The Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Dropping Bombs On The Sun (UFO Paycheck)' Vinyl 10"


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Dropping Bombs On The Sun (UFO Paycheck) is the final & third of 3 singles from the forthcoming album “Don’t Get Lost” released in February 2017.

The first track “Dropping Bombs On The Sun (UFO Paycheck) “ feature vocals by Tess Parks, this track gives an idea of the changing rhythms of the Brian Jonestown Massacre for the new album. Of a mellow flow of strings and keyboards, with smoky vocals provided by Tess Parks.

“Geldenes Herz Menz” features Pete Fraser (The Pogues, New Young Pony Club) on saxophone, both Dan Allaire (drums) & Ricky Maymi (guitar) from the Brian Jonestown Massacre play on both tracks.

Anton Newcombe has been a very busy man these past 2 years, kicking off with the critically acclaimed Brian Jonestown Massacre album ‘Revelation’ in May 2014. After a successful UK and European tour, the BJM followed this up with the ‘+-‘ EP (Nov 2014). 2015 saw the release of ‘Musique de film imaginé’ (April); an imaginary film soundtrack album featuring the track ‘Bonbon’ which has, ironically, been used in ‘Dheepan’; the Palme D'or winner at Cannes film festival 2015.

In June, Anton and Tess Parks embarked on a well received tour of the UK and Europe to support the release of ‘I Declare Nothing’. Anton finished the 2015 with a BJM mini-album release entitled ‘Mini-Album Thingy Wingy’.

In 2016 The band released 2 singles and the critically acclaimed Third World Pyramid . The band have been touring the world since November 2015 ,playing Australia , New Zealand , and then in 2016 USA , Canada , Europe , Chile & Argentina. A small US tour is happening in March 2017.

Side A:
Dropping Bombs On The Sun (UFO Paycheck) ,

Side B:
Geldenes Herz Menz

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