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  • Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine Archive And Documentation Material Plus 5.1 Surround Audio - Cargo Records UK


    Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine Archive And Documentation Material Plus 5.1 Surround Audio

    Sold out

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    Ten years in the making, BRION GYSIN’S DREAMACHINE is being released by Soleilmoon Recordings, in cooperation with The Hafler Trio and Simply Superior

    Who was Brion Gysin, and what is a Dreamachine?

    Gysin was a British-born Canadian painter and illustrator, best known for discovering “cut-up” writing, the technique made famous by William S. Burroughs. With the assistance of Ian Sommerville, Gysin invented the Dreamachine, which at its essence is a rotating cylinder with a light hanging inside it. The user sits or stands in front of it, very near, with eyes closed. As it rotates, slots cut in the side allow flashes of light to hit the user’s eyelids 8 or 13 times per second, matching the rate of Alpha waves produced by the brain during meditation or the early stages of sleep.

    The inspiration for the Dreamachine came to Gysin when he was traveling by bus along a road lined with tall trees. Writing in his journal in 1958, he described his epiphany: “I closed my eyes against the setting sun. An overwhelming flood of intensely bright patterns in supernatural colors exploded behind my eyelids: a multi-dimensional kaleidoscope whirling out through space.” It was a transformational moment in Gysin’s life, and the first Dreamachine was created in 1961, after more than two years of experimentation and tinkering.

    The package released by Soleilmoon includes a fully functional Dreamachine, designed to Brion Gysin’s specifications, printed and die-cut on sturdy, flexible and long-lasting vinyl. It’s ready for use, right out of the box.
    Simply connect the overlapping velcro-lined edges, center the cylinder on an LP, lock it in place with a few pieces of sticky tape and then place it on a turntable, preferably one that can rotate at 78 RPM, although 45 RPM will work, too.
    Hang a lightbulb inside, then seat yourself near the rotating cyclinder, close your eyes and wait for the dreamstate to be induced.

    An accompanying book includes three essays written by Andrew McKenzie, excerpts from a previously unpublished 1980 interview with Brion Gysin, and extensive notes on the dreamchine itself, written by McKenzie.

    He writes:
    “The construction and production of the Dreamachine, as presented here, was fraught with problems - as a result, not least, from the death of Brion Gysin himself. Before his demise no plans were given to anyone, except those used in production of the few existing examples present in two museums - one in New York and another in Basel, the rest in private collections. The pattern for the Dreamachine has been published a few times in various publications all over the world, but unfortunately, these are all incorrect. The hitherto available examples rely on modified patterns, giving far less than the optimum effect. The present pattern is based on the examination of the plans as used for the first exhibition in Basel, and has been scrupulously calculated to produce the effect as intended by Gysin and Sommerville.”

    The DVD contains four distinct sections, beginning with “Pirate TV”,  a 45 minute documentary film produced by Rabotnik TV and first aired in Amsterdam in 1988. This program was later released on VHS video by Staalplaat and Soleilmoon.

    Next is “Aorta”, a short documentary on the first public exhibition of the Dreamachine 1988, in Amsterdam. Andrew McKenzie’s 2008 lecture at CPH:DOX Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen follows. At the conclusion of the lecture the camera cuts an adjoining room where several Dreamachines are operating. It’s worth noting that these particular Dreamachines were prototypes produced by Soleilmoon, which gives you a sense of how long this project has taken.

    The final section of the DVD features three audio-visual pieces, with sound composed by Andrew McKenzie.

    All of the audio material on the DVD is intended to be played on a 5.1 surround system, but is compatible with stereo equipment.

    Shipped in triangular tubes ready for retail, individually or in cartons of six. Dimensions: 91.44x15.24x15.24 cm / 36x6x6 inches. Weight: 840 grams / 30 oz.
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  • Death In June 'Burial' - Cargo Records UK


    Death In June 'Burial'




    Death In June 'Burial'


    1. Death Of The West
    2. Fields
    3. Nirvana
    4. Sons Of Europe
    5. Black Radio - Live in London 6.X.83
    6. Till The Living Flesh Is Burned
    7. All Alone In Her Nirvana
    8. Fields
    9. We Drive East
    10. Heaven Street

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  • Death In June 'The Snow Bunker Tape' - Cargo Records UK


    Death In June 'The Snow Bunker Tape'

    Sold out

    Sold out
    Sold out
    Edition of 700 copies.

    Packaged in a glossy embossed gatefold jacket and includes a large two-sided color poster.

    Recorded between December 2009-July 2010 at Big Sound Studios, Adelaide, Australia.
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  • Edward Ka-Spel & Amanda Palmer 'High On Station Yellow Moon' - Cargo Records UK


    Edward Ka-Spel & Amanda Palmer 'High On Station Yellow Moon'


    “High On Station Yellow Moon” is a new solo album by Edward Ka-spel of The Legendary Pink Dots, and marks the beginning of his collaboration with longtime friend and fellow traveller Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls. It doesn’t get more conceptual than this.

    Part 1:
    (a) OMG 666
    (b) The Flick Of A Switch
    (c) The Visitors’ Lounge
    (d) The Leary Cloud
    (e) Nowhere To Float To

    Part 2:
    (a) Provisional
    (b) Layer Cake
    (c) Trespass
    (e) Eight Mile Bride
    (f) Good Book

    BONUS TRACKS (CD only)
    1. The Leary Cloud (Slight Return)
    2. No-one To Hear You Squeak
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  • Merzbow 'Merzbient' - Cargo Records UK


    Merzbow 'Merzbient'

    Sold out

    Sold out


    Merzbow 'Merzbient'


    Sold out
    "Merzbient" was originally released in 2010 as a box set of twelve compact discs.

    The edition of 555 numbered copies, which sold out within weeks of its release, was hailed by fans as some of Merzbow's best work, and it has since become a highly desirable collector's item. Now an expanded edition of eighteen albums is being released in an edition of 222 numbered and signed copies.

    The music from the original CD release is presented on albums 1 to 15. Some of the tracks have been edited to conform with the limitations of the medium. Albums 16, 17 and 18 contain exclusive bonus material.

    This vinyl release of "Merzbient" is presented in utterly lavish packaging, starting with a pair of custom-made foil-blocked boxes that look like large versions of the boxes made for the original CD edition. Each box holds nine LPs. Each record has full-color center labels, and comes in a full-color sleeve.

    Three inserts printed on textured paper complete the package."Merzbient" is a collection of Merzbow's previously unreleased ambient recordings.
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  • Zoviet France 'The Tables Are Turning' - Cargo Records UK


    Zoviet France 'The Tables Are Turning'


    Vinyl and CD come in a deluxe dual-layer green satin bag with fold-over flap. The letters ‘ZF’ are hand-stitched into the flap in white thread, and a two-sided color insert printed on sturdy cardstock completes the package.

    The vinyl is limited to 400 copies.

    The CD is limited to 600 copies.

    Somewhere in the rainy, misty forests of the Pacific Northwest of America, three ladies have the unlikely task of sewing together the packaging for a new album by :zoviet*france::zoviet*france: are releasing ‘The Tables Are Turning’ on compact disc and double LP through Soleilmoon Recordings. The music was composed as the soundtrack to ‘Designer Body’, a dance that toured England from 2008 to 2009. The work explores the transformational relationship between humans and the clothing they wear. Seven dancers, performing on continuously rotating plinths, slowly remove layers of their costumes, revealing the sensuous nude bodies beneath.

    The music accompanying the dancers is by turns dense and moody, then lyrical and soaring, underlining the mounting vulnerability of the dancers as they undress. Liv Lorent, balletLORENT's artistic director and choreographer, spoke with Kelly Apter, writer for The List, saying “At the beginning, the body is the most designed it can be. They’re wearing hats, coats, heavy costumes and make-up – all the man-made and artificial things we do to disguise ourselves everyday. Then, over 50 minutes, we take it all away. And because there are several layers, there’s a real sense of metamorphosis.” The members of :zoviet*france:, who prefer to remain annonymous, write “We've known Liv Lorent for a long time.

    When she started to conceive 'Designer Body', which she wanted to be a hybrid of contemporary dance and performance art, she decided that an unconventional performance needed an unconventional soundtrack. The composition of the soundtrack and the choreography evolved alongside each other so it became a dialogue between Liv and ourselves.

    The main inspiration that we took from the production's concept was rotation; throughout the one hour performance, the dancers are located on turntables that turn continuously, at varying speeds and changing direction. We mirrored this in much of the soundtrack, with circular and rotating sounds.” Both formats (CD and double LP) are presented in a deluxe dual-layer green satin bag with fold-over flap.

    The letters ‘ZF’ are hand-stitched into the flap in white thread, and a two-sided color insert printed on sturdy cardstock completes the package. There are 400 LPs and 600 compact discs in the first edition. The LP, with music on three of the four sides of the records, will go out of print when the initial pressing sells out.

    Side A:
    1. The Grit In The Clouds
    2. Amber Rose Hand
    3. Flam

    Side B:
    1. Moss Balls On Moss
    2. Green Air
    3. Prophecy Loved A Child

    Side C:
    1. Sweeping Arbor Low
    2. The Fire Of Revolution
    3. Sandbox

    Side D:
    1. The Fire Of Revolution
    2. A Moment Of Film
    3. Poured Out Slowly

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