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Earth Recordings

  • Bert Jansch 'A Man I

    Earth Recordings

    Bert Jansch 'A Man I"d Rather Be (Part 1)'

    Sold out

    Sold out

    Earth Recordings

    Bert Jansch 'A Man I"d Rather Be (Part 1)'


    Sold out
    4LP case-bound book.

    Comprising Bert's seminal 1960s output (alongside his only album as a duet with Pentangle bandmate John Renbourn) this four disc set covers an era that forged creative paths for everyone from Neil Young to Johnny Marr.

    New listening notes from Bill Leader, as well as unseen photographs from Brian Shuel complete this special collection.  Where to start with a career as prolific as that of Bert Jansch? Why, the beginning of course. Bert's first studio (though as Bill Leader rightly points out, that's a bit of a stretch) albums capture a man whose star is truly on the rise.

    It also marks his most prolific period - these four LPs were written, recorded and issued in just two years; a testament to not only Bert's abundant musicality but to a time for music that was changing - excitedly - from minute to minute.

    From Bert's masterclass in elegant, melodic, one-man-and-his-guitar fingerpicking on his self-titled LP, to the beginnings of something altogether more exotic on Bert and John', these records are nothing if not a remarkable insight into the changing face of folk music at the time. 

    For those unfamiliar with Jansch's oeuvre, this is a real treat; you won't find a more comprehensively produced collection.

    A Man I'd Rather Be'includes all the original liner notes (from both Keith De Groot and Bert himself) as well as new ruminations from Bill Leader (who recorded much of Jansch's nascent work) as well as never-before seen photographs by the illustrious Brian Shuel.

    For those in the know, this is a chance to revisit these extraordinary albums, revel in new insights and add some - perhaps more listenable LPs - to sit alongside their love-worn originals. 

    'The Jimi Hendrix of the acoustic guitar' - Neil Young

    "At one point, I was absolutely obsessed with Bert Jansch. When I first heard that LP, I couldn't believe it. It was so far ahead of what everyone else was doing. No one in America could touch that.' - Jimmy Page

    "I particularly like his second record. The album before it [1965's Bert Jansch] is more revered and held up by most journalists as being the seminal one, but I think the songs are better on It Don't Bother Me, particularly the title track. The fact that they were both recorded in a kitchen at his mate's house is another reason why it has never dated.' - Johnny Marr

    "I will never stop learning from Bert Jansch. His records have proved to be a great gift to everyone and for me they are also an education and a well of inspiration.' - Graham Coxon

    "Simply, I think Bert was a truly unique musician. Somehow he could elegantly bridge differing musical and singing traditions to sing and play in a way that sounded only like Bert Jansch.' - Anne Briggs
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  • Bert Jansch 'Santa Barbara Honeymoon' Vinyl LP - Purple + CD

    Earth Recordings

    Bert Jansch 'Santa Barbara Honeymoon' Vinyl LP - Purple + CD


    The second of two albums that Bert wrote in America in the mid 70s, Santa Barbara Honeymoon'foregrounds some of Bert's most charming and addictive melodies.

    Album highlights include Baby Blue', Lost and Gone'and a reworking of Jackson C. Frank's Blues Run The Game'.

    Includes 6 additional non-album tracks as a CD extra.

    Limited edition purple vinyl. 1000 copies worldwide.

    1. Love Anew
    2. Mary And Joseph
    3. Be My Friend
    4. Baby Blue
    5. Dance Lady Dance
    6. You Are My Sunshine
    7. Lost And Gone
    8. Blues Run The Game
    9. Build Another Band
    10. When The Teardrops Fell
    11. Dynamite
    12. Buckrabbit.

    CD bonus tracklisting:
    1. Build Another Band (Alternate Version)
    2. When The Teardrops Fell - Live from Montreux, Switzerland / 1975
    3. Lady Nothing - Live At Montreux, Switzerland, 1975
    4. Dance Lady Dance - Live At Montreux, Switzerland, 1975
    5. Angie - Live At Montreux, Switzerland, 1975
    6. One For Jo - Live At Montreux, Switzerland, 1975
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  • Dave Evans 'Elephantasia'

    Earth Recordings

    Dave Evans 'Elephantasia'



    Earth Recordings

    Dave Evans 'Elephantasia'


    ‘Elephantasia’ is a glorious folk opus from 1972, long lost and attaining a legendary reputation for its candour and creativity, from the late Bangor-born singer/songwriter Dave Evans. Finally, the LP sees the light of day again via Earth Recordings, it is a true gem from the vaults of British folk history. For fans of Nick Drake, Bill Fay and Davy Graham – with a touch of Michael Chapman, Bert Jansch and Fahey for good measure.

    Dave Evans’ story is like a Pinter play; he sailed the seas in the merchant navy, was taught guitar in a brief interlude by the “mythical” Morocco John, wound up sharing a room with Steve Tilston in 1963 when they attended Loughborough Art College and ran the local folk club, while learning to make stringed instruments, the art of wine making and ceramics. Over the next year, Dave got a domestic 2-track reel-to-reel tape recorder and experimented with its two speeds to produce the tracks ‘Elephantasia’ and ‘Lady Portia’. He pulled in members of local prog band Squidd, including latter day Hawkwind member Steve Swindells on keyboards, John Merritt on bass and Rodney Matthews on drums, who also designed the ‘Elephantasia’ album cover, and went on to become a renowned fantasy artist.

    ‘Elephantasia’ the album was originally released in 1972, fully exposing Dave’s finger picking style, lilting vocal and his dalliance with the tape manipulation. It sold around 2000 copies and over the years became a talked about rarity, deemed too progressive for folk, too folk for the new prog heads. In best plot-thickening style, Dave tried two more releases and then disappeared. The scant sleeve notes recounted the songs’ creation, featuring tales of experimentation in sound inspired by elephants, old memories recounted with all of the unpleasant bits edited out, storylines for escapists, the residents of St Agnes Park, broken beauty queens and a fat feline. It’s an eclectic but beautifully fluent narrative from a finger picking maestro with a warm and engaging vocal style that wowed Peel and Whispering Bob back in the day.

    Dave Evans sadly died in April 2021. Earth Recordings is proud to reissue ‘Elephantasia’ for the first time in over 50 years, in collaboration with his estate and original Village Thing producer Ian A. Anderson.

    Side A
    1. Only Blue
    2. Elephantasia
    3. Lady Portia
    4. That's My Way
    5. On The Run

    Side B
    6. St. Agnes Park
    7. Beauty Queen
    8. Ten Ton Tasha
    9. Earth, Wind, Sun & Rain
    10. Take Me Easy
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  • Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner 'The Music from Bagpuss'

    Earth Recordings

    Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner 'The Music from Bagpuss'


    Bagpuss, dear Bagpuss, Old fat furry cat-puss, Wake up and look at this thing that I bring, Wake up, be bright, Be golden and light, Bagpuss, Oh hear what I sing. 12th of February, 1974, and for an audience of small children at 1:45pm, a life irrevocably coloured by the wayward wonderings of one saggy cloth cat. Some 44 years later and Earth Recordings opens the door to Bagpuss & Co. once again, revealing for the first time the original music in all its newly-mastered splendour.  

    The 32 tracks that make up the main body of the compositions are - like all good folk music - a patchwork of traditional pieces, half-remembered tunes and pure improvisation. It's testament to Sandra Kerr and John Faulkner's musicianship that the recordings work so well, not only within the context of the television episodes, but as an album in its own right. Of the recording, Oliver Postgate (in his exquisite autobiography 'Seeing Things') says: "Between them Sandra and John could play every sort of instrument from a mountain dulcimer to an Irish fiddle.

    They knew and could sing every tune in the world and didn't bother with written music, except as a last resort. They were exactly suited to Gabriel the Toad and Madeleine the Rag Doll and in those roles were happy to play whatever music and sing whatever songs would be needed."  Those songs manifested themselves as reworkings of familiar tunes ('I Saw A Ship'; 'Row Your Boat'; 'Bucket's Burning'), takes on traditional ballads ('Brian O'Lynn'; 'The Frog Princess'; 'Weaving Song'; 'The Old Woman Tossed Up in a Basket') and delicious flights of fancy ('The Bony King of Nowhere'; 'Turtle Calypso'; 'Uncle Feedle').

    The counterpart to Madeleine and Gabriel's more polished ditties are the interludes from the mice; a raggle-taggle chorus that accompanies the creatures' efforts of help (with the mice once famously going on strike when they were not permitted sang as they worked). Again, Postgate muses: "Once I had worked out a few episodes I would make a very rough list of the bits where I though music would be appropriate. I would send it to [Sandra and John] to think about.

    Then we would borrow a fairly silent room in a remote house and, taking the various articles that we intended to celebrate with us, would spend a happy day with a tape recorder, thinking up and recording whatever songs and tunes came to mind."  The outtakes provide an intimate - and often very humourous - insight into the trio's work ethic, if it can be called such a thing. (By all accounts they sound as though they're having a very jolly time indeed.) Highlights include alternative opening words and end music, as well as Postgate sound-checking in character as Bagpuss.

    This never-before heard audio provides a real treat for fans (and indeed those new to the Smallfilms stable) - affirmation again to the enduring quality of these special recordings, and the beloved programme that inspired them.  "An accidental classic of the folk-roots underground that we never dared hope we'd hear with such clarity."Stewart Lee.. And so their work was done.

    1. Opening
    2. We Will Wash It
    3. I Saw A Ship
    4. We Will Rub It
    5. The Bony King of Nowhere
    6. Cat and Bird Tone Phone
    7. Princess Suite 
    8. The Old Woman Who Lived in A Shoe
    9. Row The Boat 
    10. We Will Lace It 
    11. Ballerina Music Box 
    12. Porcupine Song
    13. Here's A Pin 
    14. We Will Fix It 
    15. Turtle Calypso 
    16. The Elephant's Fable 
    17. The Miller's Song 
    18. We Will Find It
    19. The Town Band 
    20. Song of The Flea 
    21. We Will Do It (Undo It)
    22. The Weaving Song 
    23. Charliemouse Weaving
    24. Bucket's Burning
    25. Brian O'Lynn 
    26.  Lullaby  for  Cabbages 
    27. We Will Do It (Go Through it) 
    28. The Old Woman Tossed Up in A Basket
    29. Mouse Ragtime 
    30. We Will Fold It
    31. Uncle Feedle
    32. Closing
    33. Opening Words (Outtake) 
    34. Introducing  the  Characters (Outtake)
    35. Characters Waking Up (Outtake)
    36. Bagpuss Soundcheck 
    37. I Saw A Ship A-Sailing (Alternate Version) 
    38. Mermaid Song 
    39. Captain Bagpuss Poem
    40. Owls of Athens Story
    41. Birdsong 
    42. Princess Suite (Outtake) 
    43. The Old Woman Who Lived in A Shoe (Outtake)
    44. Porcupine Song (Outtake) 
    45. Bagpipes
    46. Brian O'Lynn (Outtake )
    47. Agricultural Jig 
    48. Percy Pratt Poem 
    49. End Music (Outtake)
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