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Silo Rumor

  • HHY & The Macumbas 'Throat Permission Cut' - Cargo Records UK

    Silo Rumor

    HHY & The Macumbas 'Throat Permission Cut'

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    SILO is a new label curated by composer, producer and sound alchemists Raz Mesinai and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, with the goal of releasing some of the most important underground sonic experiments and productions from Porto. Portugal.

    After meeting a decade ago, Mesinai and Saldanha both found a like minded interest in the sonic properties of underground spaces, which led to the film 'Tunnel Vision' (directed by Mesinai w/ an original score by Saldanha). Hailed as a "21st century cult classic" by composer and film enthusiast John Zorn, who later released the film on his own imprint; Tzadik, DVD Series (2013).

    The label’s first release is from HHY & The Macumbas, an ensemble comprised of electric bass, brass, percussion, electronics and outboard gear, written and dubbed by producer, HHY. Comprised of an ever-mutating ensemble of musicians from the Portuguese underground music scene, The Macumbas range from four to ten players on stage, presenting frantic and enigmatic live shows which bring to mind the film works of Kenneth Anger, the cross continental Dubbing of Adrian Sherwood as well as the raw trance inducing rhythms of Haiti and North Africa.

    The Macumbas feverish Skull-Cave Dub sound is now embedded into the vinyl grooves of their much anticipated debut record, Throat Permission Cut.

    1. Isaac, The Throat
    2. Barbaron
    3. Lewopa De Kristal
    4. Gysin
    5. Reanima Eléctrica
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  • Jonathan Uliel Saldanha 'Tunnel Vision' - Cargo Records UK

    Silo Rumor

    Jonathan Uliel Saldanha 'Tunnel Vision'


    Tunnel Vision features compositions by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, bringing together his multiple influences and collaborations into an interstitial realm of resonant spaces, generative choirs, gestual percussion and reminiscences of fanfarre music.

    This piece was recorded in tunnels and cavities found in and around the city of Porto, and was mixed as a dub record set for a soundsystem of the future, in a process that Saldanha refers to as Skull–Cave–Echo.

    This record intercepts some of the sonic directions which characterise Saldanha’s body of work; from his solo and compositional pieces — like Khôrus Anima, a piece for mixed choird and empty factory, or Sancta Viscera Tua, peice for gesture, light, percussion, termites and choir — to his collaborative endeavours with HHY & The Macumbas ensemble or his Fujako duo.

    Silo Rumor’s third release presents a series of pieces that make use of resonant spaces, sub-bass and a particular set of instruments interacting with disembodied voices.

    It is a re-edit and remastered version of the original soundtrack scored and recorded for the experimental sci-fi film Tunnel Vision, directed by Raz Mesinai and released on Tzadik DVD Series.

    This film comprised of shots taken on tunnels and subterraneans in a particular post-apocalitic hyper modernism was co-produced by John Zorn, who considerede it a “21st Century Cult Classic”.

    1. Fanfare from the Resonating Concrete Entrance
    2. Tunnel Vision
    3. Ressurection of the Concrete Jungle
    4. Train Tunnel/Crane Dub
    5. Fanfare from the Resonating Geophone
    6. Arca d’Água
    7. Crystal Breath Autopoiesis

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  • Various Artists 'How To Kill A Boombox (Underground Cassette Productions 1989-92)' - Cargo Records UK

    Silo Rumor

    Various Artists 'How To Kill A Boombox (Underground Cassette Productions 1989-92)'


    "How to Kill a Boom Box is a compilation of music I produced between 1989 to 1992. In the early 80’s, I began experimenting with drum machines, turntables and tape machines to create instrumental B-Boy rhythms for Break Dancers in New York City.

    It wasn't much later that I began studying percussion with Juma Sultan (Jimi Hendrix percussionist). Sultan, instinctively gave me a Multivox Tape Echo chamber and a microphone, tools that led me to produce my first actually sellable productions, a few of which are included here.

    I'd used the Multivox alongside a turntable, microphone and a two-track cassette tape recorder to produce my first guerrilla cassette productions, starting with a series of ambient / noise / distorted acid break / house albums called “Psycho Beats” under the band name “Psy Co.” (a band which I was the sole member of) and “Dj Tab”, then I followed up with the “Multivox Series as “X-On”, and “The Bedouin” (changing to Badawi years later). In the early ‘90s some of these tunes caught the ear of club kid promoter; Angel Melendez, whom helped get me my first bookings at after-hour parties in NYC, before being tragically murdered by Michael Alig in 1996.

    These songs were produced rapidly — one swoop, with no overdubs, so they are essentially studio improvisations, and the only way I can actually tell, relatively, what year these were produced is by the apparent lack of gear used to create them, and the addition, or lack of, a single tool" Raz Mesinai.

    1. DJ Tab - Battle Stance (1989)
    2. The Bedouin - Perceptive Dub (1992)
    3. X-ON - Wrecktify (1992)
    4. Psy Co. - Smash Up The System (1990)
    5. The Bedouin - Organic Dub (1992)
    6. Psy Co. ⁄ Screamer (1991)
    7. X-On ⁄ MultiVox FX Series 1 (1992)
    8. X-On ⁄ MultiVox FX Series 2 (1992)
    9. The Bedouin ⁄ Lions Den (1992)
    10. DJ Tab ⁄ Acid Jack (1991)

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