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  • And Also The Trees 'And Also The Trees + Demo'


    And Also The Trees 'And Also The Trees + Demo'


    In recognition of their 40th anniversary And also the trees'are re-issuing their self-titled debut album in a special double-vinyl remastered edition.

    Recorded in London in 1983, the album was produced by Laurence Tolhurst of ­The Cure, with whom they toured during the - 'first years of the band's life.

    Considered by many now as a post-punk classic, the album is excellently recorded and whilst the production is polished and meticulously executed, the youthful energy and raw passion of And also the trees'is perfectly captured.

    With the addition of both A & B sides of their - 'first two single releases Shantell'and ­The secret sea', the second disc of the release also features the debut recordings made in 1981 with Robert Smith and Mike Hedges for the self-released cassette From under the hill', available on vinyl for the very - 'first time and something of a holy grail for both collectors and fans of and also the trees'and ­The Cure alike.

    1. So this is silence
    2. Talk without words
    3. Midnight Garden
    4. The tease the tear
    5. Impulse of man
    6. Shrine
    7. Out of the moving life of circles
    8. Shantell
    9. Wallpaper dying
    10. The secret sea
    11. There were no bounds
    12. So this is silence (demo)
    13. Tease the tear (demo)
    14. Out of the moving life of circles (demo)
    15. Impulse of man(demo)
    16. Midnight Garden (demo)
    17. Talk without words (demo)

    Release Date: 29/08/2020

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  • And Also The Trees 'Mother-of-Pearl Moon'


    And Also The Trees 'Mother-of-Pearl Moon'


    ‘And Also The Trees’ compelling new album, ‘Mother-of-Pearl Moon’, was born from a series of extraordinary electric guitar improvisations created by guitarist Justin Jones in the pre- and postdawn hours during a month of solitude in 2020.

    Each piece then developed in its own way - the guitar, often left in its raw, unaltered form, is accompanied by the voice of his brother Simon, bringing imagery and narrative, Colin Ozanne’s clarinet and piano adding poise, colour and harmony, Paul Hill’s percussion creating depth… on occasion an autoharp, a Moog… all leading the listener from the depths of the English countryside far out in all directions of the compass.

    The music is often filmic, reminiscent of various film genres from the ‘50s to the ‘70s. This is most apparent in ‘This path through the meadow’, a song that explores the intertwining of human nature and nature in its animal and botanic form, and in its video where the band appear to be performing to an imaginary screening.

    Elsewhere, the album title track transports the listener across the oceans to the Far East...and to its exotic gardens, still waters and the ‘Mother-of-pearl moon’.

    And Also The Trees (AATT) formed during the original post-punk era in rural Worcestershire, an environment that has provided a constant inspiration to a group whose music has often explored the dark underbelly as well as the beauty of the British countryside.

    They are renowned for their captivating live performances, a unique style of mandolin-like electric guitar, evocative lyrics and dark jazz rhythms - not to mention a creative independence fiercely preserved for over four decades.

    Founded by singer Simon Jones and his guitarist brother Justin, AATT have maintained a continuous presence on the post-punk, alternative rock and Gothic scenes worldwide. They have released fifteen studio albums.

    1. Intro
    2. The Whaler
    3. Town Square
    4. Mother-of-Pearl Moon
    5. This Path Through The Meadow
    6. Valdrada
    7. No Mountains, No Horizon
    8. Visions of a Stray
    9. Field After Field
    10. Ypsilon
    11. Away From Me
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  • Francis Cabrel 'Un morceau de Sicre'

    Chandelle Productions

    Francis Cabrel 'Un morceau de Sicre'



    Chandelle Productions

    Francis Cabrel 'Un morceau de Sicre'


    It's a project that Francis Cabrel felt very strongly about. To compose a song as a hymn to his town, his region.

    In addition to the musical aspect, Francis painted the cover, storyboarded the video and produced it. So it's with this same logic that this collector's item is naturally released on an independent structure.

    Here are a few words from Francis Cabrel:

    "The pun is as small as the character is big.

    Un morceau de Sicre donc de positivité, de bienveillance, d'humour, d'érudition tout ça dans ton café noir.....une journée toulousaine commence.

    It's a tribute to this city of great importance to me. Between rue Caraman and rue Matabiau, I sang and recorded my first songs there.

    A number of people could and should have featured in the chorus, but as there's no room, I'd like to thank them here, in particular Richard and Daniel Seff, Jean-Pierre Mader, Michel Art Mengo, Émile, Images and Gold, all those who have taken Toulousan chanson to the top behind the great Claude, whom everyone follows.

    Claude Sicre is one of the pioneers of the defense and recognition of Occitan culture, also known as a member of the Fabulous Trobadors.

    1. Un Morceau de Sicre
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  • And Also The Trees 'The Evening Of The 24th' CD


    And Also The Trees 'The Evening Of The 24th' CD


    Re-issue of 'And also the trees' live album recorded in Lausanne, Switzerland on 24th October 1986 during one of the bands early European tours.

    Unavailable on any format since the early 90's the new, remixed, CD only, edition with the original LP cover artwork includes 4 extra tracks, previously unseen photos and a foreword written by the band’s singer Simon Huw Jones.

    This multi-track mobile studio recording captures an especially intense performance from the cult, English post-punk band as they were performing songs from recently released classic album 'Virus Meadow' as well as their early singles and debut album.

    Having toured in the UK, alone as well as with The Cure it was in 1986 that they discovered to their surprise that they were better known in mainland Europe. They were, as the sleeve notes say, "slightly out of control but on the rise".

    1. A room lives in Lucy
    2. Maps in her wrists and arms
    3. Twilights Pool
    4. Gone like the swallows
    5. Impulse of man
    6. The Secret Sea
    7. Shantell
    8. Vincent Craine
    9. Wallpaper Dying
    10. Headless Clay Woman
    11. Slow pulse boy
    12. Virus Meadow
    13. There was a man of double deed
    14. So this is silence
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  • And Also The Trees 'The Bone Carver'


    And Also The Trees 'The Bone Carver'


    Within the panorama and filmic landscapes that open up from the music, stories and fragments of stories are told, about people, the spaces they occupy, their closeness and the distance that lies between them.

    Written and recorded over 3 years in London, Switzerland and in an ancient barn not far from their Midland’s roots, founding members Simon and Justin Jones who form the core of ‘And Also ­The Trees’ with maverick drummer Paul Hill are joined for the first time by Grant Gordon on bass guitar and Colin Ozanne on clarinet. ­

    Their inclusion brings a twist to this band’s subtle yet intriguing evolution. ‘And Also ­The Trees’ have been performing live and creatively developing since they formed in rural Worcestershire at the beginning of the post punk era in 1980.

    Other than a period in their early years when they attracted attention from John Peel, the British music press and Th­e Cure with whom they worked and supported on tours, they have operated mainly under the radar of the media and music industry as a whole, drawing inspiration from the dark underbelly of the British countryside and touring each of their 14 albums across Europe and as far afield as the USA and Japan.

    It follows their 2016 release ‘Born Into ­The Waves’ an album that many considered to be their most accomplished. A rare accolade for a band of such longevity.

    1. In A Bed In Yugoslavia
    2. Beyond Action And Reaction
    3. The Seven Skies
    4. Th¬e Girl Who Walks The City
    5. Th¬e Book Burners
    6. Across The Divide
    7. Another Town Another Face
    8. Last Of The Larkspurs
    9. The Bone Carver
    10. Sun Of Kashiva
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  • And Also The Trees 'Virus Meadow'


    And Also The Trees 'Virus Meadow'


    And Also Th­e Trees second album Virus Meadow, regarded by many as their classic album. This album saw the band find their own unique style.

    Restored and remastered for the first time since its release in 1986. The original album comes with the band’s first 2 x EPs including an extra previously unreleased studio recording of Shantell.

    The gatefold artwork and 8 page booklet feature many previously unseen photographs and sleeve notes by Simon Huw Jones, the band’s singer and lyricist.

    The album is also available in a single-disc CD edition with 12 page booklet.

    Download included with the Double Vinyl.

    1. Slow Pulse Boy
    2 . Maps In Her Wrists And Arms
    3. The Dwelling Place
    4. Vincent Craine
    5. Jack
    6. The Headless Clay Woman
    7. Gone…Like The Swallows
    8. Virus Meadow
    9. A Room Lives In Lucy
    10. There Was A Man Of Double Deed
    11. Scarlet Arch
    12. The Scythe And Spade
    13. The Renegade
    14. Shantell
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