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Heads On Fire Industries

White Hills 'Beyond This Fiction' PRE-ORDER


Heads On Fire Industries

White Hills 'Beyond This Fiction' PRE-ORDER


Release Date: 23/08/2024

“One of the best bands to come out of NYC since who gives a shit.” -CVLT Nation.

When you enter White Hills’ lair in Brooklyn, the duo’s insatiable desire for music and art is immediately palpable. Crates of vinyl from floor to ceiling line the long hallway. Guitars appear at every angle, one lying across a sofa in obvious mid-play with others in cases tucked beside amplifiers into every conceivable corner.

Synthesizers and cables cover the purple satin bed while gouache paintings in various stages of progress strewn the floor. Album covers, movie posters, books, paintings, prints and souvenirs of subversive culture occupy the remaining wall space. A sanctuary of adoration, creation and imagination, it’s also the nerve center of their record label Heads on Fire Industries and the site where the final mixes of their latest album Beyond This Fiction took shape.

For nearly two decades, White Hills have been blowing minds with their sonic alchemy: a unique mix of neo-psychedelia, art rock, and post-punk- at once original and recognizable. Their cult reputation emblazoned in celluloid following their performance in Jim Jarmusch’s sultry vampire romance Only Lovers Left Alive, the duo has toured vigorously since their inception.

With a vast catalogue that astounds and a relentless punk ethos, time seems to energize the duo, making them increasingly daring and prolific. “Music creates a bliss beyond sex and drugs,” professes one-woman rhythm section Ego Sensation.

“We’ll never stop making music. It’s the highest high to be had in life.” Founding member Dave W, whose signature other-worldly guitar sorcery defines the White Hills sound, grabs his Les Paul to record a melody lingering in his head from last night’s dream before it escapes.

Outside, the sound of passing sirens, honking horns and bits of conversation remind you that you’re in the middle of New York, a city so flush with rock legacy and artistic innovation it would take lifetimes to drink it all in. A voice from outside shouts, “This shit is going for 3! These people got to be out of their fucking minds!” Dave shakes his head and laughs, “There’s no place I’d rather be.”

Committed to a vocation marked by extremes, doubt, struggle and moments of ecstasy, Dave and Ego continue this torrid affair with music bearing their latest fruit Beyond This Fiction.  Inspired by the ideas of Joseph Campbell, the writer/philosopher known for the book The Power of Myth, the album explores the idea of “riding between opposites”- forging one’s own path unrestrained by the dualistic constraints of society. It’s a cry to all the seers among us- call us outsiders or rebels- who feel smothered by convention and see nonconformity as the gateway into divine mystery.

Recorded with Martin Bisi, known for his iconic NYC sound developed through his work with no-wave titans Sonic Youth, Swans and Lydia Lunch, Beyond This Fiction sees Dave W (guitar/vocals/synths) and Ego Sensation (drums/bass/vocals) orchestrating their distinct guitar heavy meditations into songs with a stronger focus on vocals than previous albums.

Opener “Throw It Up In The Air” and closer “Beyond This Fiction” both have a lush quality that flirts with shoegaze. “Killing Crimson”, a song that takes inspiration from Killing Joke and King Crimson, has a driving beat and a catchy hook that begs for a sing-a-long. “The Awakening” plunges into the meditative ambient abyss the band is well known for, featuring the unique voice of frequent collaborator poet Dan McGuire to deliver the meaning behind Beyond This Fiction.

The album harnesses the seductive accessibility of 2015’s Walks For Motorists while evoking the tempestuous soul of the band’s seminal 2011 H-p1. Notorious shapeshifters, White Hills make Beyond This Fiction a familiar surprise.

Back in the lair, Dave draws eyes on his hands in preparation for the day’s video shoot. Ego reaches in the closet pulling out the red velvet jacket she wears on the cover of Beyond This Fiction where she stands in a NYC alley holding a glowing orb. “That’s the portal- the gateway into the mystery. The music will take you there.”.

1. Throw It Up In The Air 
2. Clear As Day 
3. Killing Crimson 
4. Fiend 
5. Closer 
6. The Awakening 
7. Beyond This Fiction