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Vinyl Preorders

  • Buzzkunst 'Special Sauce' + Howard Devoto ‘Designoid’ Vinyl 2xLP PRE-ORDER


    Buzzkunst 'Special Sauce' + Howard Devoto ‘Designoid’ Vinyl 2xLP PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 05/07/2024


    ‘SPECIAL SAUCE' is mostly a reconfiguration of the 2002 album 'Buzzkunst’ by ShelleyDevoto. 

    NOW! For the first time on vinyl, with a REFRESHED RUNNING ORDER and TWO PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS  'Psychosomatic' and 'Punk Of Me'. 

    PLUS! If that isn’t enough, there is a SECOND mini-album included in the package…

    11 NEVER BEFORE RELEASED Howard Devoto ARCHIVE RECORDINGS from the same period, titled ‘DESIGNOID’. 

    Instrumentals and songs, idiosyncratic as ever, and including a 21st century re-working of ‘Breakdown’, as originally featured on the Buzzcocks’ debut and seminal self-released EP, ‘Spiral Scratch’.

    YES! A TWO LP SET in a single bumper sized record sleeve FOR THE PRICE OF ONE, complete with FREE lyric insert sheet.

    Watch ‘Psychosomatic' here

    Watch ‘Designoid’ here :

    A word or two from Howard :

    "The album started with Pete teaching me how to make music on a computer, and continued with him sending me bunches of backing tracks that I built up instrumentally and melodically, turning some into songs.

    This 2024 reconfiguration is something I agreed with Pete about a year before he died. A re-jig the 2002 release. Same mixes but dressed up differently, and include ‘Psychosomatic’, a track we both really liked but which we’d completed too late for it to be included back then.

    Right at the beginning this was how it was supposed to be, when I’d jokingly suggested we call ourselves Buzzcunts. Pete was ready to run with it. Quick as a flash he’d suggested we could say it was a mistake – a printing error – “that it was supposed to be Buzzkunst”. And suddenly we liked the name Buzzkunst. Then the album title, 'Special Sauce' – that was Pete too. 

    Incidentally, as was the venerable title 'Spiral Scratch'. Bless you Pete.”



     Side A 
    1. Self-Destruction 
    2. God’s Particle   
    3. So There I Was  
    4. On Solids
    5. Psychosomatic 
    6. Stupid Kunst

    Side B
    1. Strain Of Bacteria
    2. Deeper 
    3. Till The Stars In His Eyes Are Dead
    4. Wednesday’s Emotional Setup 
    5. Going Off  
    6. Punk Of Me 
    7. System Blues


    Side A
    1. The Presentation Of The Self In Everyday Life
    2. Designoid
    3. Like Elvis (Hello Mr Curtis)
    4. Bungled Existence
    5. Once In Montecorto

    Side B
    1. Theme From Goodbye Antarctica
    2. Under A Lenient Moon
    3. Breakdown
    4. It Mattered
    5. Your Talking Sense
    6. Bet Your Mind

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  • Crumbs 'You’re Just Jealous' PRE-ORDER

    Skep Wax Records

    Crumbs 'You’re Just Jealous' PRE-ORDER



    Skep Wax Records

    Crumbs 'You’re Just Jealous' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 10/05/2024

    New Album From The Most Danceable Post-Punk Pop Band In The UK.

    It’s like something has exploded!

    CRUMBS have been incubating this, their second album, for a few years now.  Who knows how they kept all the energy in check.  It must have been like sitting on a volcano.  The songs burst out with pure pop fire, sending splinters of guitar, sharp lyrics and snatches of the catchiest backing vocals.

    The rhythm section (Jamie and Gem): it’s like Delta 5 meeting Le Tigre in a dark alley in Leeds, fusing blindly and completely, and then forcing its way into the back entrance of a venue, sending volts through the limbs of the unwitting punters, forcing them to dance. This is TIGHT.

    And as the lights come on and the indie kids throw themselves around, Ruth’s vocals sweetly assault their ears with anger, joy, political intelligence - and all around, Stuart’s guitar, sometimes twangly-melodic like the B52s, sometimes sweet and ringing like a memory of Scars, sometimes furious and feeding back, keeps you alert and thirsty for more.

    These songs do NOT outstay their welcome.  Starts and ends are cut hard: no pre-echo, no wistful, drawn-out regretful fade-outs. CRUMBS have imbibed the key lessons taught by The Gang Of Four and The Au Pairs: never let the energy dissipate.  But there is more than anger here. The band have smuggled a pop sweetness into the disciplined shapes of their angular songs. You’re Just Jealous has sharp edges, but it’s generous too.

    CRUMBS - a brief history.  They are based in Leeds, where they are active movers in the DIY scene that currently thrives in the North of England. They recorded a Marc Riley session in 2016, released their first album (on Everything Sucks) in 2017, toured extensively in 2018 and 2019, playing at the Brudenell Social Club with Swearin’ and Jeffrey Lewis, and at plenty of fests such as LaDIYfest and Specialist Subject’s birthday all dayer in Bristol, A Real Cool Fest in Bradford, Mousetival in Stockton and the Cambridge Indiepop Alldayer.

    They spent the pandemic creating these new, tightly-wound, irresistible pop songs.

    1. You’re Just Jealous
    2. Stab Alley
    3. Dear Deirdre
    4. Diy Sos
    5. Rest In Pieces
    6. Let’s Not
    7. 4291
    8. Call Now
    9. What’s It Means
    10. Sad Snoopy
    11. Mambo No.6
    12. Too Many Creeps

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  • Immersion with Thor Harris | Cubzoa 'Nanocluster Vol.2' PRE-ORDER


    Immersion with Thor Harris | Cubzoa 'Nanocluster Vol.2' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 14/06/2024

    Theme: collaboration. Or how to remain creative in the modern world.
    Nanocluster started as a bespoke one off pop up gig that turned into an album series.

    Built around Colin Newman from acclaimed UK post-punk band Wire and his partner in life and sound Malka Spigel from Minimal Compact with various guests, they define collaboration.

    Colin met Malka when he produced her band in 1985.The collaboration started there.

    They became a couple and created their own projects like the instrumental electronic duo Immersion in 1994 and Githead in 2004 - spaces where they both ‘feel really comfortable.’

    Growing out of Immersion, Nanocluster was birthed as a series of one-off gigs at the Rosehill in their new hometown of Brighton in 2017 with an added cast of influential and cutting edge musicians.

    These were not ad hoc jams.
    The songs had been written and rehearsed prior to each performance. This adventure led to a debut album, Nanocluster Vol 1, released in 2021 with Stereolab singer/guitarist Laetitia Sadier, German post-rock duo Tarwater, electronic musician Ulrich Schnauss and experimental artist Robin Rimbaud (Scanner).

    Released again as double 10 inch with each collaboration taking up each disc, the new album Nanocluster Vol 2 has further developed this idea with a stark beauty that sounds like a future pop with sleek lines and unexpected great melodies.
    Disc one is built around Thor Harris, the charismatic percussion player from Swans and many other projects, who they met and performed with at South By South West in Austin, Texas in 2023. Thor adds ideas, his tuned percussion instruments, clarinet and trumpet to the sessions.

    Disc two is built around Cubzoa (Jack Wolter from the band Penelope Isles) who brings his musical craft, beguiling voice, guitar and much more.

    Meanwhile Matt Schulz from Holy Fuck plays drums across both combinations helping the resulting music become a third entity.

    What results is a true collaboration that, enhanced via Immersion’s production, merges its elements to develop a new harmony.

    Key to the process is Colin and Malka’s radio show for Slack City radio, ‘Swimming In Sound’ with its entertainingly diverse playlist that has widened their horizons. It’s also helped build relationships not only with these collaborators but also musicians like ambient country masters SUSS, with whom they plan an extended Nanocluster tour in the USA with in 2025 and Brighton via Falmouth’s “jangly pop punk” Holiday Ghosts with whom they will perform the next Nanocluster event in their home town, as well as many more in the pipeline.
    ‘Nanocluster is collaboration but in a very specific form. We don't have rules. It’s a series of creative snapshots. We start as the gig with our collaborators with tracks that we rehearse because this is not a jam and where it stops is an album.’
    ‘It’s chemistry & music. Malka & I operate as a team and now we’ve taken it to another level. Malka comes from a band where they would stand in a room together and work out the material. In Wire, I would present the songs, so when Malka and I first started working together, we had to find a third path, and that was the concept behind our collaboration.’
    Nanocluster Volume 2 is a 21st century collusion of shared ideas, creating a momentary extended musical family.

    It’s about musical and personal relationships and the meeting place in the middle.

    A temporary band of house guests.

    The place where Immersion happens.

    2 X 10” VWM58LP 
    Immersion | Thor Harris 
    A1. As Long As
    A2. Just Close Your Eyes 
    A3. Rotations 
    B1. The House Of Thor 
    B2. In Snow
    B3. At The Wizard’s House 
    Immersion | Cubzoa 
    C1. I’m Barely Here 
    C2. In The Universe 
    C3. Other Ways 
    D1. Not About Me 
    D2. Neptune 

    CD WM58CD 
    Immersion | Cubzoa 
    1. I’m Barely Here
    2. In The Universe
    3. Other Ways
    4. Not About Me
    5. Neptune

    Immersion | Thor Harris 
    6. As Long As 
    7. Just Close Your Eyes 
    8. Rotations
    9. The House Of Thor 1
    0. In Snow 
    11. At The Wizard’s House

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  • Loefah 'Jump Start' Vinyl 12


    Loefah 'Jump Start' Vinyl 12" PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 12/07/2024

    UK Bass titan and Swamp 81 label boss Loefah makes his Teklife debut with Jump Start, three new tracks full of raw house energy.

    Taking cues from the Chicago tradition of feral 909 jams, these pummeling rhythms are met with eerie atmospheres and haunting speech.

    The late ghetto house godfather DJ Deeon adds his touches to the title track, stretching its acid squelches out and taking them even farther into space.

    It’s pure warehouse music, trippy yet ominous, perfect for getting lost in a dark corner at a rave. 

    1. Jump Start 
    2. Nines 
    3. Jump Start – DEEON’S Jeep Style Rmx

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  • Male Tears 'Paradísco' PRE-ORDER

    Avant! Records

    Male Tears 'Paradísco' PRE-ORDER

    Sold out

    Sold out

    Avant! Records

    Male Tears 'Paradísco' PRE-ORDER


    Sold out
    Release Date: 12/07/2024

    One mere year after their previous pitch-black sounding album Krypt, LA outfit Male Tears is back with a new full-length and – oh boy – everything is changed.
    The used-to-be duo is now a four piece with James Edward as the sole founding member remaining and apparently this new line-up helped the original vocalist to shapeshift again.

    Remember their very first debut album from 2021 and those dark synthpop sounds?
    With their upcoming fourth album (in only three years), this American electronic-pop act from Southern California doubles the stakes once again and where Krypt was all about being goth and gloomy and disturbingly paroxysmal, Paradisco is somehow quite the opposite.

    Eight new tracks of pure italo disco, hi-NRG and freestyle bliss that pick up where the band left off three years ago to pursue much darker realms. Now that the quest for darkness is done, it is time to polish our nails and dress up for the night-out cause there's more in life than feeling sorry for yourself. Yes you will need to cut out the deadwood but there is no change in stillness.

    So join Male Tears and their new arsenal of bangers and floor fillers with assertive titles such as Out of my Life, Regret 4 Nothing and Leave it Alone.

    Get yourself wrapped up in one warm cover of delicate nostalgia and reborn romanticism, driven by sounds that  pay homage equally to Miko Mission and Ken Laszlo, Lisa Lisa and Exposé and, well yeah, even The Smiths because say what you wanna say but you simply cannot not love The Smiths.

    Embrace the vintage vibes that organically propagate from this new record's grooves and get in the mood for this new course in full-on 1980's Pop.

    1. Talk to Me
    2. Leave it Alone (feat. Corlyx)
    3. Sex on Drugs
    4. Out of my Life
    5. Where Is It?
    6. He Wants Everything
    7. Regret 4 Nothing
    8. This Party Ends in Tears (feat. Digital Love)
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  • Marina Allen 'Eight Pointed Star' PRE-ORDER

    Fire Records

    Marina Allen 'Eight Pointed Star' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 07/06/2024

    The third album of powerfully vivid songwriting from Marina Allen. Beautifully orchestrated, highly melodic and delivered with unrivalled lyrical perspective. Across two acclaimed records, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has ripened a rare harvest, but her third studio album is an arrival home.

    Taking fragments and stories from Marina’s past, Eight-Pointed Star deftly weaves together a new future, in what feels for all the world like a glittering, clear-eyed modern classic of alternative folk and Americana. For fans of Aldous Harding, Fiona Apple and Waxahatchee.

    Ineffable and timeless, this collection of songs holds a curiosity that’s as open to you as you are to them. Compared to the soaring and swelling compositions of Allen’s second album Centrifics or the innocent tranquillity of Candlepower, the world of Eight Pointed Star is more deeply addressing and open-armed.

    It favours a type of soul-searching that doesn’t dwell in complications, and is open to answers. Rolling guitars rise and fall with the canyons and dust is kicked-up from the red scarred earth. Allen’s vocals pure and crystalline whilst the instrumentation is rich and bursting with brightness. You can hear contentment radiating from the music, with Chris Cohen’s production offering a full-band affair.

    Allen’s affection runs deepest for singers who in her words can really sing, from The Roches to Karen Dalton, Joanna Newsom to Meredith Monk. But these influences vanish like ghosts in the attic when she starts to sing herself. Allen has a voice that stands up to the canon – inimitable – and it’s never sounded more resolute than it does here.

    Side A
    1. I'm the Same
    2. Deep Fake
    3. Red Cloud
    4. Swinging Doors
    5. Bad Eye Opal

    Side B
    6. Easy
    7. Love Comes Back
    8. Landlocked
    9. Between Seasons
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  • Moon Diagrams 'Cemetery Classics' PRE-ORDER

    Sonic Cathedral

    Moon Diagrams 'Cemetery Classics' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 21/06/2024

    Moon Diagrams – the solo project of Deerhunter co-founder and drummer Moses Archuleta – returns with a second album, Cemetery Classics, on June 21.

    The 12-track album is a co-release between Sonic Cathedral (in the UK and Europe) and Angus Andrew from Liars’ new label No Gold (in the US and the ROW) and was mixed by James Ford. It features guests including Anastasia Coope, Patrick Flegel (Cindy Lee) and Josh Diamond (Gang Gang Dance).

    It’s Moses’ first new music since 2019’s Trappy Bats mini-album and the follow-up to 2017’s acclaimed debut Lifetime of Love and everything seems a bit more extreme – from the Basinski-esque degradation of ‘Neptune’ to the Faustian industrial noise of ‘Listen To Me’ via Art of Noise-style postmodern pop (the first single ‘Very Much My Promise to You’), Daft Punk bangers (‘Fifteen Shows at One Time’), trip-hop, shoegaze, Jan Hammer, Depeche Mode, late Leonard Cohen and more.

    “It’s about finding out your arms are too short to box with god,” says Moses of the emotional force that courses through Cemetery Classics. “It’s the inverse of a desert island disc – a graveyard disc. Songs to take into the afterlife.”

    1. NRG
    2. Mousetrap
    3. Fifteen Shows at One Time
    4. Metallics in Fur
    5. Big Ref
    6. Rewop
    7. Brand New Effie
    8. Neptune
    9. Very Much My Promise to You
    10. Listen to Me
    11. Left Hand of God
    12. Fragment Rock

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  • Rise Of The Northstar 'Demonstrating My Saiya Style' Vinyl LP

    Kuromaku Corp

    Rise Of The Northstar 'Demonstrating My Saiya Style' Vinyl LP


    Release Date: 31/05/2024

    Rise Of The Northstar is the rising star of French metal internationally. Known for their incredible stage performances, the band has recently set fire to the stages of the biggest French and European festivals such as Hellfest (FR), Cabaret Vert (FR), Resurrection (ES), Full Force (DE), Jera (NL), Alactraz (BE)...

    After ranking top 20 in France with its latest album "SHOWDOWN" released on April 7, 2023, and top 30 in Germany (Number 1 Amazon), ROTN releases for the first time on vinyl its EP "DEMONSTRATING MY SAIYA STYLE" whose eponymous title is a fan favorite counting more than 8M views on Youtube.

    The bonus track "Phoenix", so far only available on the Japanese edition of the debut album "Welcame", is also added to this edition.

    1.Bejita's Revenge 
    2.Sound Of Wolves 
    3.Show Me Your Respect 
    4.Against All 
    5.Demonstrating My Saiya Style 
    6.Protect Ya Chest 

    UK Tour Dates May 15th Manchester Academy 3 / May 16th Leeds Key Club/ May 18th London The Dome / May 19th Bristol The Fleece

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  • Royal Trux 'Twin Infinitives' Vinyl 2xLP - Silver PRE-ORDER

    Fire Records

    Royal Trux 'Twin Infinitives' Vinyl 2xLP - Silver PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 14/06/2024

    Originally released in 1990, Royal Trux’s ‘Twin Infinitives’ is being re-issued in all its (yet to be translated) alien glory, by Fire Records. A dismantled overture that sprawls out over two records, an avant-garde masterpiece that was the spark for Drag City Records and generations of new sound seeking musicians.

    Hailed in the same immortal breath as Beefheart’s ‘Trout Mask Replica’, the Velvets’ at their frenzied peak and Ornette Coleman at his most avant-garde, the duo of Pussy Galore’s Neil "Michael" Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema recorded ‘Twin Infinitives’ while imbibing all kinds of mind-altering substances to create an inadvertent blueprint for what the duo was building with moog’s, guitars and melodicas to name a few ingredients.

    It is the legendary second album from the masters of the genre mashup - long before “genre mashups” even existed. Arguably, the term “mashup” was coined to describe what Trux, as they subconsciously scrolled through the radio stations of their lives.

    The album’s chaotic sound and offbeat construction laid the foundations for a string of Royal Trux albums that spiralled between genres, tunings, and noise. Through the 90s they would re-invent the rock ‘n’ roll ethic, straddle alien surf music, re-align boogie rock, not to mention 80s hair metal, and confound critics by their wildly meandering and courageous rites of passage.

    Remastered as part of a career spanning catalogue deal with Fire Records. The infamous and influential duo of Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty will be delving into the archive with a comprehensive reissue series, unearthing the vaults and revisiting what made them such a compelling benchmark for their contemporaries and imitators. Reawakening their prolific output within a new monochrome vinyl series covering 1988-1993, they begin with their seminal deconstructed rock masterpiece Twin Infinitives.

    “Sounding like a subway ride inside a television inside an earthquake inside the end of the world and a pounding death rhythm of apocalyptic now.”

    - Pitchfork

    Disc One
    A1. Solid Gold Tooth
    A2. Ice Cream
    A3. Jet Pet
    A4. RTX-USA
    A5. Kool Down Wheels
    B1. Chances Are The Comets In Our Future
    B2. Yin Jim Versus The Vomit Creature
    B3. Osiris

    Disc Two
    C1. (Edge Of The) Ape Oven
    D1. Florida Avenue Theme
    D2. Lick My Boots
    D3. Glitterbust
    D4. Funky Son
    D5. Ratcreeps
    D6. New York Avenue Bridge
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  • Skeletal Family 'Light From The Dark' Vinyl LP PRE-ORDER


    Skeletal Family 'Light From The Dark' Vinyl LP PRE-ORDER

    Sold out

    Sold out
    Sold out

    Release Date: 12/07/2024

    Formed in 1982 with vocalist Anne Marie Hurst, their debut album 'Burning Oil'  topped the National UK Indie Charts for three weeks in Autumn 1984 above other contemporary northern bands The Smiths and New Order. The band subsequently recorded seven BBC Radio One sessions for John Peel, Janice Long & Kid Jensen. They Signed to Chrysalis Records in 1986.

    Their discography includes the studio albums: 'Futile Combat', 'Sakura', 'Songs of Love Hope and Despair', 'Day of All Days'. The current line up came together in 2021, with the introduction of vocalist Anneka Latta with the band performing live at ‘Wave Gotik Treffen’ in Leipzig and ‘Darker Waves Festival’ in Huntington Beach, California as well as various dates in the UK and USA.

    Their latest album 'Light From The Dark' was recorded at Paul Weller’s ‘Black Barn’ Studio and released received critical acclaim.

    Skeletal Family are: Anneka Latta – Vocals, Stan Greenwood – Guitars, Roger “Trotwood” Nowell – Bass, Ian “Karl Heinz” Taylor – Keyboards / Saxophone, Adrian “Ozzy” Osadzenko – Drums and Percussion.

    1. Cry Baby
    2. Edge Of A Dream
    3. Brewing Up A Storm
    4. What Are You Waiting For
    5. Beautiful Disaster
    6. New Horizon
    7. All Th Same To Me
    8. Glorious
    9. Enough Is Enough
    10. My Own Redemption

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  • Unstern 'Es Geht Der Tag' Vinyl LP PRE_ORDER


    Unstern 'Es Geht Der Tag' Vinyl LP PRE_ORDER

    Sold out

    Sold out
    Sold out

    Release Date: 28/06/2024

    Alter is proud to present the debut full length release from devotional music outfit Unstern, a collaborative effort between deep ambient artist Arzat Skia and prodigal pianist Leo Svirsky.
    Co-mixed by Swedish electronic music luminary Civilistjävel! and mastered to tape by Stefan Betke, the album features lush electronics, two pianos refracting across the stereo field, processed recordings from the Peruvian Amazon, bowed percussion by Greg Stuart, alongside strings and renaissance meantone organ recorded at Orgelpark in Amsterdam.
    The results are an abundant audio illusion where what seemingly repeats slowly over time morphs in a manner where the destination escapes the departure point with extreme discretion, a reverent nod to Morton Feldman's compositional method of "Crippled Symmetry."
    Throughout Es Geht Der Tag there is a muted, refined melancholy imbued with a constantly fluctuating pulse which generates a sense of temporal disorientation, leaving the listener lost in a strange yet not at all unfamiliar sonic labyrinth. It is a journey whereby a glorious subtle tension exists between the grandiose and the restrained.
    This is environmental music, not in the sense of capturing nature itself, more with regards to an unfolding of audio elements which move in a manner in tune with the multitude of flows in the world.
    Unstern’s Es Geht Der Tag is a deep mental journey, rich in subtle transcendental tendencies and psychic liberation.

    RIYL: Gas, Arvo Part, Charlemagne Palestine, Hoedh, His Divine Grace, Die Sonne Satan, Werkbund, Asmus Tietchens

    1. All the Kingdoms Of The World In A Moment Of Time
    2. Of Fire And The Many-Eyed Wheels
    3. Malign Star
    4. In The Roar Of Your Channels
    5. Es Geht Der Tag Zur Neige

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  • µ-Ziq 'Grush' PRE-ORDER

    Planet Mu Records

    µ-Ziq 'Grush' PRE-ORDER

    Sold out

    Sold out

    Planet Mu Records

    µ-Ziq 'Grush' PRE-ORDER


    Sold out
    Release Date: 14/06/2024

    Mike Paradinas, veteran producer and Planet Mu label owner has written a new album called ‘Grush' and it's full of weird bangers that reclaim the 'dance' part of the woeful term IDM. A back-to-first-principles record, inspired in part by the group of artists IDM was coined for; melodic dance music that didn't come out of urban scenes, but interpreted them from a distance.

    The tracks on ‘Grush’ are all road-tested live favorites developed with feedback from Mike's touring partner and visuals guy Mora (Jan Moravec). It's a detailed and energetic journey which replicates the flow of a live gig. A lot of the tracks have been made in hotel rooms in response to shows, ‘Imperial Crescent’ is named after a Japanese Hotel, as is ‘Belvedere’ in Prague, while some tracks such as ‘Hyper Daddy’ were created specifically to play live.

    Drums are confidently at the fore here and the album feels like it traces Mike's musical history and interests neatly around his sweetly nostalgic melodies, with atmospheres and structures which twist and turn with a charming softness which contrasts with the tension in the drums. Take ‘Hyper Daddy’s’ spiralling notes and twinkling piano which remind one of early Black Dog or Omni Trio rushing alongside splashy jungle drums, or the aquatic acid footwork of the title track with its drums softly bubbling and kicking.

    Elsewhere there's territory which harks back to his Tusken Raiders pseudonym, like the heads down Drexciyan funk of ‘Windsor Safari Park,’ which transforms from moody electro into a sunny hardcore track midway.

    The album is interspersed with Reticulum A, B and C at the start middle and end of the album which suggest a theme which carries across the music in an effortless and joyful way. ‘Grush’ is a strong album that works both for listening and DJing and a great snapshot of where Mike Paradinas musical head is at in 2024.

    Side A
    1. Reticulum A
    2. Hyper Daddy
    3. Fogou

    Side B 
    1. Magic Pony Ride (Pt.4)
    2. Imperial Crescent
    3. Reticulum B
    4. Grush

    Side C 
    1. Belvedere
    2. Raver
    3. Windsor Safari Park
    4. Hastings

    Side D 
    1. Manscape
    2. Metaphonk
    3. Reticulum C

    1. Reticulum A
    2. Hyper Daddy
    3. Fogou
    4. Magic Pony Ride (Pt.4)
    5. Imperial Crescent
    6. Reticulum B
    7. Grush
    8. Belvedere
    9. Raver
    10. Windsor Safari Park
    11. Hastings
    12. Manscape
    13. Metaphonk
    14. Reticulum C

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