Phrenelith 'Desolate Endscape' Vinyl LP


Issuing forth like a deadly miasma from the tombs of subterranean Copenhagen, Phrenelith unleash their debut full-length like the hounds of Hades themselves.

Coming off a spate of well-received demos in addition to a split with Spectral Voice on Deutschland’s Iron Bonehead Records plus their Chimaerian Offspring Cassette EP on Extremely Rotten Records, the sound is foetid, guttural and gasping.

Like a half-decomposed corpse disinterred from the marshlands, this slithering rotten filth is hideously attractive, repulsively inviting in its gruesome fascination. A fine sense of poise and grandeur leads to unusual progressions and neck-snapping rhythmic variations.

Atonal apocalyptic melodies collide with off-kilter riff work, crossing the lines between traditional filthy death metal found on the lost tapes of the ’80s alongside splendid maniacal hooks a mile wide which will stand the test of time.

This is the Desolate Endscape – abandon hope and embark on the descent.

Side A:
1. Conquering Divinity
2. Deluge Of Ashes
3. Eradicated
4. Desolate Endscape

Side B:
5. Crawling Shadows Slithering Tongues
6. Defleshed In Ecstasy
7. Dysmorphosis
8. Channeling A Seismic Eruption

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