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  • Dead Meadow 'Dead Meadow' - Cargo Records UK


    Dead Meadow 'Dead Meadow'

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    Dead Meadow 'Dead Meadow'


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    The L.A based stoner /psychedelic rock band's self titled debut was originally released in 2000 and then re-issued on CD in 2006 on their own Xemu Records label.

    Now available on vinyl for the first time as well as a repress of the CD. Dead Meadow will be touring the U.K /Europe in September including an appearance at the Liverpool Psych fest, which will be shortly followed by the release of their new studio album.

    1. Sleepy Silver Door
    2. Indian Bones
    3. Dragonfly
    4. Lady
    5. GreenSky GreenLake
    6. Beyond The Fields We Know
    7. At The Edge Of The Wood
    8. Rocky Mountain High
    9. Untitled

    Video: Rocky Mountain High

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  • Dead Meadow 'Howls From The Hills' - Cargo Records UK


    Dead Meadow 'Howls From The Hills'

    Sold out

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    Sold out

    Pressed on 140G vinyl , this initial pressing will be on orange and white swirl vinyl.

    Howls From The Hills was the second album from the Washington DC psychedelic/ stoner and was originally released in 2001 on the Tolotta Records label run by Fugazi's Jo Lally .

    Re-issued on CD on the bands Xemu Records label in 2007 the label now make it available on vinyl for the first time .

    The second album remastered from the original tapes. Includes live performance from 2000.

    1. Drifting Down Streams
    2. Dusty Nothing
    3. Jusiamere Farm
    4. The White Worm
    5. The One I Don't Know
    6. Everything's Goin' On
    7. One And Old
    8. The Breeze Always Blows

    CD only:
    Video: Live From Bagden Alley

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  • Dead Meadow 'The Nothing They Need' PRE-ORDER - Cargo Records UK


    Dead Meadow 'The Nothing They Need'


    Since their widely-acclaimed self-titled debut album released in 1999 Dead Meadow have released seven studio albums - three via Matador records (Shivering King and Others (2003), Feathers (2005), and Old Growth (2008)) and two live albums which includes Three Kings, a feature length live film and soundtrack.

    Their unique marriage of Sabbath riffs, dreamy layers of guitar-fuzz bliss with singer Jason Simon's melodic croon has won over psychedelic pop/rock and stoner rock fans alike and with their new album The Nothing They Need (Xemu Records) the band show that in 2018, they continue to fuse their love of early'70s hard rock and '60s psychedelia into their own distinct sound.

    The album was recorded in Dead Meadows'studio/rehearsal space, The Wiggle Room and it celebrates twenty years of the band with eight songs that feature everyone that has been musically involved with the band over the years.

    Jason and Steve Kille are joined by original drummer Mark Laughlin, Stephen McCarty ( the drummer throughout the Matador years), and current drummer Juan Londono. Cory Shane joins them on guitar for some Feathers era dual guitar interplay.

    1. Keep Your Head
    2. Here with the Hawk
    3. I'm So Glad
    4. Nobody Home
    5. This Shaky Hand is Not Mine
    6. Rest Natural
    7. The Light
    8. Unsettled Dust

    Release Date: 30/03/2018
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  • Dead Meadow 'Three Kings' CD - Cargo Records UK


    Dead Meadow 'Three Kings' CD

    Sold out

    Sold out
    Sold out

    1. Til Kingdom Come (Live)
    2. Between Me And The Ground (Live)
    3. Good Moanin' (Live)
    4. At Her Open Door (Live)
    5. To The One
    6. That Old Temple
    7. The Narrows
    8. Everything's Going On (Live)
    9. Seven Seers (Live)
    10. Lady (Live)
    11. Darlin
    12. Push "Em To The Crux
    13. The Whirlings (Live)
    14. Queen Of All Returns (Live)

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  • Spindrift 'The West' Vinyl LP - Cargo Records UK


    Spindrift 'The West' Vinyl LP


    The first time on vinyl Xemu Records re-masters and re-packages the follow-up to Legend of God's Gun, the classic concept album "The West"... Made with the classic line-up of Brian Jonestown Massacre alumni originally recorded in 2006 is long considered a fan favorite.

    Spaghetti western is usually listed under the heading of band influences, not genres, although Kirkpatrick Thomas, the man behind the B-movie sound of Spindrift and the band's main songwriter and guitarist, might beg to differ.

    He's taken his love of sun blasted landscapes, distorted twangy guitars, and squinty eyed heroes and villains and spun them into a shimmering, mirage-drenched ambience that can only be called psychedelic spaghetti western music.

    The twisted musicality of Ennio Morricone's early work blends with the haunted noirish resonance of Bruno Nicolai (Morricone's arranger) and Thomas' own fevered vision to create expansive cinematic soundscapes made more for dreaming, or even hallucinating, than dancing, not that the music lacks energy or drive.

    1. The Isle Of Lost Souls
    2. The New Wind
    3. Ace Coletrane
    4. The Wind
    5. Excrete From The Collective Subconscious
    6. Frozen Memories
    7. The Klezmer Song
    8. La Noche Mas Oscura
    9. If You Don't Like It
    10. Goin'Down
    11. A Celebration Of The Human Body
    12. The West
    13. Colt's Theme

    Release Date: 16/02/2018
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