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Glass Modern

  • The Froot 'Forbidden Froot' CD

    Glass Modern

    The Froot 'Forbidden Froot' CD

    Sold out

    Sold out

    Glass Modern

    The Froot 'Forbidden Froot' CD


    Sold out
    Extraordinarily mature debut album by four 18 years old, all original psychedelic / progressive / power pop vibe rockers from Hull. Already transcending their influences. The band that everybody loves - they just don't know it yet.

    The recording was partly funded by The Mick Ronson Legacy Trust, run by Lisa Ronson, Mick's daughter, that supports local musicians. Mick, as you know was one of Hull's most famous sons.

    Produced and mastered by Colin Lloyd-Tucker (The The / Deux Filles). Engineered by Kenny Jones (The Smiths / Oasis). Louie Donoghue Guitar/ Vocals Stevie Newby Bass/ Vocals Zach Penrose Guitar/ Vocals Jack Newton Drums

    1. The Living Room
    2. Salient Eye
    3. Seven Past Eight
    4. Midnight Girl
    5. Blue Dream
    6. Lies
    7. LuSiD
    8. The Last Chapter
    9. Midnight Girl (Reprise)
    10. God
    11. Time For Tea
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  • DAVID J 'Quelle Tristesse' Vinyl 7

    Glass Records

    DAVID J 'Quelle Tristesse' Vinyl 7"



    Glass Records

    DAVID J 'Quelle Tristesse' Vinyl 7"


    David J, of Bauhaus/Love & Rockers, pays tribute to his old friend Pat Fish (AKA The Jazz Butcher), who sadly passed away in October 2021.

    Featuring musical contributions from Dave Morgan (Weather Prophets/Jazz Butcher),
    Rolo McGinty (Woodentops), Max Eider (Jazz Butcher), Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), Owen Jones (Jazz Butcher). Colin Henney (Jazz Butcher) and Raoul.

    The B Side is 'Vienna Song', a
    Jazz Butcher song, featuring Paul Wallfisch (Swans) on piano, Wolfgang Tschegg and Tony Green.

    Random Colour Vinyl.

    Quelle Tristesse Writing this song was my immediate emotional response to hearing about the untimely passing of my dear friend, Pat Fish. This is how I process these things. It is both personal therapy and heart felt tribute. The song simply poured out of me and when it was
    done I knew that I had to involve various stellar musicians all of whom had collaborated with Pat in the past. 

    Also present and correct, Pat’s beloved familiar, Raoul the black cat. The title came from a comment that someone made online when the shocking news was announced. 'Quelle Tristesse'. How sad. Indeed. RIP old pal. David J. In Loving Memory Patrick Huntrods (AKA Pat Fish AKA The Jazz Butcher) (20 December 1957 - 5 October 2021).

    Side A
    Quelle Tristesse

    Side B
    Vienna Song

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  • The Jazz Butcher 'Never Give Up (Glass Version)' - Random colour 7

    Glass Modern

    The Jazz Butcher 'Never Give Up (Glass Version)' - Random colour 7"


    In Loving Memory Patrick Huntrods (AKA Pat Fish AKA The Jazz Butcher) (20 December 1957 - 5 October 2021) Featuring David J (Bauhaus), Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes), Strings by Fiona Brice & Janet Schiff. Produced by David J.

    The first Jazz Butcher record, the LP ‘In Bath of Bacon’ was released almost 40 years ago on the original Glass Records label. Plans were made for a new album on Glass Modern to celebrate this, for release in 2023, but sadly Patrick passed away last October before any real work could be done for it. This recording is all we have.

    Never Give Up was re-recorded for Pat’s final LP, The Highest In The Land – it’s one of his greatest songs, maybe the greatest. His Hallelujah, if you will. The B side, Silver Street by Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth (Jacobites) was recorded for a forthcoming Glass Modern compilation, of various artists covering Glass artists material from the eighties. 

    Side A
    Never Give Up (Glass Version)

    Side B 
    Silver Street

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  • Duende With David J 'Oracle Of The Horizontal'

    Glass Modern

    Duende With David J 'Oracle Of The Horizontal'


    This is dark psych, crow winged, pulp rock at it's finest' Damien Youth.

    A Brand new collaboration by David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets) and Detroit's PsychProg Garage Rock'n'Rollers Duende, in a Deluxe Gatefold Sleeve with printed inner bag. 180 gsm Heavyweight Vinyl. Also on CD in 6 panel card sleeve.

    'This exciting collaboration with Detroit's stalwart psych garage band, Duende came about when they approached me to work with them on a couple of new tracks for a forthcoming EP. T

    hese turned out extremely well and when I played them to my pal, genius songwriter / hermetic music guru, Damien Youth, whose opinion I rate most highly, he enthusiastically insisted that we develop the project into a full blown album. This we did.

    Recorded and mixed in one week at Tempermill Studio in Ferndale, MI, I regard it as one of the most vital sounding and inspired recordings of my career.

    We also pulled in some additional stellar local talent in Warren DeFever (His Name Is Alive) and also Joshua James (Theatre Bizarre Orchestra) to add yet more tasty ingredients to the swampy spiked mojo soup. David J

    1. Out Of My Dreams
    2. Motor City Squeeze
    3. In The Shadow of 45
    4. Queen Moon And The Brazen Bull
    5. Alice Through The Windscreen
    6. Oracle
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  • David J 'Missive To An Angel From The Halls Of Infamy And Allure'

    Glass Modern

    David J 'Missive To An Angel From The Halls Of Infamy And Allure'


    Missive To An Angel From The Halls Of Infamy And Allure', the forthcoming double solo album by David J (Bauhaus / Love And Rockets) is an intensely personal, self deprecating, confessional song cycle and ultimately a glowing tribute to his wife of many decades. It is intended as a cyclic swan-song, the last track, I Hear Only Silence Now'being a new version of the song which was the first on J's 1983 solo debut, Etiquette Of Violence'.

    The new album was recorded in Prague, Berlin and Los Angeles as well as Wellingborough, England when J revisited Beck Studios where his former highly influential band, Bauhaus cut their seminal classic, Bela Lugosi's Dead'back in 1979.

    The new album features contributions from Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre), Toby Dammit (Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds), Paul Wallfisch (Swans), Sean Eden (Luna), Rose McGowan, Asia Argento, Emily Jane White, Annabel (lee) and the great Czech violinist Karel Holas amongst others.

    J sees the album as the culmination of 36 years of solo / collaborative work. It is also a coming home'of sorts as the label behind the release is the London based Glass Modern (the newly reactivated Glass Records) which originally released some of J's earliest critically acclaimed works.

    Last autumn and early 2019 saw David J tour the world with Peter Murphy as a 40th Anniversary Celebration of Bauhaus. From Valparaiso to Auckland, St. Petersburg to California.

    1. Mosaic
    2. Blue Eyes in the Green Room
    3. Baudelaire featuring Karel Holas
    4. (I Don't Want To Destroy) Our Beautiful Thing
    5. Lovelorn featuring Emily Jane White
    6. Clandestine Valentine featuring Karel Holas
    7. Of Purgatory and Perfume
    8. Migena and the Frozen Roses featuring Asia Argento & Anton Newcombe
    9. No Floods Can Drown
    10. Pre Existing Condition
    11. Copper Level 7 featuring Annabel (lee)
    12. (I Walked Away From) The Girl In Yellow
    13. Best Western Blues
    14. Missive To An Angel From The Halls Of Infamy And Allure
    15. The Auteur (Redux / The Starlet) featuring Rose McGowan
    16. I Hear Only Silence Now

    Release Date: 18/10/2019
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  • Rose Mcdowall & Shawn Pinchbeck 'Far From The Apple Tree'

    Glass Modern

    Rose Mcdowall & Shawn Pinchbeck 'Far From The Apple Tree'


    Rose Mcdowall & Shawn Pinchbeck - Far From The Apple Tree : Original Music Soundtrack From The Film By Grant Mcphee

    A Psychedelic Pop-Art Fairytale, by Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade / Coil / Current 93 / Sorrow) and Canadian sound artist, composer, installation artist, lecturer and sound engineer Shawn Pinchbeck. The CD & DL contains 1 extra track and extended intros to each song from the Vinyl Edition. 13 extra minutes of music.

    "Far from the Apple Tree is an eclectic mix of ghost story, fairy tale and horror. Evocative of the TV series The Owl Service and films like Valerie and Her Week of Wonders and The Wicker Man and with a truly magical soundtrack by Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade) and Shawn Pinchbeck make Far from the Apple Tree a must-see for fans of Redemption and ethereal thrills."

    SALVATION 'Rose and Shawn's soundtrack adds so much colour, mood, mystery and magic to our film that it would feel empty without it. I'm delighted that it is now being released on its own, and by Glass so that it can add those same qualities to anyone who picks up a copy for themselves.

    ' GRANT McPHEE Rose McDowall - Voice, Instruments and arrangements Shawn Pinchbeck - Instruments, tapes, treatments, and arrangements Robert Lee - Instruments and arrangements Written & Produced by Rose McDowall | Shawn Pinchbeck | Robert Lee Mixed and Mastered by Shawn Pinchbeck.

    1. Forever
    2. Drown Me
    3. Bittersweet
    4. Storm
    5. Spirit Flesh
    6. Gem
    7. Nocturne
    8. Butterfly Hawk
    9. Waves

    Release Date: 08/11/2019
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  • Velvet Crush 'In The Presence Of Greatness' Vinyl LP - Turquoise

    Glass Modern

    Velvet Crush 'In The Presence Of Greatness' Vinyl LP - Turquoise

    Sold out

    Sold out
    Sold out
    Ltd. Edition 180 gsm Turquoise Blue Vinyl Reissue of the debut Velvet Crush LP from 1991, originally released on Creation Records.

    Recorded & Mixed on 8 Tracks by Matthew Sweet, in his basement in Princeton, New Jersey 1990-91. Produced by Matthew Sweet And Velvet Crush.

    Repackaged in a new sleeve with photographs from the original session by Michael Lavine.

    Velvet Crush have re-formed and will be touring the world from late Autumm 2018 and onwards

    Side A:
    1. Window To The World
    2. Drive Me Down
    3. Ash And Earth
    4. White Soul
    5. Superstar

    Side B:
    1. Blind Faith
    2. Speedway Baby
    3. Stop
    4. Asshole
    5. Die A Little Every Day
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  • David J 'Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh' Vinyl LP - Clear

    Glass Modern

    David J 'Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh' Vinyl LP - Clear


    Vinyl Reissue of the Classic David J LP, originally released on Glass Records in 1985. 180 gsm Heavyweight Clear Vinyl, remastered, plus inner bag with all the lyrics.

    Between the end of Bauhaus and the beginning of Love & Rockets, David J recorded 5 singles, and 1 LP for Glass Records, and played on 2 albums by The Jazz Butcher.

    This LP, was and remains one of the crowning glories of the original Glass label, and has now returned to it's newest incarnation Glass Modern, on a long-playing record, remastered, slightly re-packaged and wrapped, for all you middle-aged indie kids and rock'n'rollers with one foot in the grave, and the other still tapping out that beat on the dive bar dance floor of glorious memory.

    Closing the circle, old friendships renewed and maybe a few new ones born.

    Side A:
    1. Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh
    2. Too Clever By Half
    3. The First Incision
    4. Imitation Pearls
    5. Light And Shade
    6. René

    Side B:
    1. Stop This City
    2. Justine
    3. The Ballad Of Cain
    4. The Vandal And The Saint
    5. Boats
    6. Slip The Rope
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  • Richard Youngs 'Dissident' Vinyl LP - 180g

    Glass Modern

    Richard Youngs 'Dissident' Vinyl LP - 180g


    Strong follow up to 2018's 'Belief '(O'Genesis) & 'Endless Futures' (Glass Redux RSD release) Richard Youngs is also a member of Amor) 'Dissident is a hallucination of a legendary lost Samizdat-style recording of the legendary lost Richard Youngs Band.

    It's not clear to me that it is against anything in particular, and as such it is not literally dissident. In fact, I'm a little lost how or why it is dissident, save for being informed by the imagined provisional recordings of pre-Glasnost protest.

    Perhaps the wordless scratch vocals are voicing dissent, but I remember having fun. So much so, I couldn't stop myself from fleshing out the rough nylon guitar songs to a full band arrangement, recorded in multiple spaces' - R. Youngs Imagine Richard Youngs as the junior member of a cabal of prolific and puritanical English musician-mystics, including The Fall's Mark E Smith, Van der Graaf Generator's Peter Hammill, Martin Carthy and The Clangers composer Vernon Elliot, and still his nature will elude you Stewart Lee, Sunday Times.

    Side A:
    1. Filling My Mind With Stars
    2. Just A Monotone
    3. Lonely Suburban Eyes
    4. North Sea Song
    5. (Searching For A) Dead Language  

    Side B:
    1. Paradise Begun
    2. Assymetry
    3. Unseeing
    4. I Would Rather Fall Into Your Head
    5. We Are Going Outside
    6. High Low Vertigo
    7. Caravans
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  • Future Pilot AKA 'Orkestra Digitalis' Vinyl LP - White

    Glass Modern

    Future Pilot AKA 'Orkestra Digitalis' Vinyl LP - White


    Much anticipated and final studio album by Future Pilot AKA, the brainchild of Indo-Caledonian bassist/bandleader Sushil K Dade. 9 years in the making this album was not originally intended to be released via the conventional format of an album release.

    Initially the individual recordings were hidden in the elements by the artist (shorelines/ hills/wind farms/ islands and lochs) as part of a #soniktreasurehunt sound/research project across Scotland. After all the hidden tracks were discovered by music fans via clues/co-ordinates shared on social media by the artist, Dade decided to 'curate' a one-off edition of these recordings in the format of a picnic hamper as a conclusion to the #soniktreasurehunt.

    This was discovered at a bus-stop near Faslane Nuclear base. After several years since the discovery of the 'one-off edition' Glass Modern are thrilled to bring together these tracks and finally present these in the classic format of 'the album'.

    Future Pilot AKA music is highly collaborative and Dade's previous recordings have featured contributions from a range of artists including Philip Glass, Damo Suzuki, Mikey Dread, The Pastels, The Go-Betweens.

    Featured on Orkestra Digitalis are contributions from Soft Machine legend Robert Wyatt (he posted Dade a cassette of his vocals lines), Ethiopian jazz master Mulatu Astatke (making his vocal debut on a tribute to Charles Mingus), Brian Eno collaborator Leo Abrahams, Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith, Scottish artists  Emma Pollock (Delgados),  R M Hubbert, Craig Armstrong and Turner Prize Award Winning Artist Martin Boyce who meditates on a quote from an Orange Juice classic.

    The first singles Tutti Shruti'(ft Robert Wyatt) and 'The Art Of Good Breathing' (ft Emma Pollock/Ron Sexsmith) have received support from radio DJ's including Gideon Coe, Lauren Laverne, Steve Lamacq, Mary Anne Hobbs, Vic Galloway & Shaun Keavney.

    Side A:
    1. Morning Prayers / Ashes at My Guru's Feet
    2. The Art Of Good Breathing (featuring Emma Pollock / Ron Sexsmith)
    3. Tutti Shruti (featuring Robert Wyatt)
    4. hetookherhand / Intuition Told Me Pt.1
    5. Holy Water (featuring RM Hubbert)
    6. The Sound of Jura

    Side B:
    7. Music Like A Vitamin
    8. Jai Gopala
    9. Tu Pyar Ka Sagar Hai
    10. Slaves Lament (featuring Mairi Campbell)
    11. Mingus Take Your Bow And Paint My Heartstrings With Sunshine (featuring Mulatu Astatke)
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