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  • Pale Sketcher 'Golden Skin' PRE-ORDER


    Pale Sketcher 'Golden Skin' PRE-ORDER

    Sold out

    Sold out
    Sold out

    Release Dates:
    Vinyl 16/12/2022
    CD 13/01/2023

    Devastatingly beautiful LP from Justin K Broadrick.

    "Limited edition transparent vinyl in full gatefold sleeve. Professionally manufactured, packaged, hand-numbered & shrinkwrapped with download card.”

    Fifteen years ago, prolific UK innovator Justin K Broadrick — who rose to fame as guitarist for Napalm Death and founder of seminal industrial group Godflesh — began once again doing what he does best: experimenting. Originally intending to create sketches for his project Jesu, Broadrick realized his new form of beguiling and hypnotic compositions didn’t fit Jesu’s signature guitar-noise assault. This was something entirely new. Thus, Pale Sketcher was born.

    Written and recorded primarily between 2009-2013, Golden Skin was originally slated for release on Richard D. James’ (Aphex Twin) Rephlex Records prior to it shuttering, and it evokes fond memories of the height of experimentation in IDM/braindance while still resonating heavily with the here and now. Unearthed and completed by Broadrick specifically for its unveiling on GIVE/TAKE, the full-length album reveals itself as a devastatingly beautiful and essential new entry in the artist’s repertoire.

    Dripping with smart style, shimmering electronics, and complex dream-like vocal sampling, Golden Skin propels the listener through a truly heavy, affecting experience, bordering on ecstatic, from the LP’s melancholy, yet hyper-breaks driven opener “Today,” to the minimal and dusty trip-hop-laden finale “Hymn for Light.”

    The first Pale Sketcher output in years, Justin K Broadrick’s lost treasure Golden Skin is now available and drops worldwide digitally and on CD November 11th*.

    Transparent vinyl in full gatefold sleeve. Professionally manufactured, packaged and shrinkwrapped with numbered certificate of authenticity and download card.

    CD in eco-friendly vinyl-style gatefold wallet. Professionally manufactured and packaged in clear re-sealable eco-bag.

    1. Today
    2. A Joy Only We Know
    3. Have Faith
    4. Heart Beat
    5. I'm Your Possession
    6. Golden Skin
    7. Rollercoaster
    8. Hymn For Light

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  • Scorpion Tea 'Scorpion Tea' Vinyl LP - Random Colour


    Scorpion Tea 'Scorpion Tea' Vinyl LP - Random Colour


    Limited edition random colour vinyl with silver metallic foil cover jacket & full colour double-sided sleeve with lyrics. Professionally manufactured, packaged & shrinkwrapped with download card.

    Self-described by drummer Edley ODowd (Psychic TV, Toilet Boys) as “a band of monsters playing broken instruments,” Scorpion Tea formed through the bonds of friendship, having survived the New York City punk and hardcore scenes together.

    Meshing cultural influences from Ecuador, Colombia, Eastern Europe, and Puerto Rico with their collective thirst for punk, goth, death rock, and city pop, Scorpion Tea has created a sound described by vocalist Anthony Diaz as “the phonic expression of a den of ravenous creatures.”

    Fern Puma’s bass lines, dripping with dapper strength, smartly pair with songwriter and guitarist Christian Cruz’s delectable, unnerving riffs and the bold flavor of Edley’s thunderous, yet sensitive drumming while Anthony’s involute lyrical profile elicits an impending storm over a haunted forest.

    The resulting noise is a harmonious blend with a rich and complex profile that anyone with an ear for the heavy will enjoy. The group’s debut album was recorded at Studio 22 in Los Angeles by Tomas Dolas (Osees) and Joo Joo (Air Bol Bol).

    1. Take Solace in Suffering
    2. Exacting Father
    3. In a Vile Suit
    4. They’re Thriving Without Us
    5. Six Souls Afloat
    6. Scarlet Misquote
    7. Summer in the Shade
    8. Obsidian Promises
    9. Panic Attack

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  • David J 'What The Patrons Heard'


    David J 'What The Patrons Heard'

    Sold out

    Sold out


    David J 'What The Patrons Heard'


    Sold out
    As a founding member of Bauhaus, David J helped spearhead the post-punk scene of the early ‘80’s with a string of innovative work, including Bauhaus’ defining moment, a bona fide classic and feasibly the pinnacle of the entire goth scene: the nine minute plus epic slab of industrial dub “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” featuring David’s lyrics and bass guitar work. Bauhaus propelled to the upper echelons of the UK charts before reaching their zenith in the summer of ’83 and imploding – shattering into fragments of individual talent.

    This implosion gave rise to David's wide-ranging solo career. The first of Bauhaus’ members to actively release music outside of the band, David went on to put out solo work and collaborations with various authors, poets and infamous indies such as 4AD. In 1985, David regrouped with two former Bauhaus members to form the hugely successful Love and Rockets.

    Since then, David has continued to produce his trademark brand of deeply heartfelt and darkly sophisticated music. Highlights of What The Patrons Heard include a timely rendition of Neil Young’s “Vampire Blues” delivered with penetrating intensity; “Gimme Some Truth,” which brings new urgency and potency to the John Lennon classic; and “Lay Over And Lay,” which delivers folk-punk that only musicians from the British Isles can get right.

    1. Lay Over and Lay
    2. (I Don't Want to Destroy) Our Beautiful Thing
    3. Vampire Blues
    4. Gimme Some Truth
    5. His Majesty The Executioner
    6. The Shadow
    7. The Rape Of The Rose Garden
    8. Scott Walker 1996
    9. Down In The Tenderloin
    10. A Girl In Port
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