Scott And Charlene’s Wedding 'Mid Thirties Single Scene'


CD includes a fold out poster.

Scott And Charlene’s Wedding continue with third album ‘Mid-Thirties Single Scene’ out 9th September 2016.

Bursting with catchy songs and classic SACW tunes aplenty, they’ll be hitting the road across Europe for the first time since 2014 later this year. Dysfunctional and disenchanted, our care-free but knowing protagonist ain't growing up and doesn't give a damn what you think about it - "Don't Bother Me" is an irresistible pumped up slacker pop anthem, which recalls The Lemonheads at their best.

‘Delivered’ plays out as if Pavement had been bowing at the altar of The Velvet Underground instead of The Fall, all tied together with a Bowery rasp as if Richard Hell had grabbed the microphone.

Discordant guitars and 90s indie rock groove-laden ‘End Of The Story’ is a tale of love lost and obsession whilst ‘Distracted’ and ‘Hardest Years’ unveils the low points of travelling and depression with nod towards 2013’s output ‘Any Port In A Storm’.

Side A:
1. Maureen
2. Don't Bother Me
3. Hardest Years
4. Scrambled Eggs
5. End Of The Story

Side B:
1. Bush
2. Distracted
3. Delivered
4. Forever And A Day

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