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  • Buzzkunst 'Special Sauce' + Howard Devoto ‘Designoid’ Vinyl 2xLP PRE-ORDER


    Buzzkunst 'Special Sauce' + Howard Devoto ‘Designoid’ Vinyl 2xLP PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 16/08/2024


    ‘SPECIAL SAUCE' is mostly a reconfiguration of the 2002 album 'Buzzkunst’ by ShelleyDevoto. 

    NOW! For the first time on vinyl, with a REFRESHED RUNNING ORDER and TWO PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS  'Psychosomatic' and 'Punk Of Me'. 

    PLUS! If that isn’t enough, there is a SECOND mini-album included in the package…

    11 NEVER BEFORE RELEASED Howard Devoto ARCHIVE RECORDINGS from the same period, titled ‘DESIGNOID’. 

    Instrumentals and songs, idiosyncratic as ever, and including a 21st century re-working of ‘Breakdown’, as originally featured on the Buzzcocks’ debut and seminal self-released EP, ‘Spiral Scratch’.

    YES! A TWO LP SET in a single bumper sized record sleeve FOR THE PRICE OF ONE, complete with FREE lyric insert sheet.

    Watch ‘Psychosomatic' here

    Watch ‘Designoid’ here :

    A word or two from Howard :

    "The album started with Pete teaching me how to make music on a computer, and continued with him sending me bunches of backing tracks that I built up instrumentally and melodically, turning some into songs.

    This 2024 reconfiguration is something I agreed with Pete about a year before he died. A re-jig the 2002 release. Same mixes but dressed up differently, and include ‘Psychosomatic’, a track we both really liked but which we’d completed too late for it to be included back then.

    Right at the beginning this was how it was supposed to be, when I’d jokingly suggested we call ourselves Buzzcunts. Pete was ready to run with it. Quick as a flash he’d suggested we could say it was a mistake – a printing error – “that it was supposed to be Buzzkunst”. And suddenly we liked the name Buzzkunst. Then the album title, 'Special Sauce' – that was Pete too. 

    Incidentally, as was the venerable title 'Spiral Scratch'. Bless you Pete.”



     Side A 
    1. Self-Destruction 
    2. God’s Particle   
    3. So There I Was  
    4. On Solids
    5. Psychosomatic 
    6. Stupid Kunst

    Side B
    1. Strain Of Bacteria
    2. Deeper 
    3. Till The Stars In His Eyes Are Dead
    4. Wednesday’s Emotional Setup 
    5. Going Off  
    6. Punk Of Me 
    7. System Blues


    Side A
    1. The Presentation Of The Self In Everyday Life
    2. Designoid
    3. Like Elvis (Hello Mr Curtis)
    4. Bungled Existence
    5. Once In Montecorto

    Side B
    1. Theme From Goodbye Antarctica
    2. Under A Lenient Moon
    3. Breakdown
    4. It Mattered
    5. Your Talking Sense
    6. Bet Your Mind

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