open, opining, “I know I want to be seen, but I hate most of what comes out of me”. And yet here is, putting it all out in the open and on the line, the dialectics of his enlightenment up on show.

    1. Heavy Is the Head
    2. Darkness At Noon
    3. By Depol
    4. Brighter Spells
    5. Firma
    6. Birds In Vacant Lots
    7. The Foreign Department
    8. C Ya!
    9. A Rudderless Ship
    10. Daffodil
    11. R U A Literal Child?
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  • Jlin 'Akoma' PRE-ORDER

    Planet Mu Records

    Jlin 'Akoma' PRE-ORDER



    Planet Mu Records

    Jlin 'Akoma' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 22/03/2024

    Jlin’s detailed and meticulous exploration of rhythm’s inner and outer reaches has made her one of the most distinctive and recognisable voices within both the electronic and classical music worlds. Her compositions are consistently appealing and have an accessibility to them, yet often defy expectations. She exists within her own locus solus - no matter the collaborator, no matter where sounds ultimately lead her.

    Whatever the situation – from composing the Pulitzer Prize shortlisted ‘Perspective’ for Third Coast Percussion, to ‘Godmother’ her AI-powered collaboration with Holly Herndon, Jlin always expresses her outlook to the fullest.

    Her new album ‘Akoma’ sets a new benchmark in her personal road map, not only since the album features guest appearances from Björk, Philip Glass and Kronos Quartet but for her continued sonic persistence and resistance.

    Jlin does what Jlin does and it’s beloved across genres, across scenes and across generations. ‘Akoma’ is a new entry point into her sound and a new approach for both those who have been following diligently and those who are just now entering her world.

    So how did she get here? Here’s a rundown for those looking for the facts.

    She was both a math nerd and a steel factory worker. She got inspired by Footwork and started making tracks with mentorship assistance from RP Boo and DJ Rashad, but her music was far from typical for footwork from the get-go. In 2011, she released her first track ‘Erotic Heat’ on the Planet Mu anthology ‘Bangs & Works Vol.2.’

    Fashion designer Rick Owens heard it and invited her to soundtrack his Paris Fashion Week show. Already before an EP or an album Jlin was in new cutting-edge territory. And it hasn’t stopped since. Everyday Jlin wakes up early and clocks into her home studio working hard on new music. Her discipline and craft-like approach means that those who would try to copy her sound simply can’t get to the level she is at.

    Since ‘Erotic Heat’ she has released two bold albums, 2015’s ‘Dark Energy’ and 2017’s ‘Black Origami.’ She has also released her soundtrack to Company Wayne McGregor’s dance piece ‘Autobiography’ (2018) and most recently (2023) the mini-album ‘Perspective.’

    She’s remixed µ-Ziq, Factory Floor, Ben Frost, Max Richter, Björk, Martin Gore and others. She’s collaborated with Holly Herndon and the late SOPHIE. She’s worked with visual artists Kevin Beasley and Nick Cave. She composed a string quartet for Kronos Quartet and performed with them live in a tribute to Philip Glass. She also recently completed a tribute to Sun Ra with Kronos. ‘Perspective’, her very well received percussion work for Third Coast Percussion has further opened doors for her in classical music. She’s even thinking of one day writing an opera. She had a residency at MassMoca Museum earlier this year (2023).

    She’s performed live at Pitchfork Festival, Unsound Festival and too many others to mention. She’s also worked with Indian dancers, Company Wayne McGregor and renowned choreographer/MacArthur Fellow Kyle Abraham. There’s more but you get the picture - she’s working in contexts and in ways that few of her peers are able to. ‘Akoma’ is the next step - all these paths have led to this. We encourage you to tune in.

    Side A
    1. Borealis (ft. Björk)
    2. Speed Of Darkness

    Side B
    4. Summon
    5. Iris
    6. Open Canvas

    Side C
    7. Challenge (To Be Continued II)
    8. Eye Am
    9. Auset

    Side D
    10. Sodalite (ft. Kronos Quartet)
    11. Grannie's Cherry Pie
    12. The Precision Of Infinity (ft. Philip Glass)
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  • The Reds, Pinks And Purples 'Unwishing Well' PRE-ORDER

    Tough Love Records

    The Reds, Pinks And Purples 'Unwishing Well' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 12/04/2024

    The cinema of the scenes as told from the heart and spirit of the omniscient narrator shines through the awe-inspiring oeuvre of Glenn Donaldson's canonical titan that is The Reds, Pinks & Purples. The storied and esoteric histories of every underserved underdog becomes immortalized in records and poignantly penned paeans that evoke the eras and underachievers that became synonymous with their own respective corresponding localized micro-movements.

    Donaldson channels that psychic spirit and journeyman earned wisdom to provide contemporary era rock operas that eulogize tales of infinitely influential rises and falls. Crystalizing the tragic self-celebrating kingdoms of fortunate failures, false heroes, music press deities of limitless deceit, hometown dive gods and humanity in the grips of all its romanticized wonder and woe — the latest sortie of the sensational and spectacular takes aim at the threads of hope and an untethered abandon into the intimacy and dualities of idolatry and isolation with Unwishing Well.
    Ever since its emergence from the harried late 2010s — The Reds, Pinks & Purples have become the absolute encapsulation of Donaldson's own proliferation and prestige. From a musical legacy that chronicles a long list of minor successes and major tragedies; Glenn distills the timelines of distinction from yesterday, today, tomorrow and whatever may be into a musical phenomenon that embodies something more than all of its analogous inspirations.

    Beyond the clamor about the retro cult pop artistic allusions and tropes that can be found in those spirit expanding kaleidoscope chord chimes; Donaldson takes you on a guided tour through the San Francisco underground movements that would have been, could have been or perhaps never were at all from the start. The Reds, Pinks & Purples’ coveted catalog inadvertently, consciously or unconsciously, offers an authorized and anonymous history of imperfect and ambitious debutantes, dilettantes, auteurs, et al.

    The lauded visionaries whose volition informed the big money touring stage headliners, but only enjoyed a fleeting jaunt through the glorious corporate clad carnival canopies from the touring circuit routes and tech funded festival tent tabernacles. Unwishing Well is a eulogy for the buzz bands that crashed, the wily one hit wizards, and omnipresent (and often uninspired) eternal aesthetes who work the lucrative outlets of licensing media markets.
    Glenn pulls no punches with the promiscuity of the pop machines and their exploited propped up brand ambassadors on the cutting "Your Worst Song is Your Greatest Hit" that tangles with the lumbering and inescapable creatives and careerist trajectories that trade in boardroom playbooks and verticals. Expressions and influencers break out into the collective commissaries of commerce exhibitionism on “Public Art”, to auditing the forums of fandom that pertain to developed affinities and the roads to rabid infatuation with the obsessive in earnest, “Learning to Love a Band”.
    And while the Glenn spins many yarns on the under-appreciated secret histories of DIY, Unwishing Well offers cathartic hymns of modern malaise. Sighing in lamentation of regressive trends, “What’s Going on with Ordinary People'' balks with concern over contemporary states of devolution, while “Faith in Daydreaming Youth” questions what vestiges of hope and valor can be found in the new vanguards of political bodies that govern the world’s sovereign daydream nations.

    The dustbins of dastardly discontinuity are imbued with desire and grief on the dramatist tragedy of “Dead Stars in Your Eyes”, to basking in the discarded ditches of the damned below in voids of obscurity on “Nothing Between the Lines at All”. The human addiction to languishing in anguish, misery and negativity tussles, tosses and turns on “We Only Hear the Bad Things People Say”, the penultimate ode to inherent human infallibility as Donaldson rides the audience out into the gilded sunset glow of “Goodbye Bobby”.
    The central set piece of Unwishing Well revolves around the title track that wrestles with wellness and wishes tempered by the sobering reality of ultra pragmatic skepticism. Donaldson shows the audience where the dream falls short, an indictment on the fickleness of wants and the life/work/art balances of making it all work. It's the group that never makes it, the idea that never gets off the ground, the recognition that never arrives, the raise that is never awarded, nor the promotion to the next ladder rung that remains laughably inaccessible. Glenn has the gift of bridging the divide between the hunger artist, their adoring cult public and the common threads that connect these local and global communities through the humanist cause of collective commiseration.
    As increasingly found in the continued adventures of The Reds, Pinks and Purples canon — Glenn circles the drain of surrendering to unabashed sentimentality in passions worthy of being showcased as the top headlining spot that your favorite revered then later reviled pop act never even had the chance to claim or ascend. Unwishing Well uplifts and uproots the undercurrents that carry the commonalities between the spectators and the spectacles. Donaldson pays homage in heart to everything and everyone that never got their due or to the lucky ones that made the grade, but paid an ultimate price.

    The cycle of these pop vignettes depict successes and failures in the same sentences, existing within the same stanzas, where the stories of making it and breaking it operate as events that live on different sides of the same coin. Unwishing Well is a reflection of us, the icons we adore, the Adonises we worship, the false prophets that proselytize the edicts from theses cults of personality, the fallouts, the third acts and the artistic fabrics that spool these sub-sects of artful dodgers into the stuff of legend.

    1. What’s Going on with Ordinary people
    2. Learning to Love a Band
    3. Unwishing Well
    4. Faith in Daydreaming Youth
    5. Your Worst Song is Your Greatest Hit
    6. Dead Stars in your Eyes
    7. Nothing Between the Lines at all
    8. Public Art
    9. We Only Hear the Bad Things People Say
    10. Goodbye Bobby
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  • Jane Weaver 'Love in Constant Spectacle' PRE-ORDER

    Fire Records

    Jane Weaver 'Love in Constant Spectacle' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 05/04/2024

    Recalibrating her singular journey in the British musical landscape with her most open-hearted, direct and intimate collection of material yet. Love In Constant Spectacle evokes spectacular imagery and distills the artists’ vision in its purest form, elevating her inimitable sound and poetic vision to new heights.

    Recapturing the melancholy of her early work whilst propelling it forward, she sketches scenes as we watch new colours, shapes and languages emerge and fill the frame. Love In Constant Spectacle sees her take measured steps towards a vivid, dreamlike record, that offers resolve in the face of life’s inevitability.

    The foundations of Weaver’s sound are still evident – lush motorik drums, pulsating bass, custom modded synths and exotic fuzz pedals - but the stream is awash with scrabble piece poetry and Letraset lullabies leading to lush escapism, the free abandon that you’d associate with free jazz and the avant-garde.

    But, as determined and visionary as Weaver might be, Love In Constant Spectacle wasn’t executed without assistance. Here we find a long mooted unison with Jane’s first ever producer, John Parish (PJ Harvey, Aldous Harding), who has shared Weaver’s process in the surrounds of Rockfield Studios and Geoff Barrow’s Invada studio.

    Love In Constant Spectacle is otherworldly, it is both intimate yet distant, a surrealist interpretation of the foundations that make us human – the stories and landscapes it paints are habitats of their own. A voyage into undisclosed pastures, it’s a heartfelt manifesto from an artist that continues to boundlessly evolve with each chapter in her career.

    Side A
    1. Perfect Storm
    2. Emotional Components
    3. Love in Constant Spectacle -
    4. Motif
    5. The Axis and The Seed

    Side B
    6. Is Metal
    7. Happiness in Proximity
    8. Romantic Worlds
    9. Univers
    10. Family of the Sun
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  • Victoria Liedtke and Jason Ringenberg 'More Than Words Can Tell' PRE-ORDER

    Judee Bop Records/TMR

    Victoria Liedtke and Jason Ringenberg 'More Than Words Can Tell' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 05/04/2024

    More Than Words Can Tell is the new duets album from Victoria Liedtke and Jason Ringenberg. The project sees the duo deep dive into the early songwriting partnership of Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner, cherry-picking musical gems and little heard tracks from their expansive back catalogue.
    Coined the “Godfather of Americana” by Mojo magazine, the former Jason and The Scorchers frontman Jason Ringenberg was awarded a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award for Performance’ by the Americana Music Association in 2009 and was intrigued when Liedtke approached him with the project idea.

    As Ringenberg states, “When Victoria contacted me about being the ‘Porter’ in this project, I was super excited. The Dolly-Porter duets are some of the finest duets ever recorded in country music history. I am a huge fan of them. Once we dove into the project, I was supremely impressed by the production ethic and creative ambition that Victoria brought to the table. She didn’t slavishly copy the originals. In fact, she and her team created entirely new interpretations of those classic songs.”
    Victoria and Jason recorded the album at Vale Studios in Worcester, UK in the Summer of 2022 with a predominantly UK based band. The band features CJ Hillman on electric guitar and slide guitar (Billy Bragg/Yola), John Parker on double bass (Nizlopi), Lewis ‘Burner’ Pugh on acoustic guitar and Tim Protey-Jones on drums (First Time Flyers) as well as a plethora of guest musicians throughout.
    Originally from Oklahoma, Victoria moved to the UK eight years ago and now resides in the Yorkshire Dales.
    “What made this project so fun was being able to bring together these incredible UK musicians that come from the worlds of Americana, Country, Folk and Pop and inject these 50 year old classic American country songs into this musical melting pot.”
    Liedtke continues "Both Jason and I don’t traditionally sit in that world either, so all of that combined has resulted in a colourful and beautiful collection of songs.”
    The album was produced By Victoria Liedtke, co-produced by Elliot Vaughan and mixed by Liedtke & Vaughan.

    1. Life Rides The Train
    2. More Than Words Can Tell
    3. Sounds of Nature
    4. Carolina Moonshiner
    5. The Fire That Keeps You Warm
    6. Come to Me
    7. The Pain of Loving You
    8. The Last Thing On My Mind
    9. Beneath The Sweet Magnolia Tree
    10. You
    11. Tomorrow is Forever
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  • Fu Manchu 'Go For It Live!' PRE-ORDER

    At the Dojo

    Fu Manchu 'Go For It Live!' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 05/04/2024

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut live double album, Fu Manchu is releasing the first ever repress of Go For It…Live!, which has been out of print since the original pressing.

    The 22 song release was recorded on the band’s 2002 California Crossing World Tour, which marked the debut of drummer Scott Reeder. Fu Manchu is renowned for their live performances and this set doesn’t disappoint, with incendiary renditions of fan favorites such as: “Hell On Wheels,” “Mongoose,” “King Of The Road,” “Evil Eye” and their always requested cover of “Godzilla.”

    As said, “Go for It...Live! is an absolute must for those enamored by Fu Manchu's buzzy sound, and a great introduction for those curious about a band woefully ignored by radio stations and video channels.”

    This limited edition vinyl run of 2000 units has one LP pressed on Neon Yellow and the other on Neon Orange vinyl and is packaged in a gatefold sleeve with brand new artwork including never before seen photos of the band and flyers from the associated tour along with printed dust sleeves with additional new images.

    This new pressing has been specifically remastered for vinyl by Carl Saff for optimum fidelity.
    The limited edition 1000 unit CD run also features the updated art and a digital specific remaster.

    LP 1
    1. Hell On Wheels
    2. Laserbl’ast!
    3. Asphalt Risin’
    4. Mongoose
    5. Downtown In Dogtown
    6. Boogie Van
    7. Tilt
    8. Ojo Rojo
    9. Strato-Streak
    10. King Of The Road
    11. Anodizer

    LP 2
    1. Evil Eye
    2. Hang On
    3. Wurkin’
    4. California Crossing
    5. Over The Edge
    6. Regal Begal
    7. Godzilla
    8. Superbird
    9. Weird Beard
    10. Squash That Fly
    11. Saturn III
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  • Collateral 'Should've Known Better' PRE-ORDER

    Big Shot

    Collateral 'Should've Known Better' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 24/05/2024

    British four-piece rock band Collateral are set to release their highly anticipated sophomore album Should’ve Known Better on May 24, 2024. The album is distributed worldwide by Cargo. The album will be released on CD, red vinyl, picture disc, limited edition cassette, and digital. Friday February 9th will see the release of the lead single “Glass Sky.”.

    The new single “Glass Sky” and the forthcoming album Should’ve Known Better is produced by Dan Weller (Those Damn Crows, Enter Shikari, Monster Truck, Kris Barras, Holding Absence, Bury Tomorrow).

    "I love massive riffs, massive hooks and feel-good guitar music,” says Weller.  “When Collateral sent me their demos, I jumped at chance to produce their new record. I’m proud of what we managed to create.  It’s Collateral mk2 - ambitious, daring and refined. I can’t wait for people to hear it."

    Since the band released their debut album (Top 5 UK Rock Album Chart) at the start of 2020 Collateral have spent no time standing still. Covid came only weeks after the debut album was released and forced the band to cancel their highly successful tour with Phil X (Bon Jovi) halfway through. This made the band hungry to keep the momentum. With innovative ways to produce top quality live streams, the band became special guests supporting the likes of Skid Row, H.E.A.T and Reckless Love.

    The exciting and flamboyant Kent-based rock and roll band are comprised of Angelo Tristan (lead vocals, guitar), Louis Malagodi (guitar), Jack Bentley-Smith (bass) and Ben Atkinson (drums).

    On October 21, 2022, Collateral independently released a re-mixed and re-mastered version of their debut album “Re-Wired” which featured Jeff Scott Soto, Phil X, Kee Marcello, Rudy Sarzo, Danny Vaughn, and Joel Hoekstra. The re-release saw the band in the Official UK Rock Charts at #12. 

    After the gruelling back-to-back tours with Skid Row, H.E.A.T and Reckless Love, the band ignited a spark and strengthened their already loyal fanbase leading them to win the opening slot at 2023s Stonedead Festival, leading the band to perform their biggest show.

    Collateral’s hotly tipped sophomore album looks like it will take them to the next level. A lot of people don’t know what to expect from the new album, as the band have been tight-lipped about the new songs. Collateral have created a state-of-the-art rock album that will immerse listeners in their rock music universe, enabling fans to feel the blood, sweat and glory that went into the recording of every song.

    “We felt that our debut album was lacking the production,” reflects Collateral’s frontman, Angelo Tristan. “For the sophomore album, I wanted to make sure that this time we left no room for error and so got one of the hottest producers in the music industry, Dan Weller, to help lift these songs into a new dimension. With Dan’s pioneering studio expertise, this album has massive production quality that enables you to get lost in each character-filled track. Dan really brought out the emotions we were trying to portray and has achieved it with his own unique style.”

    “We wanted this album to express where we were in our own lives since the release of our first. So much has happened since then, I mean the world shut down for what felt like a lifetime! And it was obvious that people were going to need some sort of optimism.  I hope ‘Glass Sky’ is one of those songs that gives people the belief to find themselves again.”

    “Whereas, the feel-good ‘Just One Of Those Days’ is trying to find the good side of a bad day. Me being me, couldn’t help but to write a big power ballad, ‘The Long Road’, that I wrote from a very hard and deep place, in hope that it could maybe bring some peace and comfort to people who need it. I think there’s all aspects of life running though this album and what it means to us will remain in our hearts forever.”

    “Should’ve Known Better” is an album that goes beyond specific music genres,” says Angelo. “It’s almost like a soundtrack to a beating heart.  It’s an album that will remain timeless in years to come.” 

    1. Glass Sky
    2. Original Criminal
    3. One Of Those Days
    4. Teenage Dreams
    5. Elysium
    6. On The Long Road
    7. No Place For Love
    8. Game Changer
    9. Final Stand
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  • John Foxx 'The Arcades Project' Vinyl LP - Transparent Blue


    John Foxx 'The Arcades Project' Vinyl LP - Transparent Blue


    Following his blissfully abstract, piano-based collaborations with Harold Budd and Ruben Garcia over the last 20 years, The Arcades Project is John Foxx’s first solo piano album, released on vinyl for the first time.

    This latest work has a fresh sense of wonder, as if returning to the instrument after the raging analogue noise of his last major work, 2020’s Howl (by John Foxx And The Maths) necessitated a further retreat into quiet, minimal music.

    Reviews for The Arcades Project:

    “Delicate evocation of the ambience of a city’s galleried passages.’ Mojo 4 ****.

    'This exquisite and refined solo piano work is a fine addition to a body of work made by an artist always investigating memory and imagination.’ The Quietus Album of the Month for April 2023.

    'His most evocative music.’ Uncut Magazine 8/10.

    ‘Delicate, drifting and hypnotic.’ Record Collector 4 ****.

    ‘Unmissable’ Electronic Sound Magazine.

    'Its minimalism is moving; its restraint rich in reverie. Foxx's 21st-century body of work grows ever more absorbing.’ Prog magazine.

    ‘An album that has the potential to be a classic of modern times and a reference point for classical ambient for years to come.’ Louder Than War.

    Awed wonder . . . and frequently beautiful.’ Classic Pop.

    'Foxx has created 12 stunning pieces of music . . . sparse, minimalistic, and extremely moving . . . It goes a long way in demonstrating just how much of a genius he is' Spill Magazine


    1. A Formal Arrangement
    2. Floral Arithmetic
    3. Daylight Ghost
    4. In All Your Glory
    5. Last Golden Light
    6. Momentary Paris
    7. Forgotten In Manhattan
    8. The Sea Inside
    9. Lovers And Strangers
    10. Starlit Summer Night
    11. Coincidentalism
    12. This Evening
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  • Andracca 'To Bare The Weight Of Death' PRE-ORDER

    Vendetta Records

    Andracca 'To Bare The Weight Of Death' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 23/02/2024

    "To Bare the Weight of Death," the upcoming release from the UK black metal band ANDRACCA, is a deep and introspective album that delves into themes of grief, despair, and the acceptance of mortality.

    Across six tracks, the album recounts a journey from the depths of sorrow to a reconciliation with death, both in its physical and metaphysical forms. The album is characterized by its honest and emotive expression, capturing the varying stages of grief, from intense despair to the eventual life-affirming acceptance of death. Each track reflects on the band's personal experiences and struggles with loss, offering listeners an immersive and cathartic journey.

    Described as a unification of life and death, the album is a triumph of resilience and will, inviting listeners to embrace their own lives with renewed vigor. ANDRACCA's "To Bare the Weight of Death" resonates with fans of 2nd wave black metal, showcasing their dedication to the genre while exploring profound existential themes.

    1. To Bear the Weight of Death
    2. Rise, or be Forever Fall'n
    3. Oceans of Fire
    4. Antithesis of Hope
    5. Lamentation of Divinity
    6. Hollow Altars
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  • And Also The Trees 'Mother-of-Pearl Moon' PRE-ORDER


    And Also The Trees 'Mother-of-Pearl Moon' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 23/02/2024

    ‘And Also The Trees’ compelling new album, ‘Mother-of-Pearl Moon’, was born from a series of extraordinary electric guitar improvisations created by guitarist Justin Jones in the pre- and postdawn hours during a month of solitude in 2020.

    Each piece then developed in its own way - the guitar, often left in its raw, unaltered form, is accompanied by the voice of his brother Simon, bringing imagery and narrative, Colin Ozanne’s clarinet and piano adding poise, colour and harmony, Paul Hill’s percussion creating depth… on occasion an autoharp, a Moog… all leading the listener from the depths of the English countryside far out in all directions of the compass.

    The music is often filmic, reminiscent of various film genres from the ‘50s to the ‘70s. This is most apparent in ‘This path through the meadow’, a song that explores the intertwining of human nature and nature in its animal and botanic form, and in its video where the band appear to be performing to an imaginary screening.

    Elsewhere, the album title track transports the listener across the oceans to the Far East...and to its exotic gardens, still waters and the ‘Mother-of-pearl moon’.

    And Also The Trees (AATT) formed during the original post-punk era in rural Worcestershire, an environment that has provided a constant inspiration to a group whose music has often explored the dark underbelly as well as the beauty of the British countryside.

    They are renowned for their captivating live performances, a unique style of mandolin-like electric guitar, evocative lyrics and dark jazz rhythms - not to mention a creative independence fiercely preserved for over four decades.

    Founded by singer Simon Jones and his guitarist brother Justin, AATT have maintained a continuous presence on the post-punk, alternative rock and Gothic scenes worldwide. They have released fifteen studio albums.

    1. Intro
    2. The Whaler
    3. Town Square
    4. Mother-of-Pearl Moon
    5. This Path Through The Meadow
    6. Valdrada
    7. No Mountains, No Horizon
    8. Visions of a Stray
    9. Field After Field
    10. Ypsilon
    11. Away From Me
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  • Phil Odgers 'Ghosts Of Rock N Roll'

    Vinyl Star Records

    Phil Odgers 'Ghosts Of Rock N Roll'



    Vinyl Star Records

    Phil Odgers 'Ghosts Of Rock N Roll'


    GHOSTS OF ROCK N ROLL’ is the fifth solo album from Men They Couldn’t Hang frontman Phil Odgers and is preceded by the digital single ‘The Serpent, The Maiden and The Bear’ (30th July). Beginning as a collection of ukulele led demos, ‘GHOSTS OF ROCK N ROLL’ has endured a stormy birth and its final emergence represents the triumph of resilience over adversity.

    Originally launched as a Pledge Music crowdfunded campaign, the album was nearly strangled at birth by the collapse of Pledge Music in 2018 and the loss of the majority of fan investment. Despite this setback, all fan pledges were still fulfilled and the project relocated to Bandcamp just in time for the pandemic lockdown to prevent any further recording sessions with producer Jim Knight.

    Finally, the album inched forward over the summer of 2020 only to crash into the second lockdown and then the tragic loss of fellow TMTCH frontman Stefan Cush in February 2021.

    With such checkered history, ‘GHOSTS OF ROCK N ROLL’ seems an appropriate title and its combination of folky pop and melancholic twang, combined with an ethos of survival, memory and experience create a testament to a life spent sailing the sometimes treacherous waters of Rock and Roll.

    The album features guest appearances by Sid Griffin and Bobby Valentino.

    1. The Serpent, the Maiden and the Bear
    2. Flower Lady
    3. Brooklyn Bridge
    4. The Last Thing on My Mind (Is Regret)
    5. Ghost of Rock 'n' Roll
    6. Early Morning Rain
    7. The Desert Has a Thousand Eyes
    8. Empty Streets and Lovers in the Rain
    9. Uke Town
    10. Rage Against the Machine
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  • Spacemen 3 'Threebie 3'

    Space Age

    Spacemen 3 'Threebie 3'



    Space Age

    Spacemen 3 'Threebie 3'


    Space Age Recordings are pleased to announce a 500 copy repress of Spacemen 3 live album “Threebie 3” on heavyweight yellow vinyl.

    Originally released in 1989 and only available with a coupon contained in the Spacemen 3 classic "Playing
    With Fire", "Threebie 3" has become something of a collector's item.

    Featuring four tracks from a live show at the
    Melkweg, Amsterdam from February 1988 and a studio version of "Live Intro Theme (Xtacy)". The tracks "Starship", "Revolution", "Suicide" and "Repeater" capture perfectly the spirit of the Spacemen 3 live experience

    The trademark drones and one chord barrages are tied together by a brooding sense of urgency and a near chaotic air of energy.

    Side A
    1. Starship (Live)
    2. Revolution (Live)
    3. Suicide (Live)

    Side B
    4. Repeater (Live)
    5. Live Intro Theme (Xtacy)
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  • Sang Froid 'All-Nighter' Vinyl LP Silver/White/Black Marbled

    Frozen Records

    Sang Froid 'All-Nighter' Vinyl LP Silver/White/Black Marbled


    The band SANG FROID was born in Nantes in winter 2019. It is made up of two current members of REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER and one member of THE VEIL. Passionate about New Wave, Cold Wave and Goth Rock music, the three artists wanted to create a band in homage to this scene. The result was their first 3-track self-produced EP, released on January 8, 2021, to rave reviews from the specialist press.

    Since then, the group has performed numerous times, notably alongside bands such as Perturbator, Front 242, Covenant and Frustration.

    In early 2023, the band decided to enter the studio to record their first album with Benoit Roux (producer of Alcest albums). Sang Froid delivers 8 very Goth Rock-oriented tracks.

    Walking alone at night, heart too heavy, in a city too big, with cold architecture, that's the feeling you get when listening to SANG FROID tracks. Highly inspired by bands such as Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Sister Of Mercy and Depeche Mode, the band's music navigates a cold, grey universe that is sometimes pierced by the brilliance of feelings and the rage to live.

    FFO: Depeche Mode, Drab Majesty, Sisters Of Mercy

    1. Proudly Ruining Yourself
    2. Eternal Light
    3. Lymphatic
    4. House Of Resignation
    5. Grace & Doom
    6. The Eleventh Dawn
    7. Nightline
    8. Inquisitive Nature
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  • Leroy Se Meurt 'Voué à Rouiller' Vinyl LP

    Mannequin Records

    Leroy Se Meurt 'Voué à Rouiller' Vinyl LP



    Mannequin Records

    Leroy Se Meurt 'Voué à Rouiller' Vinyl LP


    Leroy Se Meurt is a French musical duo known for their eclectic and experimental sound.

    Formed in 2018 in Paris, their music can be described as a fusion of various genres, abrasive and hypnotic, an energetic old school EBM fused with fierce electro and bound by punk ethos.

    Retaining the minimalist and raw qualities of punk rock, and replacing the complement traditional punk rock instruments like guitars and drums with drum machine and synthesizers, LSM sound is characterized by a blend of influences, including electronic, experimental, and noise elements, which contribute to their unique and distinctive style.

    If you enjoy post-punk music or are interested in exploring this genre, you may find aspects of it in Leroy Se Meurt's work, but their music also transcends traditional genre boundaries.

    Side A
    1. Baskı Iklimi
    2. Yanan Kurban
    3. Kacis
    4. Crève tes yeux et regarde

    Side B
    5. Veuve 909
    6. Liquide
    7. Bencil Ilki
    8. Orage
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  • Far 'Tin Cans with Strings To You' Vinyl 2LP - Red Marble PRE-ORDER

    Thirty Something Records

    Far 'Tin Cans with Strings To You' Vinyl 2LP - Red Marble PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 16/02/2024

    Exclusive pressing, first time on vinyl since 2013, Reissue, 2LP on colored 180 gram vinyl, Gatefold, 16 pages booklet.

    Side A
    1. What I've Wanted To Say
    2. Love, American Style
    3. In The Aisle, Yelling

    Side B
    4. Girl
    5. Seasick
    6. Job's Eyes

    Side C
    7. Punchdrunk
    8. Celebrate Her
    9. Boring Life

    Side D
    10. Joining The Circus
    11. Cut-out
    12. Sorrow's End....
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  • A 'A vs Monkey Kong' Vinyl 2xLP-Red PRE-ORDER

    Thirty Something Records

    A 'A vs Monkey Kong' Vinyl 2xLP-Red PRE-ORDER



    Thirty Something Records

    A 'A vs Monkey Kong' Vinyl 2xLP-Red PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 23/02/2024

    25th anniversary vinyl release for the second album from British alternative rock band A. 'A' vs Monkey Kong was originally released through Tycoon Recordings in 1999 and featured the singles "Old Folks", "Summer On The Underground" and "I Love Lake Tahoe".

    The album was integral in paving the way for A's later commercial success which saw the band having two top 20 singles in 2002. Vocalist Jason Perry is now an acclaimed record producer, working on albums by Don Broco, Molotov and McFly. Bassist Dan P Carter is now the host of the Radio 1 Rock Show. 

    First time on vinyl, 'A' Vs Monkey Kong is released as a double 180g vinyl edition on red-transparent & orange clear with black haze colours, packaged in a heavy gatefold sleeve with a 16 page booklet.

    1. For Starters
    2. Monkey Kong
    3. A
    4. Old Folks
    5. Hopper Jonnus Fang
    6. Summer On The Underground
    7. Warning
    8. If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway
    9 I ❤ Lake Tahoe
    10. Don't Be Punks
    11. Down On The Floor
    12. Jason's Addiction
    13. Miles Away
    14. Getting Around
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