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  • Lustmord 'First Reformed' PRE-ORDER


    Lustmord 'First Reformed' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 15/11/2019

    Lustmord is a Welsh electronic musician, composer and sound designer based in Los Angeles. Active since 1980 he has released a prolific body of work across various labels such as Touch, Hydra Head and Blackest Ever Black.

    Often credited for starting the dark ambient genre with his ‘Heresy’ album in 1990, Lustmord’s music has been described as sweeping and profound, a vast dreamlike soundscape that utilises organic and real-world scenes as source material. Lustmord albums have been made from caves, crypts, car crashes, cosmological activity, the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the site of the first ever nuclear detonation.   

    Lustmord and Cargo Records are happy to announce the launch of Vaultworks. Originally an imprint intended to release short editions of live CDs at his live shows, it is now launched as a wider platform for his work in general. Kick starting a planned series of new releases and reissues is the first time Vinyl and CD release of his soundtrack to Paul Schrader’s 2017 film First Reformed, starring Ethan Hawke, Amanda Seyfried and Cedric Kyles.

    The release features extended versions of the score formatted as a standalone album. The double vinyl edition includes an extra track “Venice” which was featured at the Venice Film Festival red carpet event. The CD edition has tracks formatted to crossfade into each other for a continuous listening experience. 

    1. Revelation
    2. Hanstown Kills
    3. Discernment
    4. Eden
    5. Awakening
    6. Accursed
    7. Everlasting
    8. So Be It

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  • Malone Sibun 'Come Together' CD

    Redline Music

    Malone Sibun 'Come Together' CD



    Redline Music

    Malone Sibun 'Come Together' CD


    Release Date: 31/01/2020

    The debut album from the blues rock super group is already being hailed as one the most exciting acts to appear on the UK scene right now. Nominated earlier this year by the European Blues Awards in the Best Band category, despite not yet having an album released, Malone Sibun are ready to impress.

    The UK based Detroit soulful blues-rock star Marcus Malone joins forces with the British blues rock guitarist Innes Sibun for a handful of warm-up dates in November for a new band with familiar faces.

    Malone Sibun came about from a chance meeting at a show which uncovered a surprising amount of musical common ground. Both musicians had just enjoyed the busiest 12 months of their careers and it was time to appraise the next chapter.

    Says Innes Sibun, "When the chance comes along to play with a great musician who is travelling down the same musical road as you, then you jump at it. Listening to Marcus Malone, I hear echoes of two of my favourite singers, Paul Rodgers, Otis Redding and early David Coverdale, but above all its Marcus's own unmistakable style and delivery." "To say we are moving in the same direction musically is an understatement, adds Marcus Malone. Not only does Innes have shades of my favourite guitar players, Jimmy Page, Hendrix and Paul Kossoff, but he also has the soulful approach and the dynamics of B.B. King and Albert King. Put all those influences together and you get the unique style of Innes Sibun."

    From the contrasting a cappella vocals and fiery power chords of the opening conceptual title track, to the honey dripping soul of the bookended Everyday's A Miracle, Come Together successfully chases the holy grail of making rock/blues accessible to a wider audience.

    Marcus Malone's vocals explore every twist and emotional turn of the lyrics, while guitarist Innes Sibun adds passionate solo and contributes the magnificent blues of the song - I Want You Back. Beautifully presented in an evocative psychedelic sleeve. Come Together is a career best for the two rock-blues heavyweights.

    1. Come Together
    2. Let Me Love You
    3. I Want You Back
    4. Taste of Your Love
    5. Jodie
    6. So Tired of Living
    7. Love Light
    8. She’s My Girl
    9. Rabbit Hole
    10. Everyday’s A Miracle

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  • Minimal Compact 'Creation Is Perfect'


    Minimal Compact 'Creation Is Perfect'


    Release Date: 18/10/2019

    Creation is Perfect:
    an album of new versions of classic tracks by a classic band – and yet so much more besides…Formed in Amsterdam in 1980, Minimal Compact were part of the original post-punk explosion. The band developed a unique mix of propulsive rhythms, spacious bass lines, rich keyboard textures, mesmeric guitar lines, and vocal melodies with a Middle-Eastern inflection.

    They sounded like nothing that had gone before. The band gained a reputation for energetic, unpredictable, intense shows . Now they have reconvened, together with producer and long-time collaborator Colin Newman (Wire), to finally capture their music in its true brilliance.

    Several of the band’s signature songs have been re-recorded using a mix of live recordings and studio tooled performances. The result is an album that radiates vitality and sheer class.

    Highlights include live favourite ‘Statik Dancin’’ with its barbed hooks and irresistible groove. The bright, tender optimism of ‘My Will’ is especially moving, with Spigel’s vocal at the fore. Then there is ‘Take Me Away’, with its tightly coiled hypnotic guitar lines edging towards mania. The album climaxes with a brand new song, ‘Holy Roller’.

    Creation is Perfect
    is an album of power and depth that demands repeated plays. Crackling with energy and immediacy, this is the sound of a band reaching a new level of creativity.

    Book edition - 80 page hard bound 10” x 8” (25.4cm x 20.30cm) book produced in a numbered edition containing the story of the beginnings of Minimal Compact (written by Jack Baron), the story of the Creation is Perfect album (written by Colin Newman), extended credits and lots of mainly never seen before pictures plus of course a CD of the album.

    1. Statik Dancin’
    2. Take Me Away
    3. Nada
    4. Raging Souls
    5. Not Knowing
    6. My Will
    7. The Well
    8. Holy Roller
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  • Misery Loves Co. 'S/T (1994 Debut Album)' Vinyl LP - White PRE-ORDER


    Misery Loves Co. 'S/T (1994 Debut Album)' Vinyl LP - White PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 25/10/2019

    Limited 25th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Misery Loves Co.'s debut album crashed like a bomb in the hard rock world when it was released in 1994 and the group quickly became one of the world's most talked about new acts.

    In Sweden, the Grammys nominated record was acclaimed unanimously by the music press and the group made a bunch of celebrated gigs and embarked on important tours abroad. Infact, it was beyond the borders of Sweden and Scandinavia that Misery Loves Co. became a hot name with its intrinsic industrial metal.

    During the band's first visit to London, the duo, which then consisted of Patrik Wirén and Örjan Örnkloo, was billed on the flyers as "England's hottest rock stars." The record has definitely stood up against the time is now considered a classic within the genre. When Kerrang! several years later, listed the 100 best metal records of all time, Misery Loves Co. was one of the few Swedish names that found a space in the list.

    The record was released on vinyl in the UK in 1995 on Earache Records, but has long been impossible to get hold of - until now... On September 27, in conjunction with the record celebrating 25 years and the legendary record label MNW turning 50, Universal is releasing the record on vinyl again in a limited edition of 500 copies in a beautiful white vinyl and with a new artwork.
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  • Patti Yang Group 'War On Love' Signed LP or CD PRE-ORDER

    Requiem Records

    Patti Yang Group 'War On Love' Signed LP or CD PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 22/11/2019

    Spacious, psychedelic electronica meets desert rock, laced with lyrical other-worldliness from a collective of iconic musicians led by this Warsaw born/London raised artist living full time in the Mojave Desert.

    “Now that the sounds of freedom rattle the glass and fill our lungs with bronchitis, they must be on red alert, ready to shine the light” sings Patti Yang on Sounds of Freedom, the first single from her forthcoming album War On Love, out November 22 via Requiem Records.

    She is talking about her home in the Mojave Desert, California, which although is both stunning and unusual, is also within eyesight and earshot of the largest Marine Corps base in the US; 29 Palms. As expected, training exercises are common and the Marines set up a community phone line for civilians to call in with comments and impressions.

    It’s the jumping off point for War On Love, a record concerned with privacy and digital voyeurism, the tenuous relationship we hold with our sense of reality, existential sabotage and impermanence.
    “I began working on the album by setting myself a challenge: to break out from the daily life cycle”. Patti explored ancient medicine and the properties of sound by studying at the Integratron, a renowned temple dedicated to sonic bliss via quartz bowls played like a giant analog synthesizer.

    Following an inner call, she moved from London to Joshua Tree, a small town in the Mojave Desert, California.

    “I fell in love with the soft, infinite silence and the open spaces which gave foundation to my research and creative work”.

    Songwriting began in Joshua Tree where recording spanned to London and Brooklyn, NY, at Rare Book Room, where the album was also mixed. Untethered by a specific style, the journey oscillates between unadorned hyperrealism and chaotic narratives, linked by dreamlike pop soundscapes.

    The collaborators are: Chris Mackin (Le Volume Courbe, Primal Scream), Matty Skylab (Skylab, David Holmes), Jagz Kooner (Reverend and the Makers, Manic Street Preachers, Primal Scream), Martin Craft (M. Craft, Jarvis Cocker), Chiara Giovando, Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Daughter, Dirty Projectors, The War on Drugs).

    1. Sounds of Freedom
    2. Technicolor Dream
    3. Wonder Wells
    4. Comfortably Wrong
    5. Jerusalem
    6. Falling
    7. Bright Lights
    8. Grace Me
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  • Petbrick 'I' PRE-ORDER

    Rocket Recordings

    Petbrick 'I' PRE-ORDER



    Rocket Recordings

    Petbrick 'I' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 25/10/2019

    As the year 2020 fast approaches, there still exists a peculiar shortage of music spiritually attuned to these treacherous times. Fortunately Petbrick - the duo comprising Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Death Pedals/Johnny Broke) and Iggor Cavalera Sepultura / Soulwax/ Mixhell) - are exploring fresh lunacy anew whereby electronic experimentation, hardcore attitude, dystopian dread and in-the-red dementia collide and collude to form a uniquely invigorating assault, custom fit for an accelerated age.

    This debut employs both members’ past experience - Wayne in a variety of musical guises ranging from punk to breakcore and gabba, and Iggor in a planet-straddling metal colossus whose questing spirit played a crucial role in the music’s evolution - yet also cheerfully renders them obsolete in a resolutely genre-free onslaught, damaged by the endtime intensity of Ministry and the synapse-shredding mischief of Aphex Twin yet lodged firmly in the here and now.

    Moreover, guest vocalists are also on hand to traverse anywhere from full-throttle intensity (as with Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker on the blistering ‘Radiation Facial’ or Integrity’s legendary vocal exorcist Dwid Hellion on ‘Some Semblance Of A Story’) to exhilarating melodic counterpoint (Laima Leyton (Mixhell) on ‘Coming’) and stream-of-consciousness lunacy from Warmduscher’s Mutado Pintado, whose splenetic tirades on ‘Gringolicker’. Paint-stripping and deliriously potent, ‘I’ is more than merely an exercise in the life-affirming flame of oppositional punk spirit scorching all or any musical boundaries in its path - it’s an uncompromising soundtrack to a short-circuiting new era. Yet rarely has the sound of global malfunction also been so much fun

    1. Horse
    2.  Radiation Facial  (Feat. Dylan Walker) 
    3. Guacamole Handshake 
    4. Roadkill Ruby
    5. Sect
    6.  Gringolicker  (Feat. Mutado Pintado)
    7.  Coming  (Feat. Laima Leyton)
    8. Jesus Dropkick
    9.  Some Semblance  Of A Story  (Feat. Dwid Hellion) 
    10. Dr Blair
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  • Psychic TV 'The Evening Sun Turns Crimson' PRE-ORDER

    Sweet Nothing

    Psychic TV 'The Evening Sun Turns Crimson' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 25/10/2019

    A live musical performance to Derek Jarman’s “In The Shadow of the Sun”. Recorded live at Cafe OTO, London, England — May 23, 2017.

    Derek Jarman’s “In The Shadow of the Sun” forms part of a series of films, shot and edited on s8mm, grouped under the collective title “The Art of Mirrors”. “In The Shadow of the Sun” is the longest of these running at 54 minutes.

    Filming took place between 1972-74 and the film was completed in 1974. When Derek showed the film he would play Verdi’s requiem as an accompaniment. In 1980 the FDK in Berlin agreed to make a 16mm blow up of the s8mm film to be shown at the Berlinale forum.

    The footage was blown-up to 16mm by John Hall of Colour Technique. Derek felt that the new version should have a new accompaniment and, with this in mind, approached Throbbing Gristle to provide the music.

    In May 23 of 2017, Psychic TV performed two live soundtracks to “In The Shadow of the Sun” at Cafe OTO in London.

    The recordings on this LP were made that night. The finished film was premiered at the Berlin film festival in february 1981. In 2018 the British Film Institute undertook the making of a 2k scan from the 16mm negative and sound.

    Filmed & edited by Derek Jarman.

    16mm version produced by James Mackay.

    Original soundtrack by Throbbing Gristle.

    For thee realization of this project Psychic TV were: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: violin, Edley ODowd: drums and percussion, Alice Genese: flute, Jeff Berner: guitar, John Weingarten: keyboards - Live mixing by Matski, Album produced by Edley ODowd
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  • Psychic TV 'Trip Reset'

    Sweet Nothing

    Psychic TV 'Trip Reset'



    Sweet Nothing

    Psychic TV 'Trip Reset'


    Limited edition two LP set on purple (A&B) and silver (C&D) vinyl. First time on vinyl. Originally released on CD only in 1996 – Features full lyrics and extensive liner notes from Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. TRIP RESET - A STORY OF A LOST ALBUM RE-AWAKENED by GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIDGE and PSYCHIC TV featuring “THE ANGELS OF LIGHT” A biodelic configuration illuminating the following hallucinogenic songs.

    Side A:
    1. The La La Song
    2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun*
    3. I Believe What You Said

    Side B:
    4. Mother Jack (A Child’s Story)
    5. Wrongs Of Spring
    6. Lady Maybe

    Side C:
    7. White Sky
    8. Black Cat
    9. A Star Too Far (Lullaby For Syd Barrett)

    Side D:
    10. Suspicious (West Coast Experimental Pop Art Mix)
    11. Firewoman (Exhuma Exhortation)

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  • The Groundhogs 'Thank Christ for the Bomb (Standard Edition)' PRE-ORDER

    Fire Records

    The Groundhogs 'Thank Christ for the Bomb (Standard Edition)' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 25/10/2019

    50th Anniversary reissue with Gatefold sleeve + Bonus tracks as a Download.

    A hugely influential album cited as the embryo for punk, grunge and beyond.

    Featuring epic 1970 concepts from this far reaching trio much praised by Underworld’s Karl Hyde, Captain Sensible, Stephen Malkmus and a host of others. ‘Thank Christ For The Bomb’ is a visionary tale of cold war fear, alienation and everyday drama.

    “This is a masterpiece!” New Musical Express

     A thinking man’s rumination on alienation, the album is a game of two halves; side one tackling the thermo nuclear threat while side two traces riches to rags alienation in everyday London.

    First of a trio of ground-breaking albums that steered the band from the Blues into a heavier, more prog-based sound and a true reflection of their much-praised live sound.

    Side A:
    1. Strange Town
    2. Darkness Is No Friend
    3. Soldier
    4. Thank Christ for the Bomb.

    Side B:
    5. Ship On The Ocean
    6. Garden
    7. Status People
    8. Rich Man, Poor Man
    9. Eccentric Man
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  • Thurston Moore 'Pollination/Leave Me Alone' Vinyl 7

    Daydream Library

    Thurston Moore 'Pollination/Leave Me Alone' Vinyl 7" Yellow Vinyl +8 Page Zine PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 08/11/2019

    DAYDREAM LIBRARY SERIES are ecstatic to announce the release date and launch party details of Thurston's forthcoming trio of 7-inch singles:
    3.) POLLINATION each 7-inch comprises an excerpted moment from the THURSTON MOORE GROUP live in 2019, free-mixed and free-created by Wobbly (aka Jon Leidecker).

    The B-side of each is a special cover of a New Order track (recorded in Salford).
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  • Thurston Moore 'Pollination/Three Graces/Spring Swell' Vinyl 3x7

    Daydream Library

    Thurston Moore 'Pollination/Three Graces/Spring Swell' Vinyl 3x7" PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 08/11/2019

    7” Yellow Vinyl +8 Page Zine                      
    7” Turquoise Vinyl +8 Page Zine
    7” Magenta Vinyl +8 Page Zine
    DAYDREAM LIBRARY SERIES are ecstatic to announce the release date and launch party details of Thurston's forthcoming trio of 7-inch singles: 
    3.) POLLINATION each 7-inch comprises an excerpted moment from the THURSTON MOORE GROUP live in 2019, free-mixed and free-created by Wobbly (aka Jon Leidecker). 

    The B-side of each is a special cover of a New Order track (recorded in Salford).
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  • Thurston Moore 'Spring Swell/Leave Me Alone' Vinyl 7

    Daydream Library

    Thurston Moore 'Spring Swell/Leave Me Alone' Vinyl 7" Turquoise Vinyl +8 Page Zine PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 08/11/2019

    DAYDREAM LIBRARY SERIES are ecstatic to announce the release date and launch party details of Thurston's forthcoming trio of 7-inch singles: 
    3.) POLLINATION each 7-inch comprises an excerpted moment from the THURSTON MOORE GROUP live in 2019, free-mixed and free-created by Wobbly (aka Jon Leidecker). 

    The B-side of each is a special cover of a New Order track (recorded in Salford).
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  • Thurston Moore 'Three Graces/Leave Me Alone' Vinyl 7

    Daydream Library

    Thurston Moore 'Three Graces/Leave Me Alone' Vinyl 7" Magenta +8 Page Zine PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 08/11/2019

    DAYDREAM LIBRARY SERIES are ecstatic to announce the release date and launch party details of Thurston's forthcoming trio of 7-inch singles: 
    3.) POLLINATION each 7-inch comprises an excerpted moment from the THURSTON MOORE GROUP live in 2019, free-mixed and free-created by Wobbly (aka Jon Leidecker). 

    The B-side of each is a special cover of a New Order track (recorded in Salford).
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  • Tony Harnell & The Mercury Train 'Round Trip' Vinyl LP - White PRE-ORDER


    Tony Harnell & The Mercury Train 'Round Trip' Vinyl LP - White PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 06/12/2019

    Limited edition on white vinyl and limited to 500 copies worldwide. First time on LP / Originally release on CD in 2010.

    This is a masterful and critically acclaimed acoustic retrospective of Tony Harnell’s prolific career. With new arrangements and a stellar production, these great songs sound fresh and vibrant with a new spark breathed into them by some of New York City’s finest musicians.

    This is a very special record: a stripped down, reinvented retrospective of Tony Harnell’s past classics originally recorded with his previous bands TNT, Westworld and Starbreaker, with one brand new song “Anywhere But Here” recorded especially for this release.

    The idea of re-recording some repertoire classics came about after Tony performed some low key shows in New York in late 2008, with some talented and accomplished musicians that were not part of the Metal/Hard Rock scene.

    The desire was to breathe new life into the songs with new arrangements, key changes and added parts, it’s like listening to songs you know in a whole new way.

    1. Somebody Told You
    2. Intuition
    3. Month Of Sundays
    4. Lonely Nights
    5. Shame
    6. Northern Lights
    7. Down To The River To Pray
    8. Satellite
    9. 10k Lovers
    10. Uninvited
    11. Ready To Fly
    12. When I’m Away
    13. Song For Dianne
    14. Anywhere But Here
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  • Various 'No Other Love : Midwest Gospel (1965-1978)' PRE-ORDER

    Tompkins Square

    Various 'No Other Love : Midwest Gospel (1965-1978)' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 08/11/2019

    This collection of rare black gospel from the Midwest—featuring church congregations, basement recordings sessions, family bands and children’s choirsis drawn together by two threads.

    The first hope which holds fast and unchanging, even in the most trying of circumstances. The second circumstance the way these recordings fell into the hands of producer, Ramona Stout, in Chicago at the dawn of the Obama era, when she had just about lost hope in her American Dream.

    Over the course of five years (2006-2011) of vinyl hustling in Chicago’s South and West Sides, these 45s came into Ramona’s hands, mixed up in milk-crates stacked with Northern Soul, water-damaged jazz and Hall and Oates LPs. After much travel and time, Ramona has articulated the spirit that drove this music forward. In this collection, she writes of this music and its relationship to the struggling communities where the records were found.

    Sourced from exceedingly rare 45s—many of which were vanity pressings of less than 100 copies—all of the tracks found on this collection appear for the first time since their original release. Remastered by Grammy-winning producer Christopher King, these recordings have been resurrected for a new generation of listeners.

    With art direction by Grammy-winning graphic designer Susan Archie, this collection is a tangible, immersive experience in the struggles—the victories, the failures and the lingering hope—that defined Chicago in the post-Civil Rights era. No Other Love is a singular, impressionistic journey into music that expresses faith, despair and exuberance. It is also a profound exploration of the very meaning of hope.

    1. It’s Going to Pay - Bro. Randy Wilson
    2. I Want You to Help Me - The Travelers of Zion
    3. No Other Love - Messiahs of Glory
    4. Christmas in Heaven - Rev. H.H. Harrington
    5. Try Jesus - Gospel Carolets
    6. The Number - Wondering Gails
    7. Journey - Joanne & Sonny
    8. You Can’t Make It - The Georgia Brooks Singers
    9. God is Using Me - The Harmony Five
    10. Christ Rose - Rev. John Thomas and the New Christian Fellowship Church Choirs
    11. Black Pride - Rev. H.H. Harrington
    12. I’m Gonna Stand Still and Do My Master’s Will - Sunday Night Service, New Home Baptist Church Rev. Mack McCollum w/ Combined Choirs -
    13. Rocky Road - Joanne & Sonny
    14. Why - Sister Mary Lucas and The Harambee
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