Carina Round 'The First Blood Mystery 10' Vinyl LP


May 31st marked the 10 year anniversary of Carina Round's debut album The First Blood Mystery, first released in May 2001 on Animal Noise records. The title is a reference to psychologist Erich Neumann's theory of feminine development with powerful and edgy songs that deal with the darker and more fractious side of human emotions.  

Working within a basic guitar, bass, drums format, songs are fleshed out with brass, keyboards, even a string quartet, channelled into often dissonant but always melodic moods of brittle spidery tensions. 

In and around it all hovers Round's sinuous, rich voice, charged with an edgy urgent turbulent emotional quality that borders on the abyss of nervous breakdown. The album has an autobiographical energy with a rough and raw sound that is extremely unique, leaving many music journalists speechless when trying to find a comparison.

Her vocal and lyrical theatrics are distinctive yet versatile. "I've always been influenced by sentiment rather than style, so I think I have taken a lot from Charles Bukowski, Dorothy Parker, Tom Waits and Bjork. The way they articulate ideas and emotions is more important then their respective styles." Carina Round. 

To celebrate this re-release, The First Blood Mystery re-issue is being released ona very limited edition vinyl with additional re-recorded alternative versions of Waves, Ribbons, and Lightbulb Song.

Side A:
1. Message To Apollo
2. Lightbulb Song
3. How I See It
4. Waves

Side B:

5. Let It Fall
6. Ribbons
7. On Leaving

Dropcard Extra Tracks:
8. Waves (10th Anniversary Re-recording)
9. Ribbons (10th Anniversary Re-recording)
10. Lightbulb Song (Original 4 Track Demo)

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