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Vinyl Preorders

  • Teeth Of The Sea 'Wraith' PRE-ORDER

    Rocket Recordings

    Teeth Of The Sea 'Wraith' PRE-ORDER



    Rocket Recordings

    Teeth Of The Sea 'Wraith' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 22/02/2019

    When London’s Teeth Of The Sea set about recording their fifth album, there seemed to be more than just the familiar spectres of the band’s collective and overactive imagination at their disposal - the unruly morass of ‘80s horror and sci-fi movies, industrial ballast, 2000AD terror, ‘70s-damaged experimental brinksmanship and atmospheric grandeur that they’d somehow conspire to sculpt into coherent structures - instead, these ghostly interruptions - or wraiths - were of a distinctly otherworldly nature.

    In Soup Studios, located in the liminal zone of East India Dock on the Thames under the auspices of Giles Barrett, all such influences contributed to form a collection of tracks that represented a fearsome and transporting marriage of the ferocious and the melancholic.

    Alchemised trash, kitchen-sink surrealism, out-of-order intensity and ritualistic overtones collides and colluded into a monstrous hybrid - this was a world where Tetsuo-The Iron Man would happily share space with Judee Sill, and where the acid guitars of Helios Creed would happily conspire with the Acid Rock of Rhythm Device.

    Meanwhile, Erol Alkan helped sculpt a mixture of mariachi elegy and electro euphoria at his Phantasy Sound studios, whilst Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga/Raime), Chloe Herington (Knifeworld/Valve) and Katharine Gifford (Snowpony/ Stereolab) also willingly entered the fray to assist this unholy assemblage of inspiration, irreverence and otherworldly infiltration.

    Who knows where these voices and visions arrived from, yet we can only hope the resulting sounds help them gain safe passage into the beyond. Ladies and gentlemen, pray silence for the Wraith.

    “TOTS are merely vessels for a force operating somewhere beyond our comprehension of what can, and does, qualify as pop music” Clash

    “Space-disco juggernaut tunes into the transcendental infinite--a glitter ball in one eye, the other on the cosmos” Mojo

    “A record of real and rare magnificence” Drowned In Sound

    “Imaginary dystopian sci-fi disaster flick, with battered beasts gliding over a demolished landscape of deserted cities trapped in perpetual night” Line of Best Fit

    “Every track here is distinctive; a cinematic, mind-scramblingly complex yet cohesive mini-epic” Record Collector

    1.I’d Rather, Jack
    3.Burn Of The Shieling
    4.Fortean Steed
    6.Her Wraith
    7.Wraiths In The Wall
    8.Our Love Can Destroy This Whole Fucking World
    9.Gladiators Ready

    Vinyl Running Order:
    Side A:
    1. I’d Rather, Jack
    2. Hiraeth
    3. Our Love Can Destroy This Whole Fucking World
    4. Burn Of The Shieling
    5. Fortean Steed

    Side B:
    6. VISITOR
    7. Her Wraith
    8. Gladiators Ready
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  • The Brian Jonestown Massacre 'The Brian Jonestown Massacre' PRE-ORDER

    'a' Recordings

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre 'The Brian Jonestown Massacre' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 15/03/2019

    Available on 180 grm clear vinyl LP, comes in superb deluxe packaging.

    Brian Jonestown Massacre burst into 2019 with the release of their 18th full-length album, just 7 months after their last one. The self-titled 9-track album is released on Anton Newcombe’s A Recordings on 15th March 2019. It was recorded and produced at Anton’s Cobra Studio in Berlin.

    The album was originally going to be released in September, but due to a hugely successful global tour – taking in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe the release was delayed.

    Recorded this time last year, the album features Sara Neidorf on drums, Heike Marie Radeker (LeVent) on bass, Hakon Adalsteinsson (BJM / Third Sound & Gunman & Holy Ghost) on guitar and Anton Newcombe on multiple instruments. Also making a guest vocal appearance on ‘Tombes Oubliées’ is Rike Bienert who has sung on previous BJM albums.

    The band performed songs from the album throughout the European leg of the 2018 tour. Anton Newcombe has been a very busy man these past 5 years, having released 4 critically acclaimed Brian Jonestown Massacre albums and an EP, 1 soundtrack album and 2 albums with Tess Parks. All releases were fully recorded and produced at Anton’s studio.

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre track ‘Bon Bon’ was used in the 2015 Palme D’Or winner Dheepan. Anton penned the soundtrack for 'Moon Dogs’, a film directed by multi-BAFTA nominated Philip John (Svengali, Downton Abbey, Being Human).

    1. Drained
    2. Tombes Oubliées
    3. My Mind Is Filled With Stuff
    4. Cannot Be Saved
    5. A Word
    6. We Never Had a Chance
    7. Too Sad To Tell You
    8. Remember Me This
    9. What Can I Say
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  • The Idealist 'Inner Space Dub / The Fire Of Moses Dub (feat. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge)' Vinyl 7

    Höga Nord Rekords

    The Idealist 'Inner Space Dub / The Fire Of Moses Dub (feat. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge)' Vinyl 7"


    Release Date: 22/02/2019

    The Idealist has a lifelong background in out there electronic music and has been suffering just as long from a deep dub passion, which has been present in his works with outfits as Saturn and the Sun, The Skull Defekts, Orchestra of Constant Distress, and numerous collabs.

    But the dub has never been in full focus. Not until now.

    Two cuts recorded at the Gothenburg Sound Experiment; "Inner Space Dub" which is a sick, capturing thing and the flipside, "The Fire of Moses Dub" which features vocal by the legendary Genesis Breyer P-Orridge of Psychic TV and Throbbing Gristle.

    Dub music as close to the late 70's industrial music scene as classic Jamaican stuff which the Idealist loves to the bone. Passionate, honest music which pays tribute to its influences but also succeeds to look forward into the eternal future.

    1. Inner Space Dub
    2. The Fire Of Moses Dub (Feat. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge)
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  • The Lemonheads 'Varshons 2' PRE-ORDER

    Fire Records

    The Lemonheads 'Varshons 2' PRE-ORDER



    Fire Records

    The Lemonheads 'Varshons 2' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 08/02/2018

    The Lemonheads’ first record in 10 years!

    Covers album – Includes versions of Nick Cave, Yo La Tengo, The Bevis Frond, Eagles and more.

    Banana scented scratch & sniff vinyl sleeve!

    “The Lemonheads are no strangers to a cover, the grunge-pop heroes perfect the art.” NME

    The Lemonheads follow up the critically acclaimed ‘Varshons’ from nearly ten years ago with another eclectic collection of covers. Produced by director Matthew Cullen and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Beastie Boys, Nirvana, The Ramones), their tenth studio album brims with the slowly-matured vocal of Evan Dando as he lures a host of personal faves to his melodic lair. He really has become one of the great expressive singers of our time. What they said about Varshons:

    “Gram Parsons, Wire, and GG Allin: You'd be hard pressed to find three more disparate rock acts, yet on ‘Varshons’ they all sound like the Lemonheads - boppy, overcast alt-rock delivered at a fast clip and sung in a whiskey tenor.” Pitchfork

    ‘Varshons 2’ is a hokey jukebox filled with unique versions of Yo La Tengo, Nick Cave, The Bevis Frond, NRBQ, The Eagles, Paul Westerberg, The Jayhawks, Lucinda Williams and John Prine.
    Like Hank Williams slumped in his car between gigs, strumming and hollering, reasoning and weeping, humming it on over, Evan and his Lemonheads make every tune their own.

    Including some obscure beauties like
    Florida Georgia Line’s ‘Round Here’,
    Natural Child’s ‘Now And Then’,
    The Eyes’ raucous ‘TAQN’ and
    The GiveGoods’ gorgeous ‘Unfamiliar’
    – a tune Dando penned with former Smudge man Tom Morgan.

    1. Can’t Forget
    2. Settled Down Like Rain
    3. Old Man Blank
    4. Things
    5. Speed of The Sound of Loneliness
    6. Abandoned
    7. Now and Then
    8. Magnet
    9. Round Here
    10. TAQN
    11. Unfamiliar
    12. Straight to You
    13. Take it Easy
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  • Throw Down Bones 'Two'

    Fuzz Club Records

    Throw Down Bones 'Two'



    Fuzz Club Records

    Throw Down Bones 'Two'


    Available on 180g vinyl and CD.

    Italy’s Throw Down Bones are something of an enigma in the experimental underground. Since the release of their highly-praised 2015 self-titled album, they’ve picked up a notorious reputation on the European live circuit for their pulverising, constantly-mutating live shows.

    In a review of the debut, album listeners were told to “make no mistake, this is dance music” and that may have been true back then but now, back with their second album titled Two, the band have taken that to a whole new extreme.

    Ditching the hypnotic coldwave tendencies of their earlier work for an all-out sonic assault of industrial four-to-the-floor rhythms and screeching acid house. Two is due for release via Fuzz Club Records on October 26th and see’s the band deal in floor-shaking industrial techno-post-punk occasionally steeped in a euphoric acid-house sheen.

    Where the old Throw Down Bones was better suited for intimate venues and psych fests (of which they were a frequent staple, from Liverpool to Eindhoven and everywhere in between), this new evolution sees them turn their eyes to the most underground techno clubs and the sleaziest warehouse venues.

    Imagine Death In Vegas, Factory Floor and Aphex Twin jamming in a room together and you might come close but Throw Down Bones would be reluctant to point to any ‘influences’. For them, their corrosive industrial workouts are simply the product of their environment and attitudes, as opposed to who they’re listening to at any given moment.

    The two key members of Throw Down Bones are Francesco Vanni and Dave Gali but on this effort, their producer James Aparicio also played an integral part in writing the album. Francesco spends his time building bespoke FX pedals and analogue synths under the name Noise Militia and James was formerly the in-house engineer at the Mute Records studio, his credits including Spiritualized, Liars, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, Mogwai and many, many more.

    With Noise Militia prototypes littered around the studio, Francesco and Dave’s knack for instrumental experimentation and James’ studio prowess, it should come as no surprise that the result is a collection of tracks that push Throw Down Bones’ electronica right to the brink. If you like your music intense, punishing and ear-drum-rattling then this is the record for you.

    The first three tracks on the album ‘First Follower’, ‘We Are Drugs’ and ‘Slow Violence’ lay out the bands mission from the off, bursting through a pulsing electronic throb are unrelenting motorik basslines that twist and contort as they circles around and around and around, layers of juddering hardware electronics constantly punching through.

    Then there’s ‘Golovkin’, a merciless all-out rave track that zaps you right in the cortex and the electro-throb of ‘Zero Day Exploit’ that, like a cyber-attack of the same name, is an unstoppable attack on the senses – it’s less in-your-face than the rest of the album but try and stop that programmed acid-tinged groove from tearing through your bloodstream.

    It’s too late, you won’t stand a chance. If their earlier instrumental-oriented works leant into dance territory, then this is the band embracing that with open arms and wide eyes ready to soundtrack the mother of all parties, one punctuated by pure hedonism and a sense that this could very well be the last dance on this wretched rock.

    1. First Follower
    2. We Are Drugs
    3. Slow Violence
    4. NO-FI
    5. Golovikin
    6. Is This Us
    7. Known Unknown
    8. Zero Day Exploit
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  • Toy 'Happy In The Hollow' PRE-ORDER

    Tough Love Records

    Toy 'Happy In The Hollow' PRE-ORDER



    Tough Love Records

    Toy 'Happy In The Hollow' PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 25/01/2019

    have announced details of their new album, Happy In The Hollow, which is released on Friday January 25th 2019. Their fourth album, and their first for new label Tough Lough Records, it’s unquestionably their most direct and propulsive album to date.

    Recorded between their own home tape studios and mixed at Dan Carey’s Studio B in South London, the album was entirely produced and mixed by the band.
    Having recently released a limited 12” featuring ‘The Willo’ and ‘Energy’, the band have today shared the latest track from the album, ‘Sequence One’.
    Talking about the track, Toy say:
     ‘Sequence One’ is about running through a war zone of post apocalyptic proportions with your significant other. It was one of the first tracks we wrote when we started making Happy In The Hollow. We wrote it on the 5th Of April.
    Happy In The Hollow is entirely uncompromising: an atmospheric capturing of a state of mind that touches on Post Punk, electronic dissonance, acid folk and Krautrock. Familiar qualities like metronomic rhythms, warping guitars, undulating synths and Tom’s gentle, reedy vocals are all in there, but so is a greater emphasis on melody, a wider scope, and a combining of the reassuring and the sinister that is as unnerving as it is captivating.'

    The sound has without doubt expanded — and grown more confident — in part because this is the first album for which Toy has become a self-sufficient five-person unit doing everything for themselves.
    “Each song was a blank canvas,” says Maxim. “Producers inevitably develop their own patterns over time, right down to certain drum sounds. We were starting from scratch and it felt very creative as a result. It’s an album we feel deeply connected to”.

    Since 2010, Toy have earned a reputation as a band of integrity, virtuosity and taste, with Tom, Maxim, Dominic, Charlie and (joining in 2015) Max creating a sound that is embedded in the underground tradition, yet distinctly their own.

    Since their inception, they have released the acclaimed albums Toy (2012), Join The Dots (2013) and Clear Shot (2016), and toured everywhere from Serbia to China.
    TOY are: Tom Dougall (vocals / guitar), Dominic O’Dair (guitars), Maxim Barron (bass / vocals), Max Oscarnold (synths / modulations), Charlie Salvidge (drums / vocals).

    1. Sequence One
    2. Mistake A Stranger
    3. Energy
    4. Last Warmth Of The Day
    5. The Willo
    6. Jolt Awake
    7. Mechanism
    8. Strangulation Day
    9. You Make Me Forget Myself
    10. Charlie’s House
    11. Move Through The Dark

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  • Ultra Satan 'Freedom Rock / Anti -Clock' Vinyl 7

    Höga Nord Rekords

    Ultra Satan 'Freedom Rock / Anti -Clock' Vinyl 7" PRE-ORDER


    Release Date: 27/07/2018

    On Ultra Satans second 7” release on Höga Nord Rekords, the band is developing a new genre and concept: ”Freedom Rock”, which is also the title on one of the tracks.

    ”Freedom Rock” is a step beyond ”World Music” which would be the wrong label when Ultra Satan sounds too spaced out and out of this world.

    On the second track ”Anti Clock”, Ultra Satan hit strikes against the hysterical Swedish mortgage market, how safety destroys creativity and also against the worthless tokens of appreciation you receive from our corrupt and ultra capitalistic society.

    Ultra Satan is like a space being, living alone in an enormously big and empty space station, orbiting our planet. With mathematical precision this genius creates music that effects us earthlings on a transcendental plane and shakes the foundation we lead or lives upon.
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  • Various Artists 'Midday Moon' Vinyl 2xLP PRE-ORDER

    Bedroom Suck

    Various Artists 'Midday Moon' Vinyl 2xLP PRE-ORDER


    'Ambient and Experimental Artists From Australia And New Zealand 1980 - 1995'

    Release Date: 02/11/2018

    Midday Moon is a survey of ambient and experimental music that emerged from Australia and New Zealand between 1980 and 1995. These recordings are sourced from a rich variety of micro-labels, private pressings, theatre soundtracks and artists’ personal archives.

    Curated by Melbourne based DJ and archivalist, Sanpo Disco (a.k.a Rowan Mason), the collection delves deep into the world of outsider music that emerged in Australia and New Zealand in the latter half of the twentieth century, as synthesisers and early workstations began to enter the consumer marketplace. 

    The record is an odyssey in itself, a journey that takes listeners into the unsung world of Australian new age composers. There are stories abound within this volume, from the mysterious disappearance of Helen-Ripley Marshall after the release of her 1988 album ‘Green Chaos’, to the journey of American-born, Perth based blues/rock guitarist John Heussenstamm, who unexpectedly turned his finger to ‘ambient’ music in the late 80’s; and again from Melbourne based Ros Bandt, who made a series of recordings exploring the resonance of a hollow concrete cylinder 5 stories beneath busy Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD. Compiled by Sanpo Disco / Mastered by Mikey Young.

    “(Ambient music is) a surrounding influence that induces calm and a space to think… it can accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular.” - Brian Eno

    “A richer and more diverse ambient genre began to form. Music that crafts a unique cultural geography of landscapes and atmospheres: real and imagined, natural and man-made. Some artists turned their attention to the singular acoustic ecologies of overlooked spaces around the country. Others fostered interests in non-Western music cultures and instruments. The common thread is their use of new technologies to conjure interior and exterior regions, through acoustic and synthesised sounds.” - Sanpo Disco

    1. Not Drowning, Waving - Frogs
    2. Mark Pollard - Quinque II
    3. Blair Greenberg - Beach
    4. John Heussenstamm - Sawan
    5. Beyond the Fringe - Guitar Fantasia
    6. Meera , Atkinson - White
    7. Free Radicals - My Lips are Moving
    8. John Elder - Again
    9. Helen Ripley-Marshall - Under the Sun
    10. Blair Greenberg - Rainforest
    11. Sam Mallet - Westgate Bridge at Dawn
    12. Gary Havrillay - Temple
    13. Ros Bandt - Starzones
    14. John Elder - Wayayisma Petra
    15. Sam Mallet - Stream Daimons’ Speak
    16. Blair Greenberg - Gleaming
    17. Robert Bleeker - Glowing Trombones
    18. Tom Kazas - Blankets of Ice
    19. Errol H. Tout - As Darkness Falls

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