Comet Gain 'Fingerprint Ritual'


Red Vinyl 12” (Limited to 500 copies).

COMET GAIN return with a four song EP of tracks recorded at Soup Studios with producer Simon Trought at the same time as the LP, BREAKING OPEN THE HEAD Part 2 - A hugely different version or continuation of the LPs Part 1 which was a fuzz Rubbles acid pop song about the creators of the dream machine, Phillip K Dick and other adepts finding the door to illumination and such things.

Taking hints from Them's 'the square room', early Sundial, exploito dumb psych like Ultimate Spinach, Sonic Youth 'Thousand leaves', Elevators 'Easter Everywhere' and German kosmiche music but then forgetting them all once we started although for some reason a snippet of The Monkees arrives near the end as well as cameos from Marjorie Cameron's/Jack Parsons magical child and the dream I had that the holy grail was in a bucket in some guys shed in North London. The song is over 11 minutes but hopefully has enough going to not bore the discerning listener.

THAT LUCIFER SUMMER - A dumb garage folk rock fuzz and punk tambourines thing a la the first Love record, The Leaves, Teardrop Explodes, Music Machine etc. A jaunty song about dark things namely the nightmare side of the occult renaissance in the late sixties in the west coast. TO THE CITY'S CORE - Inept white boys n girls attempt to play Bo Diddleys 'Black Gladiator' LP with a 'Slates'-era Fall sneer and end up somewhere else - includes Comet Gain's first funky(ish) break beat and a farfisa organ played thru a mangled fuzz pedal.

THE INSIGNIFICANT DIGNIFIED - A malformed protest song and memorial for all those old school socialists and anarchists and fire raisers that have been pushed aside by the change of history and its political axis - circular folk rock verses remind us of the legacy of these prophets of arcadian utopias and the need for the spirit of the people to endure - these choruses give way to guitar duel solos as the past fights the future of the left the second of these  3 solos has a guest scrabbabang geetar screech from producer Simon Trought - his first since the days of his old group Tompaulin. Inspired at times by early Creation Records, Television Personalities and mod culture, drawing from the same ideals as Dexys, The Style Council and Vic Godard and from the lineage of The Velvet Underground, The Byrds and the 13th Floor Elevators, their mystic anarchist principles blend French New Wave with English kitchen-sink heart. For years they have drifted through scenes picking up people and emotional ties - from Riot Grrrl to acid punks, C86 to lo-fi - yet somehow outliving their peers and in turn inspiring a younger generation of DIY musicians like The Cribs, Love Is All, Veronica Falls, and Crystal Stilts.

1. Breaking Open The Head Part 2 (The Eye-Shaped Room)
2. That Lucifer Summer
3. To The City's Core
4. The Obsolete Significant Dignified

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