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  • Rocky Shades' Wildside Riot 'No Second Take' - Cargo Records UK


    Rocky Shades' Wildside Riot 'No Second Take'

    Sold out

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    Sold out

    Wildside Riot are a new five piece melodic sleaze band based in the Midlands who combine a heavy edge to instantly infectious songs. They are fronted by the Godfather of Glam, the one and only Rocky Shades.

    RS is the former frontman of the Titans of Trash ' Wrathchild UK.

    Wrathchild were one of the forerunners of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and many of today's leading Glam/Trash/Sleaze bands admit to being heavily influences by the bands imagery and music Wildside Riot have an incredible live energy and bring an exciting attitude and energy to an a times lacklustre scene.

    The band have recently performed at Hard Rock Hell and have two London shows early in '13, firstly supporting John Corabi (The Scream / Motley Crue) at the Underworld on 24th January and with Bai Bang at Surya Kings Cross on 15th February.

    1. All Hail The Wasted 
    2. Wildside Riot
    3. Broken Toys
    4. Fukk Em
    5. Candiis Gone Bad
    6. That's What Sunday Mornings Are For
    7. Babe I Gotta Go
    8. Angel On My Back
    9. My Paradise
    10. Glitter-Tramps
    11. Wasted Lust
    12. My Woman
    13. There Is A Bullet For Each Of You

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  • Sami Yaffa 'The Innermost Journey to Your Outermost Mind'


    Sami Yaffa 'The Innermost Journey to Your Outermost Mind'


    Sami Yaffa has had a long and unique career as a musician. He played at the tender age of 16 on the Finnish punk legends Pelle Miljoona Oy's legendary album Moottoritie On Kuuma. As an original member of the band Hanoi Rocks (1980-85) he recorded 5 albums with the band and toured the world extensively until the tragic events that ended the flight of the pioneering band.

    Hanoi Rocks became a major influence on many bands that later became huge like the Guns N'Roses and Pearl Jam. Yaffa's career continued after the break-up of Hanoi and ended up playing with Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, the legendary New York Dolls, the Swedish RnR machine The Hellacopters and many more artists.

    Sami began playing with the Hanoi Rocks lead singer Michael Monroe again in 2010, the collaboration with Michael continues to this day.But now it's time to put out an album under his own name. 'The idea for the solo album started to take shape a few years back. I had written music for the New York Dolls and the Michael Monroe Band, but a lot of the songs and ideas were starting to sound more like me than the other bands.' What kind of music does Yaffa then release under his own name? Versatile. 'I've always loved the music of the bands like The Clash and The Rolling Stones. They can play country, funk, reggae and rock`n`roll, and still sound like themselves. I wanted the same kind of versatility for my own album. '

    The album has influences on a fairly wide scale, but it hardly surprises those who have followed Yaffa's career: in addition to his own music career, he has been seen getting to know the musical cultures of different parts of the world as a host of the Sami Yaffa: Soundtracker TV series.

    'However, the beating heart of the album is in rock`n`roll and punk, I don't shy away from that.' Even though it's a solo album, Yaffa mentions a few of names without whom the album wouldn't have been completed. One being the drummer Janne Haavisto, with whom Sami played already as a teenager. And the other being his Michael Monroe Bands band mate Rich Jones who co-wrote a bulk of the songs with Sami. Also the Stone Sour guitarist Christian Martucci and Smack guitarist Rane played an important role in the creation of the album.

    Sami is ready to hit the road after the release of the album with a line up of Janne Haavisto on drums, Linde Lindström (HIM) on guitar and Burton (HIM) on keyboards.

    1. Armageddon Together
    2. Selling Me Shit
    3. Fortunate One
    4. Rotten Roots
    5. Germinator
    6. Down At St. Joe's
    7. I Can't Stand It
    8. You Gimme Fever;
    9. The Last Time
    10. Look Ahead
    11. Cancel The End Of The World

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  • Shotgun 'Live : Down Decadencia Drive' - Cargo Records UK


    Shotgun 'Live : Down Decadencia Drive'


    Band: Zinny J Zan, Stixx, Rob Marcello, Chris Laney - Mixed by Chris Laney at LaneyLand - Mastered by Classe Persson at CRP Recordings.

    A rocking new half breed of the original SHOTGUN MESSIAH is now releasing an in your face live album with all the songs from Shotgun Messiah's highly acclaimed first album!

    SHOTGUN MESSIAH was the pioneers of the glam and sleaze era back in the 80's and one of the first acts to come out of Sweden to relocate to the U.S. - and actually hit the charts and make a name for themselves.

    The debut album sold 490000 copies in the U.S. alone. With extensive tours, press, radio and TV covering the entire U.S. under the belt for some years, SHOTGUN MESSIAH was worn out in 1993 and decided to call it quits. Later in the 90's you could find the former members in bands like MARILYN MANSON, TOM WAITS and ZAN CLAN.

    Now 25 years after the release of their first album, two of the band's biggest supporters contacted singer ZINNY J. ZAN and drummer STIXX in order for them to consider a reunion and actually get the opportunity to play these songs for one last tour. An opportunity for the supporters that once missed out to hear the songs live - but also for it to be captured and released as a live album.

    Two hardcore supporters wanted to see the original line-up reform. Since that was a definite no-go they gladly volunteered to fill the two missing slots. The two fanboys happened to be none other than - ¦CHRIS LANEY - Singer, songwriter and producer as well as a recording musician in his own right. Chris has worked and played with members of KISS, Black Sabbath, W.A.S.P. and many, many more.

    ROB MARCELLO - The shredder from American band DANGER DANGER - and also seen as one of the greatest guitar players in the world. MINUS MESSIAH CHRIS and ROB, together with original SHOTGUN MESSIAH members ZINNY J. ZAN and STIXX, put together SHOTGUN (50% of the original band = 50% of the original name) in order to tour and play the entire first album live to the supporters who never got to see or hear it back in the 80's.

    SHOTGUN LIVE: DOWN DECADENCIA DRIVE is the result of this collaboration and a damn good live album that captures the nerve, the riffs, the attitude - and that straight-in-your-face-style that once was the trademark of SHOTGUN MESSIAH.

    1. Squeezin Teazin
    2. I'm Your Love
    3. Bop City
    4. Nowhere Fast
    5. Dirt Talk
    6. Nervous
    7. Shout It Out
    Don't Care Bout Nothin'
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  • Spike '100% Pure Frankie Miller' - Cargo Records UK


    Spike '100% Pure Frankie Miller'

    Sold out

    Sold out
    Sold out
    Feat. Ronnie Wood, Andy Fraser (Free), Simon Kirke (Free and Bad Company), Ian Hunter and more.

    Call it a labour of love. A life's ambition. Or the chance to keep a precious legacy alive. Call it 100% Pure Frankie Miller. Spike's sparkling celebration of long-time pal and inspiration Miller is a very special album indeed.

    Many years in the making - and finally brought to fruition by a famous band of rock n roll brothers - 100% Frankie Miller is the ultimate tribute to a Scottish legend featuring 'lost' treasures and previously hidden gems.

    Bringing together the Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood, famed Free rhythm section Andy Fraser and Simon Kirke, Mott The Hoople's Ian Hunter and the brilliant Bonnie Tyler, this heartfelt collection of classic songs has been lovingly compiled by The Quireboys' lead singer Spike ' a family friend of the Millers and self-styled custodian of an historic back catalogue.

    Two decades after suffering the brain haemorrhage that cut short a colourful career, Miller has emerged as one of rock's great survivors and his music lives on.

    Frankie doesn't want sympathy, said Spike. He just wants his music to be heard. These songs have never been heard before and they've been recorded with Frankie's blessing. They are songs that would have been lost if it wasn't for the desire of a group of his closest friends and biggest fans to do them justice. Frankie Miller was - and still is - a massive influence on so many musicians, myself included. He has a special talent as a songwriter and that talent deserves to be celebrated.

    Miller enjoyed chart success in the late 70s with Be Good To Yourself, Darlin and and When I'm Away From You and counts fellow countryman Rod Stewart amongst his biggest fans.

    In 1999 the BBC filmed the documentary Stubborn Kinda Fella ' charting Miller's long road to recovery in the wake of his brain haemorrhage ' and now 100% Frankie Miller brings a remarkable story bang up to date.

    100% Frankie Miller features Ronnie Wood, Andy Fraser, Bonnie Tyler, Simon Kirke, Ian Hunter, Luke Morley, Guy Griffin, Keith Weir, Paul Guerin, Tyla, Chris Corney, Mark Stanway, Mick Roobotham, Matt Goom, Pat McManus, Lorraine Crosby, Stuart Emerson, Cherry Lee Mewis, Simon Hanson and Jimi The Piper.

    1. The Brooklyn Bridge
    2. Cocaine
    3. I'm Losing You
    4. Intensive Care
    5. Fortune
    6. Amsterdam Woman
    7. Other Side of Town
    8. Cheap Hotel
    9. Cold, Cold Nights
    10. Did You Ever Wanna Go Home
    11. Keepin' It All for You
    12. Bottle of Whisky
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  • Sulo 'Full English' CD - Cargo Records UK


    Sulo 'Full English' CD




    Sulo 'Full English' CD


    SULO (Diamond Dogs) cooks up a traditional British dish and invites along some of finest chefs for a greasy spoon of rock n'roll". Since Diamond Dogs called it a day after releasing their final effort "Quitters and Complainers" frontman Sulo Karlsson been a very busy man.

    Sulo has seen active duty touring and recording with his UK supergroup The Crunch (Terry Chimes/Clash, Dave Tregunna/Sham 69, Mick Geggus/Cockney Rejects), releasing a country duet album "Sulo's Brilliant Outsiders" that saw him share the microphone with artists such a as Maria Mckee, Bellamy Brothers, Paul Young, Janis Ian and more as well as releasing an Americana masterpiece with The Piggyback Riders featuring legendary U.K. Guitarist Chris Spedding.

    But even if Diamond Dogs is now history, his deep love for British 70's rock by the likes of Rod Stewart, Frankie Miller and Mott the Hoople has not cooled.

    'Sulo's Full English'kicks off in classic Diamond Dogs fashion. 12 newly penned tracks sounding, smelling and tasting like swinging London 1973. The album combines soul, country and all the ingredients that used to make rock n roll great - backed up by some of the finest musicians in Britain including Chris Spedding, Jamie Moses, Chris Parks, Melvin Duffy and more.

    Full English'is produced by Kevin Poree (James Brown, Radiohead). From the opening chord of the heavy rocker "Lady Jane" to the final breath of the smoky ballad "My Bounty From Above" it's all killer and no filler and all guided by the blue-eyed soulful raspy voice of Sulo.

    And if that wasn't enough you'll get "The Full English Extras" with tracks taken from the soundtrack of Sulo's book project "Keep Yourself Alive".

    This Includes exclusive guest appearances from Wilko Johnson, Spike (The Quireboys) and tracks co-written with Billy Bremner (Rockpile) and Robert Wyatt.

    Full English'is a total of 19 track high calorie loaded tracks. That's what you call A FULL ENGLISH'

    1. Lady Jane;
    2. Something About That Girl
    3. Sorry For The Young
    4. Among The Angels
    5. Run For Your Life
    6. Hit Me With Your Rock n'Roll
    7. Lightning Strikes Twice
    8. Stand On The Rocks
    9. Is It Love On Your Mind
    10. Finest Words
    11. Life's Work
    12. My Bounty From Above
    13. Hot Swagger In The Big Smoke (with Billy Bremner)
    14. Roxette (With Wilko Johnson)
    15. Enjoy The Risk (With Robert Wyatt)
    16. Poor, Poor Heart (With Billy Bremner)
    17. Borstal Breakout (With Dave Tregunna)
    18. Roses & Rings (With Spike Gray)
    19. Teenage Depression (With Dave Higgs)

    Release Date: 27/10/2017
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  • Sulo 'Nightshift / Brilliant Outsiders' 2CD


    Sulo 'Nightshift / Brilliant Outsiders' 2CD


    Sulo Karlsson is well known as the frontman of Swedish glam boogie rockers Diamond Dogs and lead singer in the UK Punk supergroup The Crunch, that features members from The Clash, Sham 69 & Cockney Rejects.

    But he's also probably the most productive and creative singer/songwriter in modern time. He has been writing and releasing 5 albums (yep, 5) per year since 2008 for himself and other artists in almost any genre. Punk, Pop, Soul, Country and Rock n Roll it doesn't matter, Sulo is literally everywhere!  

    If last years gifted Rock n Roll album Sulo's Full English', contained 19 tracks with guest performances from Chris Spedding, Wilko Johnson, Robert Wyatt etc was impressive, Sulo has managed to top that. This double deal is a songwriter at the top of his game.  

    Night Shift'is a dark, melancholy almost acoustic ride into the depths of the soul. With naked, strong and sometimes painful lyrics on a bed of blue coloured melodies, Sulo manages to create a new musical landscape. He says 'It's a musical diary of the things that keeps you awake at night, a study of the darkness within'.

    Brilliant Outsiders'is Sulo's most ambitious work so far. Together with producer Kevin Porée he has written and recorded 13 country duets. It all started with the song Constant Reminder', written and recorded at Berry Street studio in London before recording the vocals with duet partner Maria McKee in LA. Then followed a musical journey around the world, London, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Nashville, Florida and more.

    The line-up of duet partners is extraordinary with Janis Ian, Terry Reid, Bellamy Brothers, Linda Gail Lewis (Jerry Lee's sister), Paul Young and more. Backed up by the UK's finest Country band Los Pacaminos including Jamie Moses (Queen, Tom Jones Band), Hamish Stuart (Average White band, Paul McCartney etc).

    The two albums together are an amazing collection of songs. 27 tracks with such high-quality music and lyrics that you can't help wonder how it's possible. A double album for the lonely nights, early mornings and the long drive home.

    1. End Of Me
    2. All Shapes Of Loneliness
    3. Time To Alight
    4. Nightshift
    5. I Swear To God I Don't Believe
    6. I Keep Running Into Your Arms
    7. Hit Me Where It Hurts
    8. This Burden Is Forever
    9. Hard To Go Easy
    10. Still Sleeping With The Lights On
    11. Recollection Of You
    12. Lord Have Mercy on my Baby Tonight
    13. If The Lights Return
    14. Roaming Bird

    Brilliant Outsiders:
    1. Brilliant Outsiders
    2. Early Morning Light
    3. Curse Of The Ring
    4. Bring Down The Angels
    5. God-Damned Jesus
    6. The Girl With The Rainbow Eyes
    7. Redemption's At Hand
    8. When The Work Is Done
    9. Constant Reminder
    10. Your Precious Heart
    11. Love Is For The Broken Hearted
    12. Good Enough
    13. A Song For Every Train

    Release Date: 14/09/2018
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  • Sulo 'Sings The Poems Of Garry Johnson: Punk Rock Stories & Tabloid Tales' - Cargo Records UK


    Sulo 'Sings The Poems Of Garry Johnson: Punk Rock Stories & Tabloid Tales'


    Garry Johnson was the first and the best of Britain's street-punk poets. A former Borstal boy, his Boys Of The Empire collection brought poetry to a whole generation of working class punks and Skins. He was radical, anti-racist and anti-Establishment. His message was black and white working class youth have the same enemy and the same interests. Class was all that mattered to Garry.

    'The Voice Of Oi is unity.' he wrote. 'No them and us. just you and me. Think how strong we can be, united against society. Garry became a poet by accident. 'Id formed my own punk band. The Buzz Kids.' herecalls. 'One night in East London we played our first and last gig 'I was speeding out of my head and thought I was the future of rock n'roll. In my mind, I was Johnny Rotten meets Ziggy Stardust. 'We had seven songs. including National Service, Dead-End Yobs and a cover of Ziggy Stardust'. 'I wanted to sing them, but I accepted I couldn't carry a tune. Garry had always loved music. 'From my early teens I was obsessed with David Bowie. I wanted to be Bowie. But things were very different in those days.

    There was no easy entry into the media/rock music...or so I thought at the time. 'Now, because I've done a lot of reading - something I never did at school, much to my shame I was only interested in girls and football ~ I've realised I was wrong about that and that great music always came from the working class...all the way back to the blues, and then on through Elvis and the Beatles, the Small Faces. the Kinks, right through to Brixton boy Bowie whose mum was a waitress and whose dad worked for Barnardo's. All of them were geniuses from humble roots'.

    'Then it was punk and not books that made me realise working class kids could become stars. I saw The Sex Pistols and saw Johnny Rotten... and my life changed. I loved it all, the Pistols, The Clash. The Jam, The Buzzcocks, X Ray Spex...

    'I like poets who can really write like Bob Dylan with Hurricane', Paul Weller's lyrics are my favourite poems he's a poet genius! I like Linton Kwesi Johnson and John Cooper Clarke, and early Elvis Costello as well. I admire Rotten, Weller. Costello, Dury, BOWIE, John Lennon. All smart people. Music is the most important thing in the world, better then football, better then drugs...My life would've been so boring without all of the bands l've mentioned already and Trojan reggae, Rod Stewart and The Faces, Roxy Music. Mott The Hoople, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan. Squeeze, Cockney Rebel and hundreds more.

    1. The New Face Of Rock n'Roll
    2. The Boys Of The World
    3. The Gangster Of Slang
    4. From Oxford Street To Gretna Green
    5. Beat Of The Street
    6. National Service
    7. Father's Day
    8. Pun Rock Stories & Tabloid Tales
    9. Suburban Rebels
    10. The Deadend Yobs
    11. United / The Voice Of Oi
    12. Newton Brown
    13. Something's Missing (The One That Got Away)
    14. The London Boys - As performed by Gary Johnson
    15. Ballad Of The Young Offenders
    16. Boys Of The Empire
    17. The Chelsea Girls
    18. Suburban Rebels
    19. Beat Of The Street
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  • The Peckham Cowboys '10 Tales From The Gin Palace' - Cargo Records UK


    The Peckham Cowboys '10 Tales From The Gin Palace'

    Sold out

    Sold out
    Sold out

    Now joined by Timo Kaltio (Hanoi Rocks. Izzy Stradlin Band, Cheap & Nasty) on guitar, Nigel Mogg (Quireboys) on bass, Duncan McKay (Primal Scream) on horns and keys, and Ryan McCormick (Steven Adler Band) on drums, Marc and Dale plan to deliver on that promise on February 14th, when '10 Tales From The Gin Palace' is released.
    1. Not Guilty!
    2. Bromley Girls
    3. The Debt Collector
    4. Don't Damn The Hypnotist
    5. Quarantined
    6. Poor Boy Blues
    7. You're Only In It For The Money
    8. She Was Sweet On Me
    9. Cut It Out
    10. Knocked Senseless

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  • The Peckham Cowboys 'Flog It' - Cargo Records UK


    The Peckham Cowboys 'Flog It'




    The Peckham Cowboys 'Flog It'


    Reprobate rock n' roll from down south in London ' SE15. Looking like Dickensian urchins with a Faustian twist and sounding like The Faces if Trent Reznor had ever got hold of them, The Peckham Cowboys are not a band you'd trust to park your car.

    Their most famous son is The Quireboys' Guy Bailey, who looks as weathered and sharp as he did in 1990, he is joined by Marc Eden (a true rock n' roll frontman in a sea of pretenders ' Think Marriot and Stewart) and Dale Hodgkinson.

    'Flog It!' is deliberately less palatable than you might imagine ' with some heavy distortion, bleeding drums ' there's no denying the strength of the racket they make.  

    A stoney Old Kent Road Chancer met with a Margate Spiv, they pulled a Fey Midlands Wastrel and set sail through the troubled waters of SE15 on the Peckham Privateer to conduct ungodly acts of ill-consideration on all who gazed upon their ravaged countenances.... equipped with the mighty Bow and Bugle Fabulizer they set to making music that was destined "fer the bottom 'o the charts!".... only question being..... "are ya with us lads 'n' lasses? Essential for fans of real rock n' roll ' Look out for the band on tour in November '12 after a string of now legendary London shows.

    1. South London Thing
    2. A Week In Larache
    3. Rock 'N' Roll Star
    4. Ain't That Somethin'
    5. Crackhouse Blues
    6. This Is The Sound Of Millwall
    7. With The Good Lord's Permission
    8. She Do The Twist And Twirl
    9. Painkillers
    10. Baby Girl
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  • Tony Harnell & The Mercury Train 'Round Trip' Vinyl LP - White


    Tony Harnell & The Mercury Train 'Round Trip' Vinyl LP - White


    Limited edition on white vinyl and limited to 500 copies worldwide. First time on LP / Originally release on CD in 2010.

    This is a masterful and critically acclaimed acoustic retrospective of Tony Harnell's prolific career. With new arrangements and a stellar production, these great songs sound fresh and vibrant with a new spark breathed into them by some of New York City's finest musicians.

    This is a very special record: a stripped down, reinvented retrospective of Tony Harnell's past classics originally recorded with his previous bands TNT, Westworld and Starbreaker, with one brand new song 'Anywhere But Here' recorded especially for this release.

    The idea of re-recording some repertoire classics came about after Tony performed some low key shows in New York in late 2008, with some talented and accomplished musicians that were not part of the Metal/Hard Rock scene.

    The desire was to breathe new life into the songs with new arrangements, key changes and added parts, it's like listening to songs you know in a whole new way.

    1. Somebody Told You
    2. Intuition
    3. Month Of Sundays
    4. Lonely Nights
    5. Shame
    6. Northern Lights
    7. Down To The River To Pray
    8. Satellite
    9. 10k Lovers
    10. Uninvited
    11. Ready To Fly
    12. When I'm Away
    13. Song For Dianne
    14. Anywhere But Here

    Release Date: 06/12/2019
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  • Tyger of Pan Tang 'Animal Instinct' - Cargo Records UK


    Tyger of Pan Tang 'Animal Instinct'

    Sold out

    Sold out
    Sold out
    Brand new album from the British Hard Rock outfit. The bands debut album Wild Cat was released back in 1980 and they went on to release Spellbound, Crazy Nights and The Cage.

    Founding member Robb Weir reformed the band in 2001 after various line up changes and new vocalist Jacopo Meille joined the band at the end of 2004.

    The band recorded a limited 5 track EP entitled Back & Beyond and have recently toured the U.K. with Waysted.

    Animal Instinct is mixed by Ben Matthews (Thunder) and sees a return to the classy British Hard Rock that is the Tygers trademark.

    1. Rock Candy
    2. Cry Sweet Freedom
    3. Live For The Day
    4. Let It Burn
    5. If You See Kay
    6. Hot Blooded
    7. Devils Find A Fool
    8. Winners And Losers
    9. Cruisin'
    10. Bury The Hatchet
    11. Dark Rider
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  • Warrior Soul 'Back On The Lash' - Cargo Records UK


    Warrior Soul 'Back On The Lash'




    Warrior Soul 'Back On The Lash'


    Vinyl LP strictly limited to 500 copies on gold vinyl and with an alternate Trump sleeve.

    "You mighta had dope, guns, and riots in the streets, but your kids have smartphones and Netflix and they could not care less about your cyclops revolution. Which is a bit of a nightmare for the last true rock star, a wild-card from the streets of Detroit, Kory Clarke who made his reputation and career on being the baddest motherf*cker in all of Badsville with an incendiary socio-political agenda and a roar-for-war that rattles mountains." Classic Rock

    Warrior Soul are back with profane sermons delivered at high velocity and maximum volume and this is what the new album is all about! Back On The Lash'is a powerful statement of intent from Kory and Warrior Soul. Kory Clarke is one of the last true rock n'roll frontmen and since the classic Last Decade Dead Century'in 1990 he has continued to swim against the tide of mediocrity and safe rebellion.

    His last solo album Payback's A Bitch'received the full score in Rolling Stone magazine upon release. This firebrand of political invective and rock n'roll is back on the lash with a new album for 2017 and you won't hear a more powerful or authentic album this year. It is everything you would expect aggressive, vile and wants to make you go to the bar and tell the planet to fuck off.

    "Kory Clarke should be considered and is one of the great Rock Stars of all time along with Bon Scott, Axl Rose and Micheal Monroe." Lars Ulrich - Metallica on 'It's Electric' Apple Radio 1. 2017

    1. American Idol
    2. I Get Fucked Up
    3. Back On The Lash
    4. Further Decay
    5. Thrill Seeker
    6. Goin' Broke Gettin' High
    7. Black Out
    8. I've Got The Rock
    9. That's How We Roll

    Release Date: 01/12/2017
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  • Warrior Soul 'Drugs, God And The New Republic' - Cargo Records UK


    Warrior Soul 'Drugs, God And The New Republic'

    Sold out

    Sold out
    Sold out

    Side A:
    1. Intro
    2. Interzone
    3. Drugs,God And The New Republic
    4. The Answer
    5. Rocket 88
    6. Jump For Joy
    7. My Time

    Side B:
    1. Real Thing
    2. Man Must Live As One
    3. Hero
    4. The Wasteland
    5. Children Of The Winter

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  • Warrior Soul 'Ž'Last Decade Dead Century' - Cargo Records UK


    Warrior Soul 'Last Decade Dead Century'

    Sold out

    Sold out
    Sold out

    1. I See The Ruins
    2. We Cry Out
    3. The Losers
    4. Downtown
    5. Trippin' On Ecstasy
    6. Four More Years
    7. Superpower Dreamland
    8. Charlie's Out Of Prison
    9. Blown Away
    10. Lullaby
    11. In Conclusion

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  • Warrior Soul 'Rock n


    Warrior Soul 'Rock n" Roll Disease'


    Comin'in again with all guns blazin'- Warrior Soul have a new record set for release in June 19, affectionately called 'Rock n'Roll Disease'. The album is the follow up to last year's very successful and critically acclaimed, raw and raucous 'Back On The Lash' release. RnRD promises to turn out to be a real stormer.

    "We are going for the same feel as 'Lash' but honing it in more and picking it up a bit. Back On The Lash'was raw, fun and loose, this is too, but we are pushing it all over the top" says main man Kory Clarke - Clarke is using the same writing and playing team in the studio as the Back On The Lash'release ensuring continuity and allowing him to keep hitting his current rich vein of form - Song titles include Up The Dose'and Off My Face' - Oh yes, if you wanna start your Summer rockin', go out and get a 'Rock n Roll Disease'.

    'We live on credit, we live on dope, there's no promises When you're livin' on hope'- Blown Away (lyrics by Kory Clarke). There's been a lot of speculation lately about the death of the rock star'. We keep losing them, but we don't make any new ones. Part of the reason is that there just isn't a million-dollar infrastructure to create megawatt stars anymore at least not the kind that play distorted guitars, and part of it is just a radical shift in the culture towards quieter, insulated lifestyles.'

    "You mighta had dope, guns, and riots in the streets, but your kids have smartphones and Netflix and they could not care less about your cyclops revolution. Which is a bit of a nightmare for the last true rock star, a wild-card from the streets of Detroit, Kory Clarke who made his reputation and career on being the baddest motherf*cker in all of Badsville with an incendiary socio-political agenda and a roar-for-war that rattles mountains." Classic Rock.

    Warrior Soul shows aren't just gigs. They are profane sermons delivered with high velocity and maximum volume and this is what this new Warrior Soul album is all about!

    1. Up The Dose
    2. Rock N Roll Disease
    3. Off My Face
    4. Melt Down
    5. Rock On
    6. War Ride Children
    7. Going Mental
    8. After the Show

    Release Date: 07/06/2019
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  • Warrior Soul 'Salutation From The Ghetto Nation' - Cargo Records UK


    Warrior Soul 'Salutation From The Ghetto Nation'

    Sold out

    Sold out
    Sold out

    Side A:
    1. Love Destruction
    2. Blown
    3. Shine Like It
    4. Dimension
    5. Punk And Belligerent
    6. Ass-Kickin

    Side B:
    1. The Party
    2. The Golden Shore
    3. Trip Rider
    4. I Love You
    5. The Fallen
    6. Ghetto Nation

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  • Warrior Soul 'Stiff Middle Finger' - Cargo Records UK


    Warrior Soul 'Stiff Middle Finger'

    Sold out

    Sold out
    Sold out

    Brand new album from Kory Clarke and Warrior Soul - SMF also features very special guest guitar players - John Ricco (former Warrior Soul guitarist) and Mark Gemini Thwaite (The Mission/Mob Research/Peter Murphy - Bauhaus).

    Warrior Soul released a string of classic political rock n' roll albums starting with Last Decade Dead Century ('90), Drugs, God and the New Republic ('91), Salutations from the Ghetto Nation ('92) and Chill Pill ('93).

    After forming the Space Age Playboys and releasing two solo albums Clarke has remained as venomous, aggressive and politically motivated as ever on Destroy The War Machine ('09)  and now this new offering 'Stiff Middle Finger' KC ' We are really looking forward to seeing everyone on this tour.

    This is going to rock like crazy with new blood and fists pumping against corporate tyranny, bullshit wars, and lying dead religions. Our power will once again be felt and our rumble heard across the land!

    1. Occupy
    2. Planetary Revolution
    3. Wall Street
    4. Junky Stripper
    5. A Drink For All My Friends
    6. 2012
    7. Tear This Fucker Down
    8. Sparkle Baby
    9. Rubicon
    10. Light Your Bonfires

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  • Warrior Soul 'Tough As Fuck :  Live In Athens' - Cargo Records UK


    Warrior Soul 'Tough As Fuck : Live In Athens'


    Brand new live album from the incendiary Kory Clarke and Warrior Soul.

    This is the raw and rocking sound of the band captured live at a riotous show in Greece earlier in 2016 and features the WS classics Downtown', Love Destruction'and Wasteland'as well as explosive live favourites including Fuck The Pigs'and Let's Get Wasted'.

    An essential document from one of the last remaining true punk/rock n'roll troubadours.

    See the band on tour in November:
    Friday Nov 11th - Hardrock Hell Festival - Wales
    Saturday Nov 12th - Proud, Camden - London
    Sunday Nov 13th - Waterfront - Norwich
    Monday Nov 14th - The Audio - Glasgow
    Tuesday Nov 15th - Live Rooms - Chester
    Wednesday Nov 16th - Snooty Fox - Wakefield
    Thursday Nov 17th - The Station - Cannock
    Friday Nov 18th - Bierkeller - Bristol
    Saturday Nov 19th - TitanFest - London

    1. Fuck The Pigs
    2. Punk and Bellligerent
    3. The Drug
    4. Let's Get Wasted
    5. Blown
    6. No No No No
    7. Shine Like It
    8. Rotten Soul
    9. Payback's A Bitch
    10. Generation Graveyard
    11. Love Destruction
    12. Downtown
    13. Wasteland
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